12 Of The Friskiest Countries In The World

Here in the United States we pride ourselves on being the land of the free, but it appears we are not so free in the bedroom. The U.S. fails to make the list of the top sexually active countries in the world. You would think that a country that has glamorized the sexual antics of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, would make the grade.

The twentieth century definitely ushered in a shift in attitude towards sexual activity. The 60s was literally a love fest. Contraception such as the diaphragm, IUD and the pill has changed our sexual lives in an extremely positive way. So why are some countries far more sexually active than others? Does climate change have something to do with a region’s sexual activity? Do you fantasize about sex in an igloo where the temperatures are freezing and you are completely snowed in, or on a hot sunny beach?

When it comes to countries that are the least sexually active, Japan takes the top spot. Reports show that the people of Japan have sex an estimated 48 times a year. That equals out to be less than once a week. Japan also is one of the countries with the highest suicide rates. So, is our sexual activity influenced by our ethnic origin? All of these questions remain unanswered, but some countries appear to know something we don’t because they have made the top 12 list of the most sexually active countries.

12. China


Clearly the majority of China is not sexually satisfied, but much of the population is having more weekly sexual activity than a lot of other countries. China is without a doubt overly conservative and repressive and they need to work a lot on loosening up, but the majority are having sex at least once a week.

Part of the reason China is becoming more sexually active is due to technology. Cyber sex is popular and sales of sex toys online are soaring. Nearly 70% of sex toys are manufactured in China. China even holds a yearly SEXPO in Shanghai.

11. Germany


Germany takes the 11th spot, despite the fact that it has been labeled as having the “worst lovers,” because they are “too smelly.” The thought doesn’t exactly rank as a turn on, but somehow Germany manages to be a sexually satisfied country.

One of the reasons Germany has a healthy sex life is due to its extensive sex education programs. The country has always had progressive policies when it comes to sexual relationships in the work place. Statistics show that an estimated 32% of Germans have had a one night stand and taken the morning after “walk of shame,” while 30% of Germans say that they have had sex in a public place. Germany also has a low rate of sexually transmitted diseases.

10. Nigeria


In 2012, Nigerian women were rated as the most unfaithful women in the world. Ladies in Nigeria like variety. According to statistics, 62% of Nigerian woman have cheated.

Durex, the condom manufacturer, also said that through research they determined that Nigerians take their time having sex. The average sexual encounter in Nigeria is estimated to last 24 minutes. These facts are shocking because Nigeria practices conservative views especially on same sex marriage. The country recently banned same sex unions.

It’s not clear if Nigeria’s high rate of sex can be credited more to sex between partners or to the countries high rate of unfaithfulness.

9. India


India has many traditions that they honor. It is the country where individuals wait the longest before having sex. Despite most residents not losing their virginity until they are 22, the country is always rated in the top ten of the world’s most sexually active countries.

One of the reasons that India ranks so highly is because they value the “journey” more than the “destination.” Indian men also are known to take their time seducing the woman of their choice. Foreplay is also something Indian men take their time with. However, in the end Indian men are ranked among the quickest performers in the bedroom. The average estimated time of sexual intercourse in India is 13 minutes.

8. Australia

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It appears that the Land Down Under can credit a lot of its sexual activity to the high rate of Australians who find having sex in a vehicle on the road as beyond tempting. Australians like to get their engines roaring inside a car that has its motor off. Seventy-five percent of Australians say that they have had sex on “the road.”

Cosmo reported that 27% of Australian women claim that they would not change anything about their sex lives because they are completely satisfied. Australian women also share that their number one sexual fantasy is to have a threesome. It seems Australians are much more promiscuous than most. Australian men have an average of 25 sexual partners. Australian women have an average of 9 sexual partners.

7. The Netherlands


Netherland is definitely one of those locations that sexually active people want to be. The country has a strong reputation for being pro-sex. It even has an infamous red light district. Netherland also offers residents and tourists plenty of nude beaches to choose from, as well as open sex education policies. The Netherland’s sex education curriculum is called “Long Live Love.”

The Dutch experience provides residents with many insights, and those insights may be part of the reason the country has a low rate of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Twenty-two percent of Netherlands’ population state that their rate of sexual satisfaction is excellent.

6. Mexico


When it comes to sexual activity, Mexico has a red hot reputation. In the past they were crowned one of the “horniest countries.” A whopping 63% of the country claims to be living completely satisfied sex lives. One of the reasons Mexico is filled with so many sexually satisfied people is its candidness when it comes to sex education.

Back in 2008, the country supplied more than 700,000 high school students with sex education books that covered everything from abortion to homosexuality. Prostitution has been decriminalized in Mexico and is regulated in half of Mexico’s states.

Sadly though, Mexico remains one of the leading countries in human trafficking. Mexico is one of the leaders in child sexual exploitation.

5. Brazil


Brazilian men are regarded as the world’s “second best lovers”. The number one spot goes to the Spaniards. In general, the population of Brazil ranks highly as sexually satisfied. Reportedly, eighty-two percent of Brazilians are having sex as much as three times a week. Brazilians enjoy sex to the max and Latin lovers lose their virginity way before any other nation.

Prostitution is also legal in Brazil. Though brothels are still illegal, Brazil has several famous ones that draw customers from around the globe.

4. Greece


Greeks are much more laid back about sex than most nations. Greeks have openly discussed sex and their sexual desires for centuries. Today, Greeks still openly discuss sex and their sexual desires with family, friends, sexual partners and co-workers. Though street prostitution is illegal, sex work is legal in Greece. Greece ensures that its sex workers register and undergo health checks every two weeks.

Greeks believe the communication is the key to a satisfying sex life. Greeks rank second in duration of sex with 22.3 minutes on average. On average Greeks have sex 164 times a year, and fifty-one percent of the nation says that they are more than sexually satisfied.

3. Spain


Spain has always had a reputation for having an atmosphere that is sexually charged. It has repeatedly topped lists for having the “best male lovers.” Reportedly a quarter of the population rates their sexual performance as excellent, and ninety percent of Spaniards say that they are completely sexually satisfied.

There are no specific laws in Spain that address prostitution, but several activities that are directly linked to prostitution, such as pimping, are illegal. Spain is very liberal when it comes to sex in public. It is not uncommon for people to have sex in public places such as Spain’s many nudist beaches. In Spain you can be naked in any open space, which clearly has to be a major reason why Spain rates so high among the most sexually active nations.

2. Italy


Italy is famous for its fine wine and delicious food. What does this have to do with sex, you ask? In Italy the majority of sexual seduction begins at the dinner table. A little wine, some candle light and spicy food and you have a delicious recipe for romanceResearch has actually shown that women who have two glasses of wine daily have more sexual satisfaction compared to women who do not drink. Italians are even rated among the top lovers in the world, and let’s be serious, the Italian accent can quickly make a heart skip a beat.

A third of Italians say that they expect their sexual encounters to last more than 10 minutes and 64% of the country says that their sex lives are satisfying their needs and desires.

1. Switzerland


Switzerland has topped the list consistently for years. A lot of people believe that some of the reason the bedroom windows in Switzerland stay steamy is the country’s highly progressive views on prostitution.

The country has licensed brothels and is not offended by p**nography. You’ll find a lot of sex scenes on Swiss TV. It’s clear that the Swiss don’t shy away from sex in public, either. Switzerland also introduces children to sex education very early. In some schools, sex education begins in kindergarten. Its sex education program must be working because, despite all of the sex going on, the country has one of the lowest teen birth rates in the world.






12 Of The Friskiest Countries In The World

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