12 Of The Most Lawful Evil Things People Ever Witnessed

12 Of The Most Lawful Evil Things People Ever Witnessed –


cartoonassasin — But if you gamble your entire second mortgage on black, you can quickly pay off that first mortgage…

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I’m not a gambler, so I don’t know if these are all over the place, but the only time I’ve ever been in a casino, I saw a cash machine that would give you an instant second mortgage on your house. (This was in Reno in 1989 at a family reunion.) I stood there looking at it, and realized I was standing in front of evil incarnate.2

omgwtfiswrongwithyou — It seems like something should be done about this.

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Companies artificially raising the price of life-saving medicines just because they can. Bonus if they market it as a good thing for the people they’re potentially killing3

lydsbane — That’s a long-ass lecture.

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A cop started lecturing me after ten-thirty at night, for being in the park. Park curfew was eleven. He kept me there until after curfew, then gave me a ticket.4

thudly — Lay off the old ladies, cops.

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Cops giving out cellphone driving tickets to little old ladies who don’t even own cellphones because they have to meet ticket quotas.
“Yes, your honor. I did see her hold a phone up to her ear. I swear under oath.”
“I was adjusting my hearing aid, your honor. I don’t even own a cellphone. I’m on a very meager income and I can’t afford one.”
“Sure you were adjusting your hearing aid. Fine stands. $350.”5

Blameking27 — So many evil lawsuits in here.

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Woman at her best friend’s funeral (who also was a serial suer) was in the funeral procession when she stopped her car suddenly. The parents of the recently deceased were in the car behind her and bumped her bumper from behind. (You know how slowly those processions drive) The woman sued the parents for back and neck injurys and won. Last postcard we got from this woman was a pic of her dancing it up in Greece. Her family won’t even let her come to visit on their properties anymore for fear she’d fall and sue. What a piece of work.6

chrisboshisaraptor — Damn, this man sucks.

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This is more corporate evil than anything else. Had a customer (we are a small business making super specialty products) put down 30k, take delivery of our product, then “I think it will be cheaper just to sue you than to pay you the remaining 30k”
Of course I thought, no way, we have all the signed paperwork and everything. 3 months later he got to keep our product without paying us. What were the effects? Well, due to legal fees etc, which we had to carry, and the fact that down payments go to suppliers, my partners and I had to open up our personal bank accounts to keep the company afloat. All of our employees got paid, but we the owners had to forego salaries until it was settled. And because word gets around, we had to deal with that too. Total bullshit.7

LodgePoleMurphy — A good suggestion.

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A company I used to work for went bust because the owner was staying sloppy drunk and gambling all the money away. He came in one Monday morning and told everybody to pack up their personal stuff and leave. I gave my notice a couple of months earlier and actually received my vacation pay and final paycheck. Nobody else got another dime and payday was supposed to be Wednesday for the last 2 weeks. I felt really bad for everyone except my piece of shit boss. He interviewed at my new company and when they asked me about him I suggested they not hire him. They didn’t.8

RubiksPoint — Imagine this being your day job.

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 A deaf man makes a living by going to bar’s events and suing because they don’t have a translator for sign language.9

jbenner67 — Enough with the lawsuits!

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My piece of shit uncle who sued his 74yo mother. Long story but my uncle lost the case btw but it left my grandma in serious debt for the rest of her life and he couldn’t care less.10

DunningFreddieKruger — The worst.

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NSF fees. You don’t have enough money, so the bank charges you lots of money.
Similarly Payday Loans.
It’s really expensive to be poor!11

MisterMarcus — Money cannot buy happiness, but it can apparently buy a family.

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My best friend had two kids with his wife, and said wife then left him for her very rich boss.
She and the boss wanted custody of the kids, so they used the boss’ wealth to basically bankrupt my friend in legal battles. Every time the court was leaning towards a joint custody ruling, they’d introduce some new ‘evidence’ or delaying tactic. They knew if they just kept dragging it out again and again, he’d run out of money and give up. Which is eventually what happened.
Now he has very limited access to his own kids, and such access he has is routinely denied/ignored by the ex-wife. Because “what are you going to do about it….you want a legal battle like last time?”12

Stannis2 — Agreed.

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TicketMaster’s existence.

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