12 Illegal Company Policies That Employees Hated

12 Illegal Company Policies That Employees Hated


Cee102 — You charities can suck it.

We’re prohibited from attending and participating in any type of political gathering and/or protest. We’re also prohibited from using personal money to donate to charity.

TimeTravelMishap — You’re only there 8 hours of the day which is technically just part of the time.

my last job worked me full time hours but called me a part timer to fuck me out of benefits.
I got out of there as quickly as I could.

Kilen13 — How does one predict the future of work hours?

Not my current workplace but my last one. We’d fill out time sheets up to 4 weeks in advance and got told to just put 8 hours a day in each day. If we worked more than 8 hours a day (happened frequently) we got told that the time sheet said 8 so that’s what we were paid for. Anybody who refused to fill them out ahead of time usually got let go pretty soon thereafter.

diegojones4 — Hmm, I think maybe next Thursday I will come down with a minor flu. Better pencil it in.

Not illegal but a real pain in the ass.
Only 50% of sick leave could be unscheduled. I ended up filing for FMLA. When the doctor was filling out the paper work I explained why and she said, “Who schedules being sick? No wonder I have to fill out so many of these forms.”
One of my co-workers had about 400 hours of sick leave accrued that they will never get paid for.

Javatolligii — Gotta cherish that bathroom time, real or fake.

Just quit today, but i’m 99% sure you can’t take a break unless you order something off the menu. I’ve never had a break there except when i sneak into the bathroom and pretend to take a shit just to sit down

Anneisabitch — I think it IS illegal.

We have ‘unlimited PTO’ for our group but we’ve been warned never to use it. When layoff time rolls around they pick the person who has used the most PTO so calling in sick twice a year could cost you your job. They also make us make up our hours to reach 40 when we are sick, even though we’re salary.
I doubt that’s illegal but come flu season it spreads through our office like wildfire because no one is allowed sick days.

PrettyForAnAlien — “Hi 411, can you redirect me to 911. Thank you.”

As a bartender, we’re not allowed to call 911 .. each call counts as half a point against our liquor license.. if we need officer assistance we have to call the non emergency line. I’ve heard of real emergencies happening needing real medical attention and the bartender getting fired for calling 911.

cbelt3 — Just a naked repairmen in there, chillin’.

The assembly procedure written for the optical components of a space based telescope for the USAF.
“All optical assembly must be done in the nude.”
That line made it through three contractor reviews, 2 USAF reviews, and one NASA review.
So when time came for the assembly, the one young lady on a team mostly populated with old guys from Switzerland said “Fuck no”. The procedure was redlined and signed off VERY quickly.

twothirtysevenam — Soo many unneccessary steps.

Victims or witnesses to a crime on our property are not allowed to call 911. If there’s a crime committed there, anything ranging from a small petty theft up to rape or murder, we are to notify our direct manager first (even if the manager isn’t working that day). Then that manager is to call his or her manager who then calls the security office about the incident, and together they decide whether or not to call the police.
Thankfully, this hasn’t happened. Yet.

KingSwank — Yeah, nothing illegal about chattin’ about your wages (or lack thereof).

I got pulled into my manager’s office at a retail job one time after one of the new hires told me that they were getting paid more than I was, as I was training him. I was pretty pissed off and I wasn’t quiet about it, so he informed me that it was against company policy to discuss our wages. I told him that that was illegal and he just stared at me like I wasn’t supposed to know that.

4rsmit — Water sounds pretty important in a lab.

We had to work in the lab, even when the water was off in the building. This came from up high, our lab boss just told us to look busy, and do paperwork, so we would not get hurt. But the department chair thought it was fine to work without the ability to wash your hands, or use the safety shower. Also the bathrooms did not work, but apparently that is not something an employer has to provide.

tsumtsumfaithie — Such a greedy manager.

All the tips on carry out go to the manager, not the person working the register.
Edit: We have a cash jar that gets split pretty well, but credit card tips pretty much never get to us.
Edit 2: I still work here. I get a little more than minimum wage. The tips would just be a nice bonus.
Edit 3: Yes, people tip carry out. We don’t expect it but if we get it, we want what we earned. We often carry stuff to cars.


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