12 Most Shocking Confessions From The Whisper App

Do you have a secret? There’s an app for that.
Whisper is an app you get on your phone (or your computer) where users post confessions anonymously, but instead of funky postcards they use images that are kind of Tumblr-esque. It’s completely addictive and free. Not only can you search for certain topics or share favorites, but you can even search for people posting nearby.

From drugs and cheating, to love and hate, take a look at some of the juiciest Whisper confessions.

Dealing drugs may be common activity for a surprisingly diverse segment of the population. Turns out, someone you know may be selling. (Via)

This confession makes her the worst bridesmaid ever. (Via)

Confessions of a pot-smoking mom. (Via)

The secret life of a college student. (Via)

Proof that single guys love planning their non-existent weddings too. (Via)

Confession of a would be cheater. (Via)

Trapped bride. Or groom. (Via)

Confessions of a porn actor. (Source)

I would really like to know in which hotel he/she works. (Via)


Not all confessions are bad. (Source)

“I see dead people.” (Source)



3 replies on “12 Most Shocking Confessions From The Whisper App”

Dealing drugs and going to church. NO big surprise.

The worst people I have ever known go to church.

All you have to do is say sorry.
They have the nerve to say I am going to hell because I believe that jesus was a con artist.

They also have the nerve to say that there is no morality with out god. Meaning that atheists and agnostics can’t tell right from wrong without god telling them what is what.

These Christians that say those things are hypocrites. Hell, every christian you meet is a hypocrite. If they didn’t pick and choose what bible rules to follow…if they did as the bible said so…they would be burning witches, owning slaves, and killing in gods name.

Their bible is just as evil as those “savage” Muslims. At least those savage Muslims don’t pick and choose what rules GOD HAS COMMANDED. Our Christians have been westernized. They know we won’t put up with their stone age BS, so they ignore gods will to be accepted. Thank god for that. I’m glad they don’t follow those evil rules.
I just wish they would realize how silly it is to cherry pick the bible and still claim to be part of that particular religion. They need to nut up and admit that believing in god is not the same as believing in the bible.

I wish they would nut up and adimt that the bible is chalk full of nonsense and evil, and that man can determine right from wrong. Not talking about our laws…talking about what everyone knows in their heart is right and wrong. Only a weak person needs to be told, and a arrogant man to claim that an apology to god makes wrongs right.

(end rant)

The one about her brother creeped me out!

I had thought “loving” some one meant you put up with the shit as best you could. Now that I have met the love of my life…I know what is all about. 10 years now and my only regret is that I had not met her sooner.

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