12 Insane Questions People Heard During Sex Ed Class –



orange_cuse – Growing this fast is a talent:

I remember once this girl raised her hand and asked how come pubic hair just grows overnight? And the teacher was like..um…excuse me? i don’t get what you’re saying. It doesn’t just grow overnight, it slowly grows in. And then the girl was like, how come I don’t recall this? I only remember not having hair then all of a sudden having a ton of pubic hair. And the rest of the class realized that while her question was kind of ridiculous, it was also kind of legitimate.


Some_RS_PLAYER – To be fair, it’s a much better word than ‘penis’:

This one girl was asking questions and kept saying the word dick. When the teacher talked to her about it, she said she thought the scientific word for penis was dick.


feral-id – DAMMIT SARAH:

Freshman biology class discussion that turned into an impromptu “health class” during discussion. Teacher explained that pulling out isn’t super effective, at least not as effective as you’d hope. Also that even though it’s a slim chance it is possible to get pregnant from pre-cum. One girl in the class then asked “so it’s possible to get pregnant even if your partner ejaculates outside of the vagina?” Teacher replied flatly “yup.”. The girl who asked the question then yelled to her best friend “Sarah!!” while they both shared a look of horror.


comment_generator – …Does it?:

“If a girl is naked and does a split, will she suction cup to the ground?”



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SheZowRaisedByWolves – The case could be made:

“Are our balls just shrunken tits?”

The kid had to run laps.


wubbaflubbas – Define ‘possible’:

I kid you not, my teacher made us all write questions and put it in a box, so he could answer them. It was anonymous, and one question was “is ear sex possible?” At that point, the quiet autistic kid burst into laughter, and we all knew who asked that question lol


comfortablepanic – THIS IS DEVASTATING:

Someone asked my teacher in freshman year (a very elderly biology instructor who was tasked with sex ed, which he did not appreciate) if it was possible for a woman to get pregnant if she did not have an orgasm. He said, “Of course it is. My wife has never had one and we have three kids.”


Some kid yells from the back of the room, “You’re not doing it right then!” Laughter ensues. The teacher turns seven shades of red. I’d never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.


UpsideLorule – He owned that 11 year old:

11 year old kid asks “what’s a dildo?” , teacher replies “that’s the kind of thing you’d want to ask your mom” before immediate correcting himself on what he meant.

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scullyscientist – I think the bigger question is “Why would you want to?”:

“Can I use piss as lubricant?” We had a box where we could anonymously drop in questions – source of some real gems. The poor teacher just sighed for this one and said “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m hoping that this one is meant to be a joke, but just in case it isnt…” and then explained why urine isn’t a great lubricant. She was so patient with us, looking back…


ObsidianNebula – Some people really don’t want to use a condom, huh?:

“Is it true that if you pee inside the girl after sex, it kills the sperm and stops her from getting pregnant?”

I’m pretty sure the guy who asked it was being serious, too.


Papaismad – Oh dear:

Are poo noodles real?”

Followed by the explanation of poo noodles – noodles of poop that you come out of your dick home as the result of anal sex with an poopy anus.


lxpnh98_2 – Some questions can’t be answered with words:

Teacher made us write a question on a piece of paper, and then form a line of people asking the questions one-on-one and having the other group try to answer them, cycling through.
One girl (most probably) wrote the question: “Why do guys like boobs?”
I still don’t know.

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