12 Normal Things You Do Every Day That Could Hurt You –


1. Getting pierced in the wrong spot can trigger dizziness, eye misalignment, and loss of balance.

2. Wearing tight jeans for too long can leave you with occasional numbness, atrophied tissue, heat sensitivity, and a stinging pain.

3. Nearly 40% of laser printers release ‘toner clouds’ that can cause lung damage similar to cigarettes.

4. When you tighten that tie up, be sure not to do it too tightly, as the constant intraocular pressure increases your risk of glaucoma.

5. Showering too often can wash off important protective layers that when gone leave you more susceptible to illness.

6. Brushing your teeth, especially if you do it too hard, can actually be damaging.

7. Because nipples don’t callus, long distance running, sweat, and fabric can chafe your nipples so bad that they start to bleed.

8. Sleeping with your bra on can lead to an increase in salivary melatonin levels which eventually leads to poor sleep, irregular periods, and illness.

9. Constant exposure to fluorescent light can lead to headaches, anxiety, stress, E.D., and even cardiovascular disease.

10. Public bathroom soap dispensers are often seldom cleaned and are crawling with bacteria.

11. Vitamin C is high in ascorbic acid and can damage your teeth.

12. Research has shown that people who constantly work ‘dull and boring jobs’ tend to develop a slower heart rate.



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