12 Of The Worst Cases Of “Rich Kid Syndrome” People Have Seen



kukukele — Oh no! Only $25k!

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Friend in college literally went to the local Gamestop at midnight every Tuesday. He’d buy every new release for every console. We went over to his house one time that year and he had about 60ish games that were unopened.
One time, we were walking around campus and he stopped by the ATM. He got his receipt and called his dad. Turns out his dad was worried his funds were running low so he sent him $25k just to make sure he wasn’t going to starve.


ginger-ghost — Sorry family, I must watch the latest Spongebob.

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15 year old girl insisted that the family’s flights to a pacific island get pushed back a day so she wouldn’t miss an episode of her favorite TV program. They went a day late on vacation.


StlCyclone — Ah yes, you are filthy rich.

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My daughter went on vacation with a friend when they were in grade school. I asked, “What time is the flight out?” Response, “When we get to the airport.”. Yeah, private jet.


MeanElevator — Probably not the best sport choice if you don’t enjoy being hit.

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I played football in the local kids league. One kid from another team was basically untouchable as his dad was a major sponsor of the league and would donate money for uniforms, drinks etc.
His son was a pretty good receiver, but didn’t like getting hit, and his parents made a big deal of leaving their son alone so he can develop his skills. He was insufferable. Anytime he scored a TD, he would do over the top celebrations and mock all the other players, his teammates included.
Then came high school. Most of the kids from the league ended up in 1 of 2 schools. He went to mine (and some other players).
During tryouts, he did well. The coaches were mostly focused on skills and minimal contact during the first few rounds of cuts.
The final round was when things got interesting. Full contact was permitted and he got rocked over and over again. No one was actually trying to tackle any harder than normal, it’s just this dude didn’t know what to do when he got tackled. So he screamed and cried a lot.
He didn’t make the team.
Until his dad came down to the school and offered to donate money for uniforms and some other goodies for our sports teams.
So he made the team and again we were told to take it easy on him a bit. So we did. But the other teams didn’t. And he went up against some of the players he mocked previously. And they remembered. Our QB kept passing to him, and he was getting repeatedly smashed. Over and over again.
It was the only time our team cheered for the other team. He quit playing football after that


bluebellsandjays — How dare they.

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A group of rich kids who went to high school with me got super drunk at a party and then drove home and crashed the car. Only one of the four of them got in any trouble (she ended up getting maybe 40 hours of community service). Then this girl was complaining about how her parents wouldn’t buy her a brand new, fairly expensive car for her birthday until she got the community service done.


DeputyDongz — I want that gig.

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I deliver pizza in a VERY rich area. I’m talking seeing Rolls Royce’s and supercars on a daily basis kind of rich.
My manager told me a story of someone that used to work there. This guy would deliver pizzas in a brand new BMW M3 and just put absolutely no effort into his job (delivering pizza isn’t hard).
Apparently this guy only had a job because his parents wouldn’t pay his allowance if he didn’t work.
How much was his allowance?
$5,000 a month
This guy was making $60,000 a year to deliver pizza part time.


Doctor-Van-Nostrand — What a life.

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A kid that used to work for me came in to work super pissed off one day. I asked him what was wrong, to which he replied “my fucking maid didn’t make my bed again, but my dad still won’t fire her!”


Efficient_Flamingo — Damn, what a douche.

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I knew a guy who would do anything regardless of the fine/fee/upcharge.
For example:
No open parking? Doesn’t matter, he’ll park in the handicap spot or in restricted zones.
He used to call the fines a ‘poor people tax’

I also recall one time, he lost his laptop charger.
Naturally, his parents overnight shipped him a new laptop.


alcoholicsnail — Well, did you practice?

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I had a friend who was a rich kid when i was younger. He was an only child who’s parents had high paying jobs. They werent super rich but they were well off.
My family werent rich but not poor either. Being an only child, my friend got spoilt rotten but he was pretty wise for his age, viewing games consoles and toys as material posessions only, having no siblings, he just wanted friends his age, not family friends who were much older.
One xmas a relative bought him a SNES, but he already had one, so he gave it to me. I was like “hang on this costs a lot of money”, but he was like “if you practice, we can play more”.


Daro10 — What a waste.

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Once heard my sisters friend say to her mom “I’ve never worn the same outfit twice and I don’t ever plan to”


edgy_meme_queen — I’ll…I’ll take it.

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My friend called me sobbing because her dad bought her a 2003 Mercedes Benz instead of the 2018 one she wanted for her 16th birthday. She doesn’t even know how to drive


Skwonkie_ — The kid you’ve outsourced your homework to is gonna be pissed.

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I have a kid in my MBA cohort that outsources his homework and projects to India. He bitched and moaned when one of our professors gave him a “C” when he only showed up to 2 classes after “he (dad)” donated $10,000 to school. Overall nice guy but doesn’t really have a clue.

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