12 People Share Dirty Business Tactics That Everyone Should Know About

12 People Share Dirty Business Tactics That Everyone Should Know About


There’s so many dirty, unethical business practices out there that we don’t know about. Make sure you give these a read to save your uninformed ass from a potential financial disaster later on.

1. CorruptionOfTheMind — This one almost seems too crazy to be true.

Stores will make the tiles on the floor smaller in the expensive aisles of the store so the wheels of the cart click faster and you subconsciously think youre moving faster and slow down, making you spend more time in said expensive aisle

2. SuicidalDramaQueen — Could save you a lot of future hassle.

If you’re buying a used car – or any car for that matter, the check engine light should temporarily come on when you start the vehicle. If it doesn’t, the dash has been tampered with to mask a potential issue.

3. Al3khine — That’s deceptive as fuck.


I spent an hour looking for it on one site once. Sent angry emails and forum posts, etc. Finally found it. The button only appeared on a drop down when you hovered over upgrade your account, which might be the last place you’d look if you were dissatisfied with the service and wanted to cancel your subscription. This went beyond poor web design; it was a deliberate attempt to make canceling hard to find.

4. KingDiEnd — How is this legal?

Companies hiring “Temp” employees and never making them full-time employees with the pay and benefits. They’ll just keep “renewing” the temp and promising to hire them on as a full employee “eventually”.

See: “permatemp”

5. Fr0stAYY — Good thing I know I’m not important and have nothing to prove. 

Was an intern at gucci. The reason the sometimes treat you like shit/give you no attention is so you get more tempted to “prove yourself” as imporant by buying something expensive

6. porcupinelmf — Just another reason to order online.

I used to work for Staples store, and I was told to only tell customers that we have the laptop or desktop in stock IF they want to buy additional installation services from us. (The reason for that is because Staples, Office Depot or Best buy, they all make money on those services, that’s also the reason why they cut down the price tag and call it on sale/discount.)
if a customer says they’re only interested on buying the unit itself, then I would go inside the storage, the techie stuff are locked so the manager would open the door for me and we both hang out there for 15mins then go out and tell the customers – we don’t have it in stock.. you know because it’s “on sale” it’s sold. out..
Tip: is to tell the technician or sales person that you are interested in installing the MS word or do the windows update service (which you can do by yourself at home) and specifically tell them you want to see the box first before they install any of the software. Once they bring out the product for you, and you have it in your hand, tell them you change your mind with the installation service. BECAUSE you are not paying until you get to the cashier, it’s not like they can charge you before you have the laptop in your hand. There was one time I witnessed my manager, they will take the product back and say this is actually reserved to another person already. which is F*ing shady and I left that company.

7. blackjesus75 — Yikes.

I’ve got a 99 Honda Civic for sale right now, it’s got some nice lightweight OEM wheels on it. Anyways a guy is texting me asking me about it and decides he want to come look at it so he asks me for my address. I told him I would meet him at Home Depot to show the car. He stops texting me immediately.

The lowly bastard wanted to know where I live so he could steal the wheels off my car. This is why I always meet people in a busy location to sell things.

8. jepalme — Or charging you when you never even RENTED their equipment.

Cable companies claiming that you didn’t return your equipment and then charging you for it. WTF? So sleazy.

9. SirWeeble — Wow. Worth the read. Good to know.

If a loved one dies and they owe money on something – you will receive a call within a day or 2 of them passing. They will try to get you to agree to pay for their debt by any means possible – usually a guilt trip. “I’m sure he would have wanted his good name perserved” etc.

They will try to get you to make any payment at all. $1, $5, whatever. If you pay ANY amount, you become fully responsible for the debt and they will transfer the loan to you.

The legality of this tactic and the debt transfer probably depends on the state.

You are under NO obligation to pay for the debts of a deceased loved one, so be careful. If they had an estate, the debtors need to go through the correct legal processes to file a claim against the estate – not you. If there’s no estate, the debtors are shit out of luck and they know it.

The people attempting to collect on these are scumbags and will first try to trick, guilt, or shame you into paying something. If that doesn’t work they will try to insinuate you will have legal problems if you don’t play along.

This is especially terrible as if you were close to this person, you’re grieving and vulnerable and they act as if they are trying to help you in a rough time – when they’re actually trying to screw you.

TLDR: If a loved one dies – DO NOT pay for any of their debts. Not even a dollar. You will inherit the full debt if you do so.

10. TemplarReflex777 — Yeeeah, I think this one kinda goes without saying.

Any time a salesperson offers you a deal “but only if you buy before you leave, if you leave and come back the price will be back to the original price”, it’s almost always bullshit and you can get the same deal later the same day at the exact same place.

11. nomnomnom90210 — Even farmers markets aren’t safe from shady practices.

In the past couple years local farmers market have been booming and certain vendors arent afraid to buy bulk produce from grocery stores and sell them as organic for a profit and it makes the real farmers like my parents look like scam artists.

12. dirtymoney — Only choose lockpickers with high lockpicking skills.

so called locksmiths that are basically unskilled ‘drill and replace’ rip off artists.

Basically they come out, look at your lock, say it will have to be drilled, they drill it out, replace it with a cheap one, then charge you a small fortune.

A REAL locksmith can almost always pick your locks or bypass them unless you have some SERIOUS high security locks. Which most people do not have.

Note: we are talking about home/business door locks. Not car door locks.


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