12 Most Insane Things Happening In Movies & TV Right Now –


It’s time once more to dip our collective toes into the weirder side of the news from the big and small screen. In the week that saw the confirmation that the LEGO Movie sequel includes two Chris Pratt characters taking potshots at Chris Pratt’s recent career and somebody thought that xxx4 with Vin Diesel was a smart idea, we got bloody wrestling matches, stranger Shrek remakes and that time Rocky nearly met the actual Pope.

Honestly, you don’t know the half of it.

Yes, people who make movies and TV shows are STILL very much unhinged, and it’s a bumper edition this week. So, now let’s start with an Insane Things cross-over…

12. David Arquette Got Himself Into A Wrestling Death Match

Fite TV

As fans of wrestling will probably know, David Arquette really likes wrestling. He might be one of those jokes from wrestling history thanks to his WCW run as champion, but he’s legitimately a big fan and he’s taken it upon himself to make opportunities to get into the ring.

That said, his decision to get into a Death Match with convicted bank robber Nick Gage was possibly to be admired less. The match saw the use of lots of lovely weapons – chairs and light tubes most prominently – and at one point, Gage was supposed to grind glass into Arquette’s forehead but conspired instead to basically stab him in the neck.

Cue a fountain of blood and Arquette leaving the ring, seemingly calling the match off before he returned and the pair traded blows that looked a lot more real than worked. In wrestling circles, this might be normal, but watching the videos of the match, you have to remember that this is literally Sheriff Dewy from Scream.





In the wake of the match, Arquette took to Twitter to confirm he’d been stitched up and that he possibly didn’t think Death Matches were his thing.

11. Dick Van Dyke Paid Disney To Cast Him Twice


With the Mary Poppins sequel heading into cinemas in December and definitely aiming to be the best film of the year (sorry Thanos), original star Dick Van Dyke has revealed he had to go to extraordinary measures to convince Walt Disney to let him have two roles in the film.

Van Dyke famously played Bert the chimney sweep and also ancient chairman of the bank, Mr. Dawes Sr. In an interview he told Lin Manuel Miranda for The Hollywood Reporter that he said he’d work for free:

“I said, ‘I’ll do it for nothing.’ Actually, I had to give him $4,000 dollars. I had to pay him to do the part.”

Disney apparently wouldn’t budge on casting him, even when Van Dyke was asking for the role, so he got a bit of a sweetener from the actor. And to be fair to the actor, he says he’d do it again. Usually paying for roles usually comes afterwards, when the critical response kills your career.

10. What If Shrek Was Remade By 200 Film-Makers?


That’s not a question you’ve asked yourself before is it? That’s not a question ANYONE has asked before until very recently, in actual fact. But it’s happening and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Remarkably, Shrek Retold is a project put together by 3GI, bringing together a collective of 200 film-makers to remake the animated classic in pretty much the most batsh*t way possible. The collective – who are also responsible for the annual Shrekfest – are essentially making a scene-by-scene remake, which will allow each creator to express their own unique style.

And looking at the trailer, when they say unique, they mean nightmarish and horrifying, because the entire thing looks like a fever dream spiced with strong hallucinogenics. Seriously, if the idea of 200 idiosyncratic personalities trying to work together to make a film sounds weird, that’s NOTHING on the trailer…

9. Venom’s About To Make $800m


Hey everyone, remember when Venom was first reviewed and the critics were falling over themselves to say it was a massive turkey and absolutely terrible and what on Earth was Tom Hardy doing?

Well, he was making a movie that has grossed almost $800m around the world and which is still picking up money thanks to its late Chinese release. If it takes $40M more, it’ll be the highest-grossing Spider-Man film ever to go along with its gong for most watched Spider-Man movie trailer ever.

This is literally a film in which Tom Hardy tells someone he will bite their limbs off and let them roll around like a turd on the wind. Firstly, turds don’t float in the wind unless you eat a lot of polystyrene and secondly, that might be legitimately the worst line in any movie ever. It was in the trailer and yet the film has STILL TAKEN EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. Call everything off.

Also, that box office result is literally going to lead to a film about turds in the wind, isn’t it?

8. The Percy Jackson Writer Trashed The Movie Before It Even Came Out

20th Century Fox

There’s a long history of authors not liking the films other people have made of their books. Stephen King famously wasn’t a fan of lots of them, including The Shining most notably and he’s far from the only one. It seems a good rule of thumb to actually involve the writers in the film-making process, just to be safe and to stop them from publicly trashing the movie like King did.

Because they will trash it if it’s poor. And sometimes they won’t even wait for it to be made and released, as in the case of Percy Jackson author Rick Riordin, who has this week revealed emails he sent 20th Century Fox telling them what they’d done wrong with the film’s plans. Actually releasing the emails now is an incredible bit of subtle shade, since the film basically flopped (or at least the franchise did when Fox were looking for their Harry Potter) but it’s an interesting insight into the process.

Particularly interesting is how much sense Riordan’s emails talk – for instance on the weird decision to age Percy to 17 years old rather than 12 and the comment that the script is so terrible it thrust him into despair. The insane thing here is that the studio appears to have simply ignored him and moved on with their original plans.

7. Halloween Was Going To Kill Laurie Strode Off

Dimension Films

When the new take on Halloween was originally announced, it was presented as an opportunity to close out Laurie Strode’s story as well as introducing a new generation of heroes to deal with Michael Myers (because, let’s face it, he was never going to die, was he?) In short, she looked like dead meat.

But then the film came out and it turned out that Laurie survived, which actually turned out to be a more fitting storyline (particularly with the clever fake-out scene). It was also handy since Jamie Lee Curtis was pretty much the film’s biggest selling point in the marketing and cutting off her ability to return for a sequel would have been madness in business terms.

Still, that’s what would have happened if the original script had gone through. It turns out that the original ending would have seen Laurie attacking Michael with a screwdriver after he shrugged off being shot multiple times, while he choked the life out of her. Sadly, we would have watched her die in his hands, before he again disappears into the night to kill again, which is about as deflating a story as when she was killed in the opening act of Halloween: Resurrection.

Imagine the gall of bringing back such an iconic survivor from the dead only to then kill her off again in even more disturbing fashion. That’s not the recipe for positive fan responses. Let’s all be thankful they saw sense.

6. The Most Unlikely Musical Union In History


This week British reality TV show I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here – in which dangerously underfed famous (and sometimes confusingly not-famous) people compete for the right to eat kangaroo testicles and camel anus in the grand finale – aw the revelation of the strangest team-up in musical history.

DIY show host Nick Knowles (who infamously released an album a few years ago and became both a meme and a tragedy at the same time) told the Jungle Diary camera that he had been talent spotted by a record label employee while jamming with a band in a roof-top bar in London. That’s strange enough, but it turns out it was Scottish legends Biffy Clyro that he was jamming with.

The whole story was so Alan Partridge it hurt and I’m A Celeb Host Declan Donnelly then got a dedicated hashtag trending to mock Knowles pretence that he was initially not going to reveal the band in fear of embarrassing them. That’s why you might have seen this trending in the UK last night: #BiffyClyroNotEmbarrassedTheyJammedWithNickKnowles

Inevitably, fans took to it with glee and it wasn’t long before Biffy’s Wikipedia page was changed to declare them Nick Knowles’ backing band. To offer context for American readers: this is like Guy Fieri revealing he once played a show with Metallica.

5. YouTube Are Giving A Movie Away For Free

Warner Bros. Pictures

Everything is awesome (when everything is free!)

Usually, you can expect movie studios to be firmly committed to making as much money out of their productions as possible. If they can get an extended edition or a director’s cut out there to sell a film to an audience more than once, you can be damn certain they’ll do it. But the times they are a-changing.

Recognising that everyone loves free stuff as well as the incredible marketing opportunities presented by Black Friday, Warner Bros have decided to help boost the marketing campaign of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part by giving away the first movie for free. They’re doing that by streaming it for 24 hours on YouTube via the trailer post for the sequel.

It might be atypical behaviour for a studio, but it’s bloody genius and you could definitely see it setting a precedent that others will follow.

4. Rocky Almost Met The Pope

United Artists

Now, this isn’t strictly new news, but a delightful story over on ScreenCrush has reminded every Rocky fan, ahead of the release of Creed II that Sylvester Stallone had some… interesting ideas for Rocky III.

Back in 1979, Stallone spoke to Roger Ebert about the sequel and his grand plan, which would have included one of the world’s most recognisable landmarks and God’s appointed representative on Earth. Which is exactly what you’d expect from a boxing movie, isn’t it? Here’s how he described it:

‘[Rocky’s] last bout will be in the Roman Coliseum, carried worldwide by satellite,’ Stallone said, and his voice picked up enthusiasm. ‘Can you see it? Rocky in the Coliseum? The last gladiator? And, for training, running up the Spanish Steps? And, Rocky’s deeply religious; can you imagine him inside St. Peter’s? I’m seriously gonna try to work in an audience with the Pope into the film. I dunno. Maybe with this Pope, he’ll go for it. If he don’t, we get another Pope.’”

We get another Pope. Just like that. That’s an absolutely fine thing to say.

Stallone also later told Ebert that he wanted Rocky to drop dead at the end of the movie in a taxi after his victorious final bout. Presumably because he’d be smote down by God for suggesting they simply get another Pope or something. Praise be that he changed his approach on this one, though he did say in the same interview that “I don’t think people want to see Rocky when he’s 80,” and there’s a very real chance of that with the Creed series.

3. Gotham’s Final Season Make-Overs


In just 12 episodes time, Gotham will be done and we’ll have to do without the strangest comic book TV show of all time. Yes, even stranger than Adam West’s Batman, because that was dependably odd and this show is a rollercoaster with an identity crisis. And because it’s all wrapping up, the show-makers have decided to stop giving a f*ck and are bringing their characters closer in line with the comics.

In the wake of the reveal of the show’s new Bane – played by Shane West for some reason – we’ve now got set photos of the new looks for The Penguin and The Riddler, who previously offered very subtle takes on their iconic comic book outfits. Robin Lord Taylor’s version of Penguin was basically nothing like he’s ever looked before and for a while that felt like a conscious choice by the show (just as their “Joker” was not the real one). But now he couldn’t look more like he was cosplaying the comic version if he tried.

Gotham’s show-runners have clearly decided that this final run is an opportunity for LOTS of fan service and while it might compromise the way the story’s been developing so far, we’re here for this brave new, bonkers world.

2. Hugh Jackman Needs To Be Stopped


Hugh Jackman’s in trouble with John Krasinski, apparently. The star of The Front-Runner – which also stars Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt – posted a picture of himself and Blunt at a Variety event and Krasinski cheekily responded to suggest there might be something going on.

It’s all fun and games until you remember how many actors have fallen in love with their co-stars on set. Then it gets a little bit odd. But at least they’re all having fun on social media, eh?

Fair play to Reynolds for the long-form reference back to the Eddie The Eagle junket interview in which he unwittingly (and humorously, obviously) unveiled a secret affair between Jackman and his wife, Blake Liveley…

1. Hi Guys, Birds Of Prey Has A New Title And It’s Really Weird

Warner Bros.

Even the most ardent critics of Suicide Squad probably enjoyed something about Margot Robbie’s performance as fan favourite DC character Harley Quinn. She might have been badly written, overly sexualised and saddled with terrible co-star characters, but she looked good and pretty much everyone copied off her outfiot for Halloween. You can’t argue with that sort of brand power.

So it was inevitable that we’d get more of her, with Robbie leading a Harley spin-off, which is to be directed by Cathy Yan, under the Birds Of prey banner. Sadly for Warner Bros, though, that title wasn’t really selling the idea of Harley’s involvement enough and since they couldn’t get away with calling it Harley Quinn And Some Other People or Birds Of Harley Quinn or something, they’ve given it a title they seem to believe is a good idea.

That title? Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). Really rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. Let’s be honest, this title is really Harley Quinn Is No Longer In An Abusive Relationship With The Joker, We Promise Guys. Because that’s clearly the other aim to this terrible sub-title.

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