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12 Fun Little Easter Eggs Tucked Away In Movie Credits

12 Fun Little Easter Eggs Tucked Away in Movie Credits

Turns out more than just Marvel movies make it worth your while to stick around for the credits. Here are some sneaky fun easter eggs peppered into credits that you may have missed because there was no promise of Thanos popping up at the end.

1. Sure Jessica Chaffin played Gina in The Heat, but who played Gina’s boobs? Oh. Ok makes sense.

via davemcgee

2. Tired of sitting through credits not knowing what the HELL a grip’s job is? Naked Gun 2 1/2 has got your back.

via welshie123

3. Mike Wazowski opened the wrong door and ended up in the credits of Finding Nemo. Put that thing back where it came from or so help me.

via imnachodaddy

4. In film, best boys are assistants to either electricians (best boy electric) or key grips (best boy grip). The end credits of Airplane! make clear who the worst boy is.

via WienerDogMan

5. Prince is from Minneapolis, but he certainly didn’t play Victim in Field in The Coen Brother’s Fargo.

via b_alliterate

6. Robert Ruth. Beloved husband, father, and coffee shop. From Pulp Fiction.

via TotallyMario

7. Mirando Productions is the copyright holder of the film Okja, named after the evil Mirando Corporation in the film.

via LloydChristmas1

8. Disney covering their corporate asses at the end of Frozen, when we all know in reality they love eating their own boogers.

via pogbahimovic

9. Split‘s credits are split into 24 parts, which is the number of personalities the main character has.

via MacWin-

10. In addition to having the opening credits subtitles hacked in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Richard M. Nixon signs off on a disclaimer.

via deathgriffin

11. Footprints of people gettin saucy on the Maruader’s Map in the credits of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

via Avason

12. Guardians of the Galaxy wants you to know they shot all of their Groot and Rocket scenes ethically.

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