12 Face Tattoos So Bad, Your Head Will Spin

Sometimes, got gotta face the facts and the fact is these face tattoos are terrible.

We’re not anti-tattoo or anything (actually we’re all for you getting that unicorn riding a motocycle through flames design) but getting a tattoo, and we mean a BAD poorly executed tattoo, in the middle of your forehead seems a little too eccentric for us.

But hey, you be your own ink master.

1. When you don’t feel like applying your clown makeup every day:

via potter_in_hobbiton

2. Is he pro or ant-illuminati?

via Flint_Westwood

3. I bet she’s a scorpio.

via throwaway89190

4. You’re gonna hear me ROAR!

via CrayolaCat

5. What lovely eyes you have.

via toomuchcrappinesss

6. “I ate his liver with some baked beans and a nice Bud Light.”

via teamjimmyjoe

7. Will Ferrell is looking pretty strange these days.

via teamjimmyjoe

8. His face says more than words can.

via angelenabee

9. Maybe he should have been more serious.

via uniquehunters

10. Still won’t fix your hairline.

via pinterest

11. That’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

via Jtown021

12. Those lips have seen some lips.

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