12 Countries That Are Lame In The Sack

12 Countries That Are Lame In The Sack

Sex is the three letter word that literally started it all. It’s a highly pleasurable biological imperative, a physical need, a personal validation, a social glue, an emotional high and a fun and exciting recreation. After puberty strikes, no matter where you live, no matter where you’re from, you will likely find yourself feeling hot and bothered. When this happens, your sexual urges will usually be the focus of your decisions and your actions — or at least that was what Freud taught us.

Your personal view on sex is directly influenced by the laws in the country, the religious morals and social norms of the community in which you are a part of. These are then mixed with your own personal biases and opinions. Because of this, each country’s view of sex is different which ultimately translates into how much or how little sex an individual has in the course of his or her life. There are countries that tend to be a little more open and liberal about sex, and there are those that are a little more conservative. Let’s just say that if you want to taste the international cuisine, then you have to bring your A-game when you decide to visit the top 12 countries that don’t seem very fond of sex.

12. Denmark


Having decriminalized prostitution in 1999, you would assume that the Danes would be having more sex than any other nation in the world. Instead of an increase in the frequency, the Danes have landed on the list of countries that have the least amount of sex in a given year. In a 2005 global sex survey conducted by Durex, the Danes only tumbled in the sheets 98 times a year. They couldn’t even quite make it to a hundred. No wonder their government is alarmed. Denmark has even resorted to a raunchy ad campaign that encourages their citizens to have more procreative sex using the campaign slogans “Do it for Denmark” and “Do it for Mom.”

11. Norway


In the picturesque yet frigid country that is Norway, you would be inclined to think that sex would be an efficient way to keep warm. By the way, tourists are urged to prepare their winter jackets when visiting the country no matter the season. This speaks much about how cold the place could be. A cold night seems like a perfect time to cozy up with your lover but sadly, the Scandinavian nation seems to be having trouble taking off their warm coats, landing squarely on the list with an average sex frequency of only 98 times per year.

10. Ireland

Businessman on St Patty's Day


Ireland, the large island nation of Europe that gave the world St. Patrick’s Day is suspiciously on the list. One of the best imports of Ireland is a popular dark beer that shares its name with a certain famous book of world records. Though their beer is a perfect drink to end a hard day’s work and their feast day a very joyous and too often rambunctious occasion, their sex record wouldn’t be featured on the Guinness World Record for most sex had in a year. It may very well be recorded on the lower extreme though, with a yearly sex frequency of only 97.

9. Thailand


The southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand is an unexpected entry in the list of countries that have the least amount of sex. This is because, for better or for worse, Thailand is a known destination for international sex tourists. This is especially due to the popular town of Pattaya, where the night comes alive with a host of friendly and engaging locals. The tourists seem to be having a lot more fun in this department than the locals, since the sex frequency rate is only 97 times in a year. I am sure most of us never thought Thailand would be on this list.

8. Sweden


The country that gave birth to Ikea and the torrent site that needs no introduction, Pirate Bay, is regretfully on the list. This means that all the Viking Scandinavian nations of Norway, Denmark and Sweden are three for three when it comes to having fewer sex encounters. It’s a shame really, when you think of the Vikings, these strong, powerful men can literally take any woman for themselves and of course, when you think of Scandinavian beauties you immediately picture beautiful women. Who would have thought that putting beautiful people together would result in landing on this list with an annual sex frequency rate of only 92. They’re taking being neutral (a little) too far.

7. Taiwan


Taiwan is a relatively small island nation, but is a giant when it comes to technology. It is the first country that has made their entire territory Wi-Fi connected, which is absolutely amazing! This technological superiority however has not made the dispute over territory any easier. Taiwan has been engaged in an uphill battle against China for sovereignty resulting in an ambiguous relationship with the larger nation. This ambiguity somehow manifested in their sex lives as well. With only 88 sexual encounters per year, they land on this list. Which is quite surprising considering Taiwan is so close to China.

6. Vietnam


Vietnam, a country that evokes pictures of old wars is now a very peaceful place that attracts tourists from all over to its beautiful beaches, islands and friendly people. When you go to Vietnam, you should expect to see paradise like beach coasts, as well as thick natural jungles. In between these two are the bustling cities where the Vietnamese like to go about on their motorbikes and bicycles. They even sometimes go into what they call “rest houses” when they feel frisky. Because sex before marriage is still considered pretty taboo, the Vietnamese couple will sometimes have a secret rendezvous in one of these sex motels, the operant word being “sometimes” because they are on this list with an annual frequency rate of only 87.

5. Malaysia


The dominant religion of Malaysia is Islam. Due to this, most of the Malaysian’s view on sex is conservative. Sex before marriage is prohibited in the Islam faith. This makes young people a little more anxious around each other. In fact, male and females are discouraged to have physical contact even as a sign of greeting, as in a handshake. This is further expressed in their views regarding other displays of affection such as embracing and kissing in public. With the country’s very conservative view on sex, there is no wonder then that Malaysia lands on the list with a sex frequency rate of only 83 times every year.

4. Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a metropolis that has been reclaimed by China from the Brits in 1997. This meant that Hong Kong had been managed to be a superpower on par with its European ruler. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people from all over the world to come to Hong Kong to experience the first world ambiance of a highly industrialized and urbanized Asian nation. Hong Kong is currently officially part of China but has been given an autonomous status to govern itself. Maybe the Hong Kong residents are a little too busy making their city-country prosper that they forget to let loose. Hong Kong has only 78 sexual encounters a year.

3. Indonesia


Due to Indonesia being a predominantly Muslim nation, the religious morals of Islam hold significantly true for the entire population of the country, or at least for the 87% who identify themselves as Muslim. This means that young couples are discouraged from being physical with one another. This is true even with friendly contact. Sex before marriage is forbidden. It’s an easy assumption to make that this restriction significantly reduces the number of sex that a person may have. With only 77 sexual encounters per year, this assumption seems to hold true. It’s great to see a country that is holding true to its values.

2. Singapore


The great Lion City of Asia is a busy country that boasts high urbanization and a high standard of living. This is the reason why people from close Asian countries enter Singapore to pursue their careers. It’s not only its Asian neighbors that want a taste of the Singaporean milk and honey though, the world’s top online payment system, Paypal, even operates its main headquarters here. This just goes to show just how serious the Singaporeans are with the development of their careers and ultimately their country. Maybe this is the reason why their annual sex rate hits a low of 73 per year.

1. Japan


Oh Japan. Japan is the biggest surprise of them all. With a very low annual sex rate of only 45 encounters per year, the home of Hentai tentacle sex and the historic geishas is currently the world’s leader when it comes to disinterest in sex. This very low rate is a result of a number of factors, including the young males’ affinity to being recluses, shunning social contact in favor of technology and fantasy worlds and the young females’ career ambitions. In Japan, women who get married are no longer able to pursue their careers to their full potential and that’s why career oriented women tend to put off marriage for a rewarding work life.


12 Countries That Are Lame In The Sack


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I don’t know how the rest are measured, but Hong Kong’s stat takes into account only intra-marrital sex. The real figure is much much higher for guys getting laid commercially or with mistresses.

Gee I thought that I would singlehandedly be responsible for getting the USA on the list!

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