12 Mysteriously Creepy Images That Cannot Be Explained

12 Mysteriously Creepy Images That Cannot Be Explained

12 Mysteriously Creepy Images That Cannot Be Explained

Do you believe in ghosts? What about UFOs and aliens? Think nobody does? No? Well, think again. According to Atlantic Magazine, some 42 percent of Americans believe in ghosts and 36 percent believe in the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).  Pictures of both so-called ghosts and UFOs/aliens really began back in the 19th century.  And now we even have videos of purported sightings. Is any of it real? Are the people who support the idea that ghosts and aliens exist all a bunch of crazies who need to get a life? Or are the authorities covering up the truth? Often, each side will look at the same picture or video and come up with predictable, entrenched positions.

Take the “Battle of Los Angeles” in 1942. The story goes something like this: In the wake of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Americans were decidedly anxious. And when “something” flew over LA in 1942, search lights were focused on a mysterious slow moving object. Spotlights were beamed into the sky and the heavy guns were brought out. Many assumed the Japanese had arrived. Ufologists claimed to see UFOs. It got even more confusing as, after the fact, officialdom was vague about what had happened, saying little, other than “false alarm”. Maybe as some speculate, it was a weather balloon off course. Or, maybe it was an alien ship. And no one can prove either side of the argument.

So, we present a catalog of creepy, mysterious photos and videos of assorted monsters, ghosts, and UFOs, both old and new, and we will leave you to decide.

12. The Ghost of Alcatraz

In the Summer of 2014, British tourist Sheilia Sillery-Walsh visited San Francisco and decided to go and see Alcatraz, the city’s infamous former island prison. She whipped out her iPhone and was clicking away, only later to discover that a picture of an empty prison cell contained a cloudy image in which the shape of ghostly hands and arms were visible. It was picked up by local news and by UK’s The Daily Mail. When The Atlantic Magazine’s Tiffanie Wen wrote a piece on the incident she, at first, expressed a healthy skepticism. But when the ghostly image of a man who had not been there appeared in an iPhone picture taken by Wen herself, she began to wonder. Fake the skeptics say.  Undaunted, Wen kept the picture, just to scare herself and her friends.

11. The Office Ghost and the CCTV Camera

It starts off with seemingly endless shots of deserted offices. It’s 3 am and the middle of the night. And the scene is set in Manchester, England’s Castlefield House. You begin to wonder how overnight security guards can possibly stay awake through this stuff. Then suddenly chairs zoom around on their own, computer screens flare to life and die again, papers fly across the room, and file drawers open and close on their own. The Manchester Evening News reported that people across the region were mystified.  Some believed. Others claimed it was faked. No matter which side you are on, the video is indeed interesting.

10. Doris Bither

Just like Chucky the evil movie doll in Child’s Play was based on a real “Killer Doll” named Robert, the 1982 movie The Entity, was based on the story of Doris Bither.   Doris Bither was poor and living in squalid conditions with her children in California when, in the 1970s, noted parapsychologist Dr. Barry Taff first encountered her. She claimed to being followed and abused, even sexually assaulted, by evil spirits and demons and had bruises to show for it. Taff claims that the black and white picture of light shooting across a room was a real manifestation of evil spirits and demons. He also claims to have seen glowing orbs in the Bither home. Wherever Doris moved to, the demons, she claimed, followed her.

9. The Hampton Court Ghost

Hampton Court Palace, located in a leafy suburb of London, is, according to its curator, chuck full of ghosts. Rumors of ghost sightings have come and gone over the years, but in 2003 one of the ghosts, dubbed “Skeletor”, was actually caught on film by a CCTV camera. Alarms went off, indicating a door had been opened, but when security staff rushed to investigate, the door was closed. Only when they reviewed the CCTV footage did the ghostly Skeletor reveal himself. Not to be outdone, another ghost, dubbed “The Gray Lady” made an appearance in 2015, shocking a party of school girls.

8. Freddy Jackson

This is a classic case. This picture, taken in 1919, is a standard group portrait of a World War I flying squadron. Freddy Jackson (shown in the back row) was a member of the squad and an aircraft mechanic. The only thing is that Freddy Jackson had been killed in a tragic accident two days earlier. And his funeral took place on the day this picture was taken. The owner of the picture, Sir Victor Goddard, nor anyone else, for that matter, can explain what is going on.

7. The Astronaut and the UFO

Tim Peak is British and an Astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS). In fact, he is the first Brit to serve on ISS. In December of 2015, he snapped some footage which appears to be another spacecraft that nobody can identify. The Express called it the best piece of UFO evidence captured in years. Apparently, in years gone by, the Russian Soyuz spacecraft also encountered UFOs whilst flying around in space. If you can’t trust an astronaut, who can you trust? Huffpost said the picture had stargazers and scientists alike “in a spin”.

6. Nessie the Lochness Monster

Lochness (Lake Ness) is deep in wilds of the Scottish Highlands and, since this first picture of the “monster” was snapped by a surgeon in the 1930s, some believe the home of Nessie, the Lochness monster. Some believe Nessie is a holdover from the dinosaur age. Since the 1930s, Nessie has been sighted a number of times. Most recently, some very grainy video footage shows a creature like Nessie swimming in the Thames River in London. Although, how she got from a land locked lake to the Thames is a question for better minds than ours. Well, somebody must have believed the story because in 1933 the Secretary of State for Scotland ordered police to protect Nessie from attack.

5. The Carlisle Castle Hotel Ghost

A ghost with a taste for red wine? Apparently, this particular ghost is attached to Newtown, Australia’s Carlisle Castle Hotel. Its CCTV cameras have captured creepy footage of cloudy images moving around a dining room. In other footage, objects  spontaneously fly off the bar and red wine bottles zoom off shelves, causing a mild panic. According to one local news outlet, some think it may be the spirit of “Old Peter” who worked at The Carlisle in the 1990s. You can check out more footage on their Facebook page. According to the owner, they are trying to laugh it off, but can’t quite figure out what is going on.

4. The White Lady of Worstead

In 1975, Diane Berthelot and her husband Peter, visited The Worstead Church in Norfolk, England. Diane sat on a pew while Peter snapped pictures. But, when they got home, they realized that there was the image of a lady dressed in old fashioned clothes sitting behind Diane. Only thing was, she was definitely not there at the time. The legend of the White Lady and her connection to the church goes back to the 19th century. The story goes that in 1830, a man who was intent on disproving the ghost story spent the night in the church and was found the next morning quivering and in a panic saying that he had seen her.

3. Ghost Captured on CCTV in One of Britain’s Oldest Pubs

The spooky footage was filmed late on Valentine’s Day in the Ye Olde Man and Scythe in Bolton in the UK. The Telegraphreported that staff believe the figure to be the spirit of an Aristocrat that was executed during the bloody 17th century English Civil War. Tony Dooley, the pub’s manager, came down the next morning to find a glass shattered on the floor. He checked the CCTV footage thinking he would find the culprit. Well, he did, but this particular break-in won’t be reported to the coppers. He also said he had, before he saw the footage, been a skeptic, but had become “a believer”. You can see the figure approach the bar and then move along the wall of pictures.

2. The Screaming Ghost in Room 209

Some have decried this footage as a fake. Others believe. The scene was supposedly shot by CCTV cameras in an Illinois Wingate Hotel, in 2003. A man named John has been sent to investigate screaming heard coming from Room 209. But no one was checked into the room. He gets to the door and we hear screaming inside. He goes into the room and comes out again saying the carpet has been ripped up and the furniture is turned upside down, but no one is there. But wait, what is that ghostly fog following him down the corridor?

1. The Ghost of Lord Combermere

This is another classic. Taken in 1891, it shows the faint image of a man sitting in a chair on the left. Parts of his body are clearly visible. Some think it is the ghost of Lord Combermere, who had a distinguished military career in the early 1800s. Combermere had died a few days before and, reportedly, when the picture was taken by a Sybell Corbet, his funeral was taking place. Taken long before the wonders of Photoshop, it makes you wonder how on earth an image like this one could have been faked.


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