12 Creepy Things (Almost) Everyone Does In Long-Term Relationships

You love bae and bae loves you, but if your peers knew how you acted behind closed doors, they’d probably think you were a couple of creeps. It’s not your fault: You’ve just been with the same lovable weirdo for so long, it’s hard to realize what’s normal anymore.

You don’t have to be ashamed of your strange and sappy behavior. You’re all hopped up on loving feelings and couldn’t care less about creeping others out. It happens to the best of us, so embrace it and let your creep flag fly with these private behaviors (almost) everyone does with a long-term lover.

  1. Using the bathroom while they shower


    If anyone else did this to you, you’d definitely call the police.

  2. Popping each other’s pimples


    Even with the not-so-hard-to-reach places, love means getting your pop on.

  3. Hair hair everywhere


    Whether you’re plucking them or just pointing them out, you know where all the unfortunate hairs are buried and you’re cool with it.

  4. Smell each other’s dirty clothes


    The only thing more intimate than smelling your partner’s dirty clothes is taking the time to wash them after.

  5. Accidentally dressing alike


    Neither of you can tell who’s copying who anymore. Too many date nights have turned into accidental twin nights to keep score.

  6. Stealing their interests


    Between this and the matching outfits, your love story could be titled “Becoming Bae.”

  7. Answering questions in farts


    Fart once for “yes.”

  8. Telling secrets with burps


    The real secret is that you ate too much for kissing.

  9. Watching each other sleep


    Do this with anyone else and try not to feel like a total murderer. I dare you.

  10. Accidentally acting like their mother/father


    When you’ve cared about someone for a long time, you might occasionally slip into mom-girlfriend/dad-boyfriend mode. Though it comes from a place of love, it also comes from a place of Freudian creepiness.

  11. Playing literal doctor


    You didn’t ask for this job and you for sure didn’t go to school for it, but somehow you’re the first person your partner goes to with these kind of gross requests. Wax on, wax off.

  12. Speaking your own language

    giphy (1)

    From inside jokes to just plain old baby talk, no one understands what you two are talking about and neither of you care. One of the most fun things about being in love is having someone to weird out the rest of the world with. So sit back, relax and enjoy your fellow creep, and hopefully the haters will eventually do the same.

12 Creepy Things (Almost) Everyone Does In Long-Term Relationships


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