12 Disgusting Confessions Of Fast Food Employees

12 Disgusting Confessions Of Fast Food Employees

Fast food is often a guilty pleasure for many. Sometimes, getting lunch or dinner from a fast food restaurant is the “solution” during a busy day when you don’t have time to cook. The drive-thru or fast food eatery wasn’t originally meant to supply the general public with fatty, greasy and sugary foods. The restaurants were supposed to make it easier for families to have a healthy dinner in a short amount of time, but these days, it’s likely that you feel at least a tinge of self-consciousness when you give in to that craving for a milkshake, cheeseburger or large order of fries.

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant before, you know there are some things that go on behind the scenes that would definitely turn some customers away. The kitchen areas of many restaurants are not always as clean as they could be, and we’ve all heard horror stories of restaurant workers “changing” the food of patrons who give waiters a hard time. Of course, there are also some pretty gross secrets associated with how some of your favorite fast food treats are made. We apologize in advance, but you may never look at some of the drive-thru snacks you love the same way again. Here are 12 disgusting confessions of fast food employees.

12. Don’t Order Pizza From Pizza Hut

According to Fox News, a Pizza Hut manager confessed that the dough used for the famous pies are really frozen discs and aren’t made in-house. He also stated that the workers don’t use gloves or wash their hands when manipulating the dough. The dough is also sprayed with non-stick spray, which is why Pizza Hut pizzas are so greasy. There’s also a pretty good chance that the spray contains propellant. You know, the stuff you use to kill bugs. The manager also said that workers usually top the pizzas without wearing gloves. So, basically, you’re eating baked germs. Keep that in mind the next time you get a pizza craving.

11. Don’t Order The Chili at Wendy’s

You know the ground beef that is in every cup of Wendy’s chili? That’s actually the leftover meat that is stuck on the grill after workers are finished making burgers. An employee confirmed in an interview withFox News that the leftover meat bits can stay on the grill for hours before it is added to the chili. The crumbles are kept in a warmer until there’s enough dried meat to make chili. If the meat gets too dry, workers just add hot water to the chili, which makes you think you’re getting a fresh serving when you order. Nice.

10. Don’t Order Beans Or Steak at Taco Bell


No one knows whether the steak or beans served at Taco Bell can qualify as actual food. The beans come with instructions to add water and continue stirring until the beans are no longer white. If you’ve ever eaten at Taco Bell, you know the beans on many of the entrees are either dark red or medium brown in color. Interesting. The steak mixture used in Taco Bell dishes also comes dehydrated, and if it stays out too long, it starts to look like hair gel. If you made a steak at home and it began to resemble something you put in your hair, you’d know you have a problem on you hands. Taco Bell has had its share of bad press for serving less-than-quality food, and this certainly doesn’t make the restaurant’s reputation any better.

9. Don’t Order The BBQ Sandwich From KFC


Rumors have been swirling that the meat served at many Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants is not actually chicken. There have even been stories suggesting that the chickens are not feathered or beaked before frying. According to one former employee, the chicken used in the BBQ chicken sandwich is too stale or old to go to the homeless shelter. So, workers soak the meat in barbecue sauce, until it’s soft enough to be used in a sandwich. Even though this is completely disgusting, the former KFC worker confesses that he still orders the sandwich. We’re not sure what to say about that.

8. Don’t Order The Chicken Nuggets At McDonald’s

Unless you’re in the drive-thru line immediately after the breakfast rush, you’re probably not going to get fresh chicken nuggets at McDonald’s. The nuggets sit under the warmer until someone buys them, and it could be a while before the cooks put new ones in the fryer. The fact that the nuggets don’t taste that different, even if they’ve been out all day, should suggest that they have way too many preservatives. One worker confirms that if you want the chicken nuggets, it’s best to request fresh ones. Although, after some of the videos that have been floating around on social media concerning the ingredients used in McDonald’s food, we’re not sure we want “fresh” nuggets either.

7. Don’t Order The Breadsticks at Little Caesar’s

According to Thought Catalog, one of the former managers of Little Caesar’s warns people when it comes to ordering the breadsticks. The bread itself doesn’t seem to be that bad. However, it is dressed with a “butter product” that doesn’t even need to be refrigerated. That should be a definite cause for concern. This butter-like substance is often brushed on pizza crust as well. The manager also stated that the chicken wings and Hot-N-Ready pizzas that are served at the restaurant could likely have been sitting under the heat lamp for hours before they are ordered. If these entrees have any real food ingredients in them, this should be pretty concerning.

6. Don’t Order The Egg White Delight at McDonald’s


We’re sure you’re not surprised that the Golden Arches have made the list more than once. The Egg White Delight is often considered a healthier option for diners, but one worker says that’s not the case. The griddle is sprayed with loads of butter in order to keep the eggs from sticking. Also, the egg whites are powered and mixed with water, which is a clear sign that they’re not real eggs. The worker stated that the powered eggs were a “chemical sh*tstorm” which can’t be good. The employee recommended ordering the “round egg,” since it’s actually a real egg and you’ll be able to recognize the ingredients in your breakfast sandwich. After all, that’s the least you could ask for.

5. Don’t Order the “Toasted” Sandwich At Any Fast Food Restaurant


When you pull up to the drive-thru and order a sandwich, the employee on the other end of the speaker may ask you if you want your hamburger bun toasted. You may think you’re getting the royal treatment, but you’re actually getting day-old stale bread. The restaurants are eager to get rid of this bread, so it’s a good idea to steer clear of the “toasted sandwich.” Restaurant workers recommend saying that you don’t want the sandwich toasted, so that you can get your burger on fresh bread. Then, when you get your order, “change your mind” and ask for the bread to be toasted. That way, you’ll actually get what you want and your food won’t be expired.

4. Don’t Order Salads At Pizza Hut

According to a former Pizza Hut worker, it’s not a good idea to order the salads at the popular pizza chain. The vegetables are often wilted, and are enhanced with food coloring, which means you can never really tell how old they are. The employee confirmed that the lettuce is the most dangerous. The green color of the lettuce often isn’t that bright, so if food coloring is needed to achieve this, we don’t even want to know how the lettuce actually looks. Since this is the second time Pizza Hut has made the list, it may be a good idea to find another place to get your pizza fix.

3. Don’t Order The Cakes At Dairy Queen


According to Thought Catalog, one worker confirms that Dairy Queen is pretty good with throwing away unused food (most things are discarded after an hour if no one orders them). However, ice cream is a different story. The employee states that if ice cream is dropped in the restaurant, it is placed in the freezer and used in the cakes that Dairy Queen provides. This is completely unacceptable. We’d venture to say that you wouldn’t even eat ice cream that was dropped on the floor of your own home. Just keep that in mind when you want to get your friend or loved one an ice cream cake to celebrate a special occasion.

2. Don’t Order The Roast Beef at Arby’s

Arby’s is pretty much known for its roast beef sandwiches. So it’s pretty disappointing to hear that the “beef” really isn’t actual meat for the most part. One former employee says that the “roast beef” is just “paste with chunks of meat in it.” So, maybe you shouldn’t be swayed by the commercials that display the beef at Arby’s to be succulent and fresh. The meat looks like a huge gel mass before it is cooked, which means it takes a lot of chemicals to keep the “meat” intact before it is served. The employee also confirmed that the chicken bacon Swiss sandwich at Arby’s isn’t exactly the healthiest entree, either.

1. Don’t Order the Tuna At Subway

Recent news stories have reported that the buns used for Subway sandwiches contained some of the same ingredients used to make yoga mats. Yummy. A worker has also stated that the tuna is made from dried tuna and mayonnaise—and that the employees mix the tuna by hand. How disgusting. First of all, you can’t be sure that the tuna is actual fish. Secondly, who knows if the mayonnaise is fresh? Thirdly, why would Subway managers teach their employees to mix the tuna with their hands? There have also been reports that the turkey slices are only 60% turkey, and the rest is “flavoring.” Interesting. And by “interesting,” we mean “gross.”


12 Disgusting Confessions Of Fast Food Employees

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don’t know if you can trust these “facts”when the source is fox news

I only saw one attributed to fox. So that means the whole lot is bad?

only saw 3 stories with sources the others were attributted to a friend of a friend of a friend

Whatever! I quit eating fast food years ago along with chain restaurants, pizza parlors and any place where I can’t watch my food as it is being cooked/prepared..

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