Far beyond tweaking celebrities and Stepford wives, there is a real dark side to plastic surgery, one that you never see on the red carpet. You may think of plastic surgery crimes as botched face lifts or lop-sided fake boobs, but we’re talking things way more sinister than that. Although there have been some truly horrific-looking surgery mishaps, no mere creepy facelift stands up to the crimes on this list. Because they’re way more than mistakes – they’re truly criminal acts.

These horror doctors – the ones who were even doctors at all, anyway – often left their patients in critical condition. And a terrifying number of patients actually died from negligence during the surgeries. Turns out a tummy tuck can be a whole lot more than you bargained for.

Not only will this list show you how important it is to check out your doctor before any surgery, it will teach you one very powerful lesson: illegal butt implants just aren’t worth it. Words to live by.


Dr. Denis Furtado Performed Procedures In His Apartment
Photo:  Dr. Denis Furtado – Saúde e Beleza/via Facebook/Fair Use

Known as “Dr. Bum Bum” due to specializing in gluteal augmentation, Brazilian Dr. Denis Furtado routinely performed plastic surgeries inside his Rio de Janeiro home. In August 2018, a 46-year-old woman came to Furtado for injections to enlarge her buttocks but became ill in Furtado’s apartment following the procedure. Furtado drove the woman to a hospital, but she passed away later that day. Prosecutors charged Furtado with murder. The police also arrested the doctor’s mother and girlfriend, who may be charged as accomplices.

As part of the procedure, Furtado injected the woman with a dose of PMMA, an acrylic glass filler. While used in plastic surgery, it is meant to be employed in limited amounts. Furtado injected his patient with 300 milliliters of PMMA, which investigators believe led to her death shortly thereafter.

Furtado has since defended himself, claiming he has performed the same procedure many times before without complication and what occurred was a “fatal accident.” The surgeon has a large social media following via Instagram and many women credit him with successfully improving their appearance. However, the president of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society spoke out against Furtado after the woman’s death and condemned Furtado for performing surgery inside an apartment.

Oneal Ron Morris Used Cement, Super Glue, and Fix-A-Flat to Lift Ladies’ Butts
Photo:  Electronic Urban Report/via Facebook/Fair Use

The “toxic tush doctor” Oneal Ron Morris performed gluteal augmentation surgeries in South Florida without a license. Reportedly, she injected a mixture of dangerous substances into her patients, including cement, super glue, and Fix-A-Flat. One of her patients, 31-year-old Shatarka Nuby, passed away from organ failure as a result of the non-medical grade silicone Morris used during the procedure.

Additional patients reported becoming ill from their treatments with Morris. In 2017, South Florida courts found Morris guilty of manslaughter and sentenced her to 10 years in prison.

Ex-Surgeon Mark Schreiber ‘Mutilated’ His Patients’ Penises
Photo:  Broward Sheriff’s Office/via NBC Miami/Public Domain

Mark Schreiber also performed illegal cosmetic surgeries in South Florida. In June 1998, the courts put Schreiber on probation after he performed a penis enlargement and facelift that killed a patient. Then, after a string of controversies and accidents which forced him to surrender his license, he was in trouble again in 2016 for allegedly mangling a man’s penis.

According to court documents, the penile girth enhancement procedure left the patient “mutilated.” The Miami-Dade Circuit Court sentenced Schreiber to 44 months in prison for operating without a license.

Former Model Dr. Nedra Dodds Lost License After Two Patients Died 
Photo:  True Crime Daily/via YouTube/Fair Use

Former model Dr. Nedra Dodds aroused the public’s attention when she became a plastic surgeon. She owned and operated Opulence Aesthetic Medicine in Kennesaw, Georgia. Then, in 2013, she made headlines for two deaths that resulted in the loss of her medical license.

In April 2013, 37-year-old April Jenkins died after Dodds performed liposuction and fat injections. In June 2013, 28-year-old Erica Beabrun died after Dodds removed buttocks implants.

In 2015, multiple states revoked Dodds’s licenses and closed her Georgia clinic. Cobb County Courts initially charged Dodds and her assistant, Kevin McCowan, with counts of murder and aggravated battery, but dropped the charges in 2017.

Dr. Lance Everett Wyatt Lost License For ‘Sexual Misconduct’
Photo: Lance Everett/via YouTube/Fair Use

In 2012, the LAPD arrested Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Lance Everett Wyatt. The following year, California courts acquitted him on six misdemeanor criminal counts, including sexual battery and videotaping his patients nude. In 2016, the Medical Board of California revoked Wyatt’s medical license.

Despite the criminal case’s dismissal, the state board maintained Wyatt exhibited “gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, unprofessional conduct, and sexual misconduct.”

Dr. Peter Normann Found Guilty Of Three Patient Deaths
Photo: ABC15 Arizona/via YouTube/Fair Use

In 2007, the Arizona Medical Board suspended Dr. Peter Normann’s license to investigate three patient deaths. Normann owned and operated the Normann Medical Group in Anthem, Arizona. Reportedly, he performed liposuction procedures on three patients – Ralph Gonzalez, 33, Leslie Ann Ray, 53, and Alicia Santizo Blanco, 41 – which resulted in cardiac arrest and other complications.

In 2011, the courts convicted Normann on two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter and sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

Husband And Wife Convicted After Back-Alley Surgery Results In Death 
Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/via New York Daily News/Public Domain

In 2011, Ruben Matallana-Galvas and his wife, Carmen Torres-Sanchez, pled guilty to manslaughter after Las Vegas police arrested the couple for performing illegal cosmetic surgeries in the backroom of a Tiles N More. Reportedly, the couple performed a buttocks enhancement surgery on 42-year-old Elena Caro without any medical licensure.

Medical examiners reported Caro died from an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. Authorities apprehended the couple as they attempted to flee the country, and Matallana-Galva admitted he only possessed a license to practice homeopathy in Colombia.

In October 2012, the courts convicted the couple of involuntary manslaughter and operating without a medical license. They received a sentence of four to eight years in prison for Caro’s death.

Faux Plastic Surgeon Carlos Guzmangarza Convicted Of 33 Felonies 
Photo: The Doctors/via YouTube/Fair Use

In 2016, California courts found Carlos Guzmangarza guilty on 33 felony and 8 misdemeanor counts, including sexual battery, theft, assault, practicing medicine without a license, and false impersonation. Guzmangarza posed as a plastic surgeon in San Francisco’s Mission District. Guzmangarza operated the Derma Clinic while posing as a plastic surgeon and physician’s assistant using a real medical professional’s name.

Reportedly, Guzmangarza targeted immigrants to offer his services, such as liposuction, buttocks augmentation, and facelift procedures. Guzmangarza received a 36-year sentence.

Carlos Gustavo Arzuz Performed Surgeries In Illegal Clinic 
Photo: mdznews/via YouTube/Fair Use

In 2013, plastic surgeon Carlos Gustavo Arzuza performed a liposuction procedure on Roberto del Barco, 45. Barco died from complications with the anesthesia Arzuza improperly administered. Authorities investigated Arzuza on suspicions of negligence and fraud but never convicted him.

In 2016, another patient, Isabel Beatriz Gattari, 49, died shortly after Arzuza performed cosmetic surgery on her in his unauthorized Mendoza clinic in Argentina. Gattari’s death resulted in homicide charges for Arzuza and Laura Dutta, his wife and assistant.

Reportedly, authorities apprehended the surgeon after he performed a botched penile enlargement procedure on himself. In 2018, Argentinian officials found Arzuza guilty of manslaughter.

Dr. Oleg Davie Changed Patient’s Medical Records To Cover Up Negligence
Photo: Brooklyn DA Charles J. Hynes/via YouTube/Fair Use

In 2012, Manhattan surgeon Dr. Oleg Davie performed liposuction on former model Isel Pineda. Pineda was on medication for a previous heart transplant. New York courts charged Davie with criminal negligence when Pineda died of a heart attack after the cosmetic operation.

The prosecution maintained Davie knew not to operate on patients with heart disease. Reportedly, Davie manipulated Pineda’s medical records to remove information about her preexisting heart condition. Davie pled guilty, lost his medical license, and received two months of jail time.

Dr. Alireza Sadeghi Was Charged with Raping His Wife and Illegally Filming Female Patients
Photo: New Orleans Police Department/via Domain

In May 2016, New Orleans authorities indicted plastic surgeon Dr. Alireza Sadeghi on charges of rape and voyeurism. Sadeghi’s ex-wife alleged her husband sexually assaulted her as well as illegally videotaped his female patients. The report maintained Sadeghi filmed his patients without their consent while they undressed and later when they were unconscious.

In March 2017, the courts dismissed the felony charges, but Sadeghi pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of negligent injury. As a result, the state suspended his medical license for six months.

A 19-Year-Old Posed As A Plastic Surgeon And Operated An Illegal Basement Clinic
Photo: Toronto Police Service/via Toronto Star/Public Domain

In October 2017, Toronto police arrested 19-year-old Jingyi “Kitty” Wang on aggravated assault charges. “Dr. Kitty” Wang posed as a plastic surgeon and worked out of a basement performing various procedures using injections. After a failed “face filler” procedure, which led to a serious infection, one woman reported Wang to the police.

Wang, who does not possess a medical license, also faces deportation back to China, in violation of her student visa. Reportedly, Wang claimed she obtained a pre-med certificate in China and relocated to Canada to attend the university.

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