12 Fun Gaming Details That Will Make You Revisit Your Favs

12 Fun Gaming Details That Will Make You Revisit Your Favs


1. In Fallout 4, you can see the indentations where the firing struck the now-spent shell casings in the Pipe Revolver pistols…

via elite4ss4ssi4n


2. In Lego Star Wars, the Cantina Band will not play their instruments and just awkwardly stand around if the player has turned off music in the sound settings.


3. When viewing a computer monitor in Star Citizen at an angle, you can see the colors shift like on real-world LCD and OLED panels.

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4. During the “Slow Motion” character intros at the start of Injustice 2 matches, The Flash stays at regular speed.

via pssrby


5. Squint really hard at the trunk of the BMW Z4 GT3 in Project Cars 2 and you’ll see a message scrawled in the grime.

via clumpedupcards


6. Pauline’s dance moves in Super Mario Odyssey actually mirror her barely-animated sprite in the original Donkey Kong arcade game

via Glarznak


7. In the 3DS version of Metal Gear Solid 3, after after Naked Snake loses his eye, the game disables 3D functionality when you go into First-Person View.

via Lechan4TW


8. After Chell awakens from her time in “stasis” in Portal 2 you can see just how grody her bed has become after all those years.

via TyCooper2010


9. In Metal Gear Solid V, you can drown guards in puddles by holding them up when they’re standing in shallow water, neat!

via Fallawaybud


10. Aloy’s character model in Horzon Zero Dawn is so finely-detailed that you can see the scars from her in-story injuries.

via standingfierce


11. Okami is full of clever visuals and animations, like this needlessly fun door unlocking animation…



12. If you keep re-entering the Outer Wall room in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, you will bear witness to this Bird Family’s enrire life story.

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