12 Incredibly Unrealistic Video Game Cliches, According To Reddit

Video games are inherently unreal. It seems like the games industry is moving closer and closer toward more realistic graphics and immersive experiences, but we’ll never make our way out of that uncanny valley. Unless we’re actually willing to go through with the virtual reality shot from Black Mirror. 

No one’s ready to go there, so all we can do is look on and keep wondering how much closer we can get while being so far from complete realism in video games. Or we could just make fun of unrealistic video game elements like these 12 Redditors did.

1. Try hopping off a rooftop and see how you feel afterward thermal7

Jumping down without destroying your knees/ankles.

2. Overencumbered because you were bringing one too many sandwiches: the true struggle homelesspie

The amount you can carry in RPG’s. By the time you’re over encumbered you’re carrying 20 swords, 12 dragon heads and enough gold coins to retire and play gwent for the rest of your life

3. Knee scrapes while you’re trying to shoot <<< SinkTube

the insurmountability of knee-high obstacles

4. Hay is no where near as soft as people make it seem Ijeko

Flipping 200 feet down into a barrel of hay and not dying in Assassin’s Creed games

5. Sometimes, the AI director is your best friend baardvark

You will start finding large amounts of the exact stuff you need right before you face a big challenge.

6. Drink the pain away FigBits

Healing from injuries.

7. When you gotta go, you just…gotta go TAZO1

The inability to walk through a completely normal door

8. Satisfying but confusing Poseidon927


Reloading a magazine and seeing the ammo count decrease only by the amount of ammo fired, not including the ones still in the dropped magazine.

I don’t think anybody would bother with picking up extra ammo in a battlefield during the heat of battle.

9. That’s because your plumber is saving your neighbors from your backed-up pipes. Be more grateful uhaul26

My plumber has never saved any princesses. Like not even one. Lazy fuck.

10. Never. Ever. Stop. thr3tc

Stamina. There’s no way someone in real life climb all three pyramids of Giza and then climb Alexandria’s tower, swim 5 km, murder 10+ hippos/crocodiles, and go on an hour long storyline mission afterwards in one day, and function the next day, but in video game world, that’s a boring Sunday.

11. Slaykraze

Monsters. I think monsters are pretty unrealistic.

12. As long as you don’t stand up safe, you’ll be fine…right? feministPenguin


When you’re crouching, you’re immediately considered invisible. Also, “Oh there’s a dead body here? Let me panic for 30 seconds and then go back to where I was standing like nothing happened”.

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