1. Breaking Bad Disc Set by Elite Packaging

Elite Packaging, Sony Pictures, and Vince Gilligan worked together to create this barrel full of suspense.

Breaking Bad

breaking bad 2

breaking bad

via The Dieline


2. Festina Waterproof Watches by Scholz & Friends

These watches prove they are actually waterproof the best way possible: being sold in water-filled bags. Sometimes there IS honesty in advertising.

waterproof watches

waterproof watches

via  CreativeBloq


3. Prescription Beer by Peter Jostrand

Although understandable why this stayed in the conceptual phase, these bottles prescribe alcoholic content based on the day of the week. I would argue Monday and Wednesday should be the higher though, amirite.

Prescription Bottles

Prescription Bottles

Prescription Bottles

via The Dieline


4. Poilu Paintbrushes by Simon Laliberte

This simple, effective, and hairy design packages two paintbrushes together.

mustache brushes

mustache brushes

mustache brushes

via CreativeBloq

5. Blood of Grapes by  Constantin Bolimond

Imagine how strangely satisfying it would feel to pour red liquid from these anatomically heart-shaped containers.

blood of grapes

blood of grapes

via VinePair


6.   Vegetable and Fruit Condom Packaging by  Guan-Hao Pan

This student’s concept design requires you to pick a condom based on which produce your dick width most closely resembles. Can’t wait to see people squirm at Walgreens cash registers across the country.

vegetable condoms

vegetable condom

via DesignTaxi


7. Coffin Cigarette Packaging by RJ Reynolds

An unsubtle way to both piss off your smoker loved one AND show them you care!

cigarette coffin

via DesignPantry


8. Food Packaging by Daizi Zheng

This packaging makes healthy options feel like guilty pleasures. I might not mind dieting if everything looked this good.

carott cigarette

celery fries

blueberry pills

via  MyModernMet

9. Secret Sip Whisky by  Kasperi Salovaara

No need to carve out a book to hide your alcohol stash — a design student created a whisky bottle that fits nicely on a shelf. Can’t wait to start my own library.

whisky books

page two

via thedieline


10. Environmental Packaging by IMAGOBox

As a way to promote their packaging design firm, IMAGO created fun covers for their surroundings — from trash cans to streetlights.



environmental design

via Darko Bosner


11. Goldfish Tea Bags by Charmvilla

Bordering between gross or cute, these goldfish teabags are quick way to make you wonder if your tea tastes a like fish.

goldfish tea


via HuffingtonPost 


12. Homer and Marge Wine by  Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich

The designers of these bottles are weirdly mysterious about whether the alcoholic content of the bottle is even wine. I guess comedy=surprise? The De Stijl-inspired packaging is a surprisingly highbrow nod to The Simpsons.

simpsons wine


via  VinePair

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