12 Of The Messiest Public Breakups Of All Time

Love is dramatic. When a relationship is floating on a cloud it can transform even the most level-headed of people into a walking cliche of a butterfly struck teenager. Likewise, when a former love connection goes south escalations can quickly unfold into a web messier than a telenovela plotline.

Many times, the fiery passion of a love lost cannot be contained behind closed doors, and upset couples find themselves dueling it out in public. For the rest of us onlookers, this can be equal parts deeply uncomfortable and wildly entertaining, depending on the breakup.

In order to behold some of the messy breakup beauty that’s documented out there on the internet, I scoured a few key Reddit threads to gather 12 of the messiest, funniest, or straight-up weirdest public breakups.

1. This man who used Beyonce as a breakup soundtrack.

2. This couple who did each other equally dirty.

3. This couple who split over cheesecake funds.

4. This dorm dining hall breakup.

5. This supremely awkward breakup dismount.

6. The time grandma facilitated a divorce.

7. This breakup straight out of the Disney channel original movie playbook.

8. This performance art divorce.

9. This breakup that turned into a public reading.

10. This Pulp Fiction-inspired breakup.

11. This truly disorienting spat in a Chinese restaurant.

12. This Starbucks date gone wrong.

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