12 Most Accurate Differences Between Men & Women

In both men and women, each cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes. Out of these 23 pairs, 22 of these pairs of chromosomes look identical in both males and females. The 23rd pair (the sex chromosomes) looks different in men and women. Women have two copies of the X-chromosome and men have an X and Y chromosome.

It is scientifically proven that men and women are different on a genetic level. They are also fundamentally different in other areas as well (of course). Out of the hundreds of differences we’ve come up with the top 12 for this article! These 12 pretty much make men and women two entirely different species!

12. Travel


Women are natural-born planners and organizers. There is an entire multi-million dollar industry catering to a woman’s compulsive need to plan and organize, have you ever walked down the agenda/calendar aisle at the store? Search YouTube for ‘Erin Condren planners’ and at least 100 videos pop up of women going over pages and pages of their gold plated special edition Erin Condren planners!

Traveling requires plenty of planning. The question: “What should I pack?” is the equivalent of asking: “Is there life on Mars?” Women will pack everything they can in order to be prepared for the apocalypse. If they are traveling to Florida in July they would pack a pair of snow pants ‘just to be on the safe side’. Women pack plenty of extra underwear and socks just in case they become stuck in an airport terminal for a week or some other worst case scenario. If men are going on a 5 day trip they will pack 5 pairs of underwear. If women are going on a 5 day trip they will pack a minimum of 10 pairs of underwear.

11. “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”


Women look into a mirror and see…their flaws. Every millimeter of cellulite becomes amplified. Every fine line becomes a Grand Canyon. Men look into a mirror and see a guy that looks like a cross between Channing Tatum and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It’s hard to say when this delusion begins but most likely it’s sometime during puberty. If only women could see the other 99.8% of their features instead of that slight muffin-top when you bend your waist at an 80 degree angle. Why are women so hard on themselves?! How awesome would it be for a woman to look in the mirror and go ‘Holy sh*t! I look amazing! Look at that non-existent thigh gap!’.

10. Texting


Guy: Hey what up?

Girl: Hey! I’m watching Game of Thrones and getting ready to go out with Sarah! We’re drinking Red Bull and eating cool ranch Doritos. What are you up to? =)

Guy: nothin

Girl: How fun! Call Sarah’s phone if u want to come out with us later, okay?? It’s going to be soooo fun! TTYL! =) =)

Guy: k

In general women love to use exclamation points and emoticons. Have you ever heard a bunch of excited women meeting each other at a bar or restaurant? The ‘OMG!’ and high-pitched squealing? Well the women that naturally talk like that try to transfer that same amount of enthusiasm over to the texts they send. Smiley faces also make the texts look pretty and women like pretty things (i.e. days of the week stickers for planners and scrapbooks).

Men are often in the bathroom while texting or playing games on their iPhones. They send quick one to two word replies and don’t care about how pretty the text looks. They don’t over think the text like women do. They take the text for face value and not some ancient scripture.

9. “I’ll Be Ready In 2 Minutes!”


Two minutes in a woman’s world is the equivalent to about 20 minutes in a man’s world unless that man is watching a football game or at a bar. If they are watching a game or at a bar then the time equivalency is exactly the same.

If a woman is putting on makeup and her patiently waiting husband calls up to her and asks how long she will be, she will look in the mirror and see that everything is ready…ooh..except for that eyeliner..just a little more on the right eye. She will yell down “I’ll be ready in 2 minutes!” However, she ends up putting a little too much liner on the right eye and then has to adjust the left eye. She then sees herself looking like a raccoon and decides to just redo them both. At this point 20 minutes has passed and she is almost ready.

8. Temperature


Evolution created women to be a constant -4 degrees less than men. Women have cold feet in the winter and cold feet in the summer. Men enjoy the temperature difference because it forces women to get a little closer to keep warm. Do men ever snuggle in a little closer to keep their feet warm? Do they ask to put their ice cold hands in their girlfriend’s pockets?

Why are women colder than men? There is no one right answer to this enigma. Men wear warmer clothes. Women are more prone to having iron deficiency (which causes among other things; cold extremities as well as a desire to chew on ice).

7.  Arguments


It’s on like Donkey Kong! Men are psychologically inferior to women when it comes to arguing. Men will argue to the point of either winning the argument (does this really happen?) and going on his merry way or steam starts coming from his ears and he storms off. Women will argue to the point of saying ‘whatever!’ or ‘you know what?! I don’t care!’. They will storm off but then…they return! They will return to unleash things from months or years prior, things the guy can barely remember. But the girl remembers every detail down to what shoes she was wearing!

I’m sorry to all the guys out there. When it comes to arguments women can be ruthless and will keep coming back for more until you either roll over and play dead or turn around, suck up your pride and walk away.

6. Friends


Women are very selective when it comes to friends. There is a mysterious and complicated chemistry involved that even leading scientific social researchers don’t fully understand. Men make friends by having something in common with someone else. From sharing the same favorite basketball team to ordering the same beer at the bar.

Women’s friendships are as complex as a woman! There is a multi-tiered friendship process that starts with having similar views and opinions and progresses to brutal honesty and spilling each other’s darkest secrets. The amount of loyalty expected increases as the friendship moves up the tiers.

5. Visiting the Public Restroom


For many women, visiting the public restroom is more than just a trip to the bathroom. It’s a social occasion. Women bring friends! They stand and adjust themselves in the mirror, apply makeup touch ups to themselves and each other, gossip, talk politics, do their hair! The actual act of going to the bathroom is secondary to all of the other stuff.

Men go in to do their business and get out. There is an unspoken rule among men that there is no gossiping or fixing each other’s outfits and hair. You are to never look at one another while using a urinal. That is considered the equivalent of a woman standing on the toilet and leaning over the stall door of another and yelling ‘Surprise! What’s going on down there?”. Men don’t bring friends to the restroom. Going to the restroom is a one-man operation for a man.

4. Taking a Shower


Taking a shower is an exhaustive process for a woman. There is just so much involved in taking a shower. There is shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, body wash, body exfoliation, dry brushing, shaving, face treatments and washes. After all the fun stuff is out of the way, then there might be time for 2-3 minutes of standing and meditating under the hot stream of water before you run out of hot water.

For a guy taking a shower is effortless. Strip down, jump in, rub on some bar soap or 3-in-1 body wash, run shampoo thru their hair, stand under the stream of hot water for 10-15 minutes doing God knows what and jump out. There are no yoga moves as they try and shave their legs or conditioning treatments. It’s 1-2-3 and out.

3. Underwear


Men wear boxers or briefs. Women wear boyshorts, thongs, hip huggers, high cut, bikini cut, and more. There are entire stores devoted to women’s underwear, the most recognized is obviously Victoria’s Secret. Are there entire stores devoted to men’s underwear or annual fashion shows where a guy parades down the runway in a diamond encrusted g-string? I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

Men will wear a pair of underwear until there are tennis ball sized holes across his butt cheeks. Women will get a pin sized hole and be banished to the that-time-of-the-month drawer or tossed in the trash.

2. Shopping


I believe the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus was written while Dr. John Gray was patiently waiting for his wife to come out of the purse department at Macy’s. I’m surprised the follow up to his book Men are from Best Buy, Women are from Macy’s hasn’t been released yet.

For most women, shopping is a therapeutic experience that makes them temporarily feel better. For men, shopping is just another one of life’s mundane obligations. Women go shopping and tend to make purchases based on their current emotions and feelings. Men shop based on their needs.

1. Facebook


Men and women using Facebook is the difference between a single guy strutting into a bar and a single girl walking into a bar wearing sunglasses and a wig. Men use Facebook to see ‘what’s up’. They scroll through their newsfeed and click on anything that catches their attention. Men do not go on Facebook to click on updated photo albums, shared videos of adorable puppies, or use the ‘search’ feature. Women use the ‘search’ feature to look up their exes (don’t kid yourself, you’ve done it), check out any and all updated photo albums, and entertain themselves by reading or participating in a little Facebook playground drama. “Can you believe she posted that?!”, “Why the heck did she send me a friend request??”, “Who honestly cares that her kid  cried over getting the wrong gingerbread house? He needs to grow up.”, “Oh wow..their relationship is ‘complicated’ again. Big surprise.”

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12 Most Accurate Differences Between Men & Women


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