12 Of The Biggest “Take One For The Team” Moments People Have Witnessed

Sometimes you’ve gotta take one for the team. Whether you’re on a literal sports team or just in a plain ole shitty situation, sometimes you’ve gotta be the one to jump on the grenade for the betterment of all. These 12 people jumped on the shittiest of grenades to save other people.

1. Significant_Carrot — How in the world were they almost buying his ‘really bad fart’ story?

So in high school there was this group of friends who decided to bring stink bombs to fuck around with. However, one of them dropped a bomb by accident right in the middle of Math class, prompting the classroom and hallway to smell like death. Obviously, the class got questioned about it immediately, so one dude from the group that brought the stink bombs, and who wasn’t the one who dropped it, made up a story on the spot so his friends could avoid punishment.

He basically said that he had this really bad intestinal infection that made him pass really bad gas. He couldn’t hold it anymore so he farted. Thing is the teacher and prefects were actually believing him to the point where they were gonna call an ambulance, but somewhere along the conversation he slipped up and got caught in the lie. He was still determined to take one for the team so he said he was the only one who brought the stink bombs. So he got punished for lying about the smell and for bringing stink bombs to school.

2. Ragamir — Wow, all over one measly ‘fuck.’

My wrestling coaches really don’t like it when guys on the team curse. One day, at the end of practice, the coaches briefing us on the practice schedule for the rest of the week. Parent-Teacher Conferences were coming up that Wednesday so we had an early dismissal. The coaches decided to take advantage of that and give us a five hour practice. Upon hearing this, one of the boys says “FUCK!” in a very audible stage-whisper. The coaches hear, get pissed, and demand to be told who said it. After a few moments of awkward, tense silence the the team heavyweight realizes that the guy who cursed (who’s a colossal dick) isn’t going to confess. Heavyweight takes one for the literal team and says it was him. The coaches chew him out and then make him do 200 push-ups and run sprints while they watch.

TLDR; Team heavyweight confesses to something he didn’t do and gets hit with a rough punishment.

3. Muhryzzle — Holy hell.

When I worked at the golden arches we had a customer… Asshole… Shit paint the stall in the men’s room. I was heavily pregnant so I noped the hell out of that. I offered an incentive to whatever poor soul went in to clean it. Debates on who would do it lasted about 15 minutes and one of my more troublesome crew members decided he really wanted an hour break, paid, so he volunteered. He spent 2 hours doing the task, with repeated trips outside to puke. After he was done, I called my boss and explained, with photos, what happened and sent the guy home 4 hours early and paid his entire shift. I had to replace his uniform, just so he could drive home. We torched the old one.

Edit- this got a lot of attention!

I didn’t make the rules, no boss of mine was gonna call a hazmat team over this! I definitely disagree with that, on a personal level.

I gave the employee what I could. Was it worth it? Fuck no! That’s why I consider it taking one for the team. Keep in mind, the company that won’t pay for hazmat isn’t gonna do much, I got him half his day off, paid, it’s all I could give him. I wish I could have done more. Like not be put in a position to make someone clean human waste.

I honestly would have done it myself had I not been literally days from giving birth… It was a shitty situation.

4. eli_whiskey13 — Wait why was the brother dropped tho?

Told my dad I was the one who dropped my brother, who was bleeding, instead of my sister because I was liked better and would’ve received a less severe punishment

5. Conspicuous1141 — I’ll keep that in mind next time I join the Navy.

During my time in the Navy I volunteered for the graveyard shift 2x because no one else wanted to do it. We weren’t allowed to sleep during the day either.

N.A.V.Y. Never Again Volunteer Yourself

Lesson learned.

6. yujuismypuppy — Sorry to hear about your demon teacher.

This is mild but once someone pulled the fire alarm in school after hours had ended (we had supplementary classes)

The crazed middle aged demon of a teacher held an entire class of 25 (including some kids who weren’t even in the class) back for over 2 and a half hours just because no one wanted to confess.

So then, my quiet, never-been-in-trouble classmate decided to get it over with and just said he did it and let the yelling commence.

There was no yelling, but the goddamned teacher only allowed us to leave in groups according to their vision of who were the most well-behaved students in their eyes.

7. Excessive_Imagery — Taking one for the country.

I thought it was noble how older Japanese people volunteered to help clean up the Fukushima reactor because they knew the horrors of radiation and that they wouldn’t live as long as the younger generation who would have to worry about long term effects like cancer and leukemia. That takes a very deep understanding of the finite nature of your own life, and a strong sense of duty.

8. BuckyThePanda — A real-life Hodor.

A little late, but from one of my friends, I heard that there was a huge party in one of the dorm rooms at a boarding school. It was one of the last nights and the teachers were going around hoping to catch people doing stuff they weren’t supposed to be doing.

Apparently, when a teacher tried their best to open a door, senior held it down and had everyone else escape through the backdoor. Needless to say, he got kicked out and nobody else did. What a legend.

9. thegoodnomad — Mmm, rotten goat soup.

TL;DR Took one for the team and ended up drinking two heaping cups of rotten goat soup in the Kenyan wilderness.

This happened 11 years ago. I went to Kenya as part of a summer humanitarian aid mission organized by my university. They split the group into trios and sent the smaller groups to different Maasai tribes to report on the current living conditions.
Three weeks in, we are invited to a public assembly. In that certain area water was pretty scarce, so we had only access to half a liter a day. We rationed our supply like hawks, and pretty much adapted to the conditions.
So we get to the assembly and turns out some hyenas had killed a couple of goats two nights before and now the community had to make a report to the government so they could be reimbursed. The goats’ corpses were kept in a wheelbarrow outside, next to a huge boiling cauldron.
The guy from our trip was asked to meet the men from the assembly, who were gathered next to the fire. My other female companion and me were asked to wait in the kitchen. We were frequently invited over to have tea, so this was normal. Two cups of a dark liquid are given to us, and honestly I thought it was bean soup so I took a sip.
It wasn’t tea. Later our unit mate told us the elders were scraping all the leftover fat from the goats and melting it in the pot to make soup. Imagine tasting two day old rancid animal fat, which is so liquified it will cover the inside of your mouth, your lips and throat with a fine layer of rotten oil.
We had few rules and one of them was never ever sending food back. Therefore I downed my soup like a champ, only to see my companion look at me and say: “Take one for the team, please.”.
You see, we had this other rule that each of us got a free pass by saying this quote. It could only be used once, and if you were asked you couldn’t refuse.
I took the heaping cup and downed it. Only this time I felt how my stomach closed, and I felt the soup coming up with a little bit of vomit. I put both of my hands over my greasy lips to not throw up, and passed the soup and vomit mixture down again.
My hands, my lips, and my mouth smelled like death. And there was no water to wash it away. We walked several miles to reach a watering hole fed by a Kilimanjaro stream. I didn’t care about giarda, or the fact that cows drank from the same spot. I just drank and washed myself as best as I could.
And that’s how I took one for the team.

10. GermanTacos — Hate teachers like that.

In high school I was the 1st Chair trumpet in band, along with one other experienced student, we had 2 new students one that transferred from a smaller school out of state and one who had been a kiss ass to the band teacher and got put in the advanced band class.

Our band teacher was an absolute bitch, was to hard on every student and didn’t properly lead the band, she was just there because we were a problem school and it looked good on her resume.

The student that had transferred from out of state was probably good at his old school but he didn’t hold up to our standard, but he had 3 years of trumpet experience. But He made an effort every class to better him self, he would constantly ask for tips, help and practice sessions with me and the 2nd chair student.

But anytime he messed up during class practice the band teacher would slam her hands on the podium and scream at the trumpet section, she would ask who it was and even before he could answer the Kiss-ass would point him out. Me and 2nd chair student confronted the teacher about this problem and that the transfer student was doing so much to improve and that we felt the Kiss-ass should be sent back to beginning class as he had no prior experience with the trumpet and made no effort to improve himself.

She scoffed at us, brushed the problem off and didn’t change a thing. So me and the 2nd chair knew what we had to do. Every time the Transfer student messed up we would immediately speak up and say that it was us. She never yelled at us like she did to the Transfer student but we didn’t get off easy, but it was worth it.

She quit the next year, after I left Transfer student became first chair his Senior year and went on to join honor Band and then made it into college on his very impressive trumpet skills.

11. hanr86 — Damn, that’s a good friend.

It was a get-together with a bunch of coworkers on Friday night and we all decide to go to a nightclub. The bouncer denies the group and tells me the reason after I take him to the side. He thinks two of the women do not fit the club’s ideal “image”. He would let us in if we ditched the two girls.

One of the girls comes up to me and asks why they couldn’t get in and half-jokingly accuses me. I say, “…umm yeah it’s because of me.” And then she proceeds to tell the group it’s my fault they couldn’t get in. I keep my mouth shut.

12. Jamies_redditAccount — Wow. Well played, vandal.

At my school somebody graffitied the boys bathrooms pretty badly and my teacher narrowed it down to a few people.

I asked her what the punishment was and i then made it obvious i was taking one for the team out of impatience. She decided i didn’t do it and told me i was free to go, so i left.

And i was the one who graffitied the bathroom.





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