Being an adult, I can see a movie that has a much f’n g’d cursing as I want. Being an employee of Smosh, however, means you better believe I gotta keep that s under control. It’s a relationship not a dissimilar than that of movies and television — unless you’re being shown on the highest levels of cable, you’re going to be edited for TV. Sometimes the edits are minor, sometimes they are significant, but they are always weird and highly noticeable.

Snakes On A Plane

In the same way the only reason to watch this movie in theaters was to hear Samuel L. Jackson say this line, the only reason to watch it on TV was to hear how they’d butcher it. I wasn’t disappointed!

The Big Lebowski

Ah, yes. I hate it when people try to “find me in the Alps”.

Die Hard 2

The degree to which this is totally incomprehensible really reminded me of just how much swearing there is in Die Hard 2.


This clip, while it really gains momentum, lacks the very good moment were they dubbed it so a man starts screaming “STUFF YOU!” over and over at Robert DeNiro’s security team before they beat him up.

Adventures In Babysitting

Yes, violent street gangs are known for calling women “witches”.


He does not say “stick” in the original. It’s a word that’s similar, though.

I Love You Man

Honestly, this is better than the actual swearing.

Pulp Fiction

I think “My Friend” is a great substitute for … the phrase it’s replacing.

Back To The Future

The notes are important on this one — the actual swearing is pretty minimal, but what’s more surprising is the way they edit out all references to terrorism, as if we’re to believe the guys who shoot Doc Brown are just random dudes looking for plutonium.


This clip just has one swearing edit, and it’s at the end, and it’s pretty good.


They also edited out the ridiculous violence, so the scene makes almost no sense.


This one is a comparison, so it still has plenty of commode talk.



12 Movies That Got Ridiculous Edits From TV Censors


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