12 Easy Car Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized

We live busy lives and a lot of our day is spent in the car getting from point A to point B. Our car becomes a little home away from home and these ideas are brilliant in terms of making your car a more livable space.

1. Always forgetting which side your gas tank is on?

I once dated a guy with a wandering eye BUT along with a broken heart he gave me this nifty trick and to this day I am grateful for it. If you cannot remember which side your gas tank is on, look at the top of your fuel gauge. The little fuel tank icon has an arrow next to it which points to the side your gas tank is on.

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via reddit/u/maricc

2. Stop your car from becoming a dumping ground with a portable “trash can”

My car is often a wasteland of used tissues and gum wrappers. This idea is one I am itching to try. Make a cereal container into a little trash can for your car. No more car litter for me!

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via lifehacker

3. Always have tissues at the ready.

I don’t know about you guys but I cry in my car all the time. True story. Digging around in my bag to find tissues is annoying and downright unsafe. Try this tricky little hack and never play lucky dip with your bag again.

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via curbly

4. Sick of those annoying scuff marks?

If you have kids, dogs or passengers of any kind, scuff marks are unavoidable. While toothpaste’s purpose is to keep your whites pearly, it is also a safe and effective way to remove these pesky scuff marks. Thanks Mr. Colgate!

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via Buzzfeed

5. You can also use the toothpaste to clear your dull headlight covers.

Take them from glum to gleaming with a little rub of the good stuff. I love a multipurpose hack!
12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via Cochran

6. De-ice your car locks with something most of us have in our handbags.

Winter driving blows chunks. Instead of shivering in the cold trying to get to your frozen lock, try this awesome idea. A little hand sanitizer will make your entry swift and simple.

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via Cochran

7. Here’s a neat tip for how to adjust your side mirrors.

I never know whether my side mirrors are positioned correctly. This diagram makes it easy to work out just where they should be. I love the internet!

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via Lush Zone

8. Increasing your gas mileage is as simple as this.

We all want to get more miles to our gallon and this is a really easy way to do it. Always make sure your tires are inflated to their correct PSI. If you don’t know what that is, your friendly neighborhood mechanic will be able to tell you. Add it to your list of things to know.
Blood type? Check!
Bank account number? Check!
Car tire PSI? check!
You’re all set!

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via Awesome Inventions

9. This hack is so cool there must be some kind of magic involved.

Trying to unlock your car from far away and it won’t work? Try placing the fob of your keys on your chin or better yet, point your key at your temple (people will think you are crazier this way) as you click the unlock button. As if by magic, your car will unlock. Trust me, I didn’t believe this one either and rushed out to try it and it does indeed work. Hello new party trick!

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via Civic ES Group

10. Sick of struggling to get your keys onto your key chain?

A simple staple remover is your new best friend. It’ll save your nails (and your sanity) and make getting keys on your key chain a breeze.

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via reddit/u/RuncibleSpoon18

11. Don’t want to spend a small fortune on a cell phone holder?

I am all for a cheap and cheerful idea and this one is insanely cheap. It’s free, in fact! Got a rubber band? Then you have a handy dandy new cell phone holder. Voila!

12 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized via imgur

12. Want to cool your car down quickly on a hot day?

Hot days and cars do not mix. Hot seats, hot seat belt clips…hot everything! While you are waiting for your air conditioner to kick in, try this trick.

Roll down one window, and open and close the door on the other side five to six times. The hot air escapes through the door you’re opening and closing, while the cool air enters through the open window. Cool huh?

12 Easy Car Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized


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