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12 Liars We’re Taking All the Way To The Supreme Court

12 Liars We’re Taking All the Way To The Supreme Court



If these people were any more transparent, we’d be scared that they might be ghosts. And the real problem with ghosts is you can’t sue them in a court of law for falsifying statements. 

Luckily, there’s such a thing as INTERNET JUSTICE and these lie babies are about to get served a healthy portion of “yeah okay, sure that happened.” 

1. Forget the opioid crisis, the pomegranate crisis is on the rise.

via Brotheroff


via II-I-Hulk-I-II

3. And they lived happily ever after in Never Never Did This Happen Land.

via samseidel

4. So glad someone is defending the objectification of women!

via gardevoiir

5. He’s def a water bender with a vibe that crazy and a thirst so unquenchable.

via Lallobs

6. And he definitely didn’t buy this for himself.

via Arb0k

7. Yeah! Fuck people enjoying themselves, those assholes!

via korlyn

8. Plot twist: the teacher is Satan and sent him to detention.

via not_so_alive

9. And then the spirit of Picasso gave him a BJ.

via choc_milk

10. Wow, this man deserves a Purple Heart. So brave.

via 6sketchyinternetguy9

11. Then the actual literal plane started clapping.

via Critterdex

12. Getting laid is so easy when you know how to fix a truck.

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