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12 Men & Women Describe What Confuses Them About The Opposite Sex | Chaostrophic

12 Men & Women Describe What Confuses Them About The Opposite Sex –

If you’ve ever lived with a member of the opposite sex, you probably noticed some rather confusing differences in living habits. Who knew there were differences between men and women? These 12 people asked some of the better questions about the differences that left them a bit baffled.

1. wilsec — You lose clumps DAILY yet your head is hairier than ever. How.

after living with a woman: where does all that hair come from and why are you not bald?

2. 80s_Business_Guy — So many decorative home products.

What the fuck is a decorative towel? If you don’t want me to dry my hands with them, don’t hang 6 “decorative towels” in the kitchen and hide all the “real towels” under the sink.

3. jackster_ — The balls rest atop the seat. They do not act as a seat, themselves.

How do men ride bikes without injuring their balls?

As a woman, a bicycle seat is very uncomfortable, but I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had testicles.

4. hampie42 — Years of practice paid off.

How guys say they spent their entire high school/secondary school life hiding a boner yet not once did I notice a single guy doing so. Kudos lads, you succeeded.

5. lolalululolalulu — Ok, this one has no defending.

About my husband who I love with all my heart.

The other day he made us breakfast; scrambled eggs and asparagus. Was lovely and healthy and delicious. I went to the fridge later in the day to make us lunch and there was one, ONE! ONE LONELY ASPARAGUS LEFT ON THE FRIDGE SHELF LIKE AN OFFERING TO THE FUCKING FRIDGE/ASPARAGUS GODS.

Why husband? Why do you test me so?

6. naginarb — The lack of women’s pockets is seriously baffling.

Why women’s jeans do not have pockets


7. nomnomchikhan — No but that would be fun if it did.

When men pee, they hold their penis to aim. If you don’t hold it, will it flop around like a fire hose?

8. DellowYove — Yeah, don’t think many gf’s would like their boobs called ‘bags of sand.’

Ladies, what do you prefer we call your lady bits? Vagina, pussy, clam, angry beaver? Boobs, breasts, tits, bags of sand? I asked my gf, and she doesn’t like any of those answers. EDIT: so far u/calliely is winning with humpuswumpuss and jigglypuff

u/bulbasaurichooseu in second with vajingle jangle

9. 2906BC — The man’s way is nice and practical. But also we look like idiots while doing it.

The way men take their tops off. My boyfriend pulls it from the collar up and over his head. All of my female friends confirm this is how the men in their lives also do it.

My female friends and I grab the bottom of our tops with left hand reaching the right side of the top and right hand reaching the left hand side of the top, then pull up and the top is off (sorry, I am terrible at explaining things).

I can’t decide who’s doing it the best way. Most of the time my boyfriends top is not inside out, whereas mine often are, so maybe the way the men are doing it makes more sense. I just can’t do it that way though haha

10. WickTheTrickster — Wait, piss in a woman’s sink? But..how? And why? And so many other questions.

How is it that your public restrooms are always dirtier then men’s? I work at a cafe and have to clean, but there’s always seat covers and paper towels all over the floor, and piss in the sink. I’m not complaining too much, it’s my job and all.. But just how?

11. Kulaid871 — Making food decisions is oddly super difficult for everyone, I think. 

1) When my wife ask me what I want to eat, and no matter what I reply, she doesn’t like it and complains I’m not helpful.

2) Or if I ask what she wants to eat, and her reply is, ‘I don’t know, what do you feel like.” and I get the same result as the situation 1.

It’s like my wife is eternally confused on what she wants to eat…

12. RikuKat — Because this new growth has become my friend and I don’t want to lose him.

Why men refuse to go to the doctor, even when plagued by serious issues that cause pain and my be life threatening.

Just… why? Go get it checked out! Be healthy! Have a yearly check-up!


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