12 People Share Simple Insults That Cut Them To The Core

We’ve all hurled insults at someone at some point in our lives. A lot of the time they’re profanity laden generic burns, but these 12 insults were simple clean insults that somehow cut deeper than anything else they’ve heard.


XPost3000 — So you’re saying I’m a star?

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You’re like the universe.
Dark, cold, empty, mostly lifeless, and expanding at an accelerating rate.


Ranger0202 — Simple, yet effective.

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Six piece chicken mcnobody


killingspeerx — That’s one theory.

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“Maybe the grass is greener because you’re not over there messing it up”


canarchist — Damn, a furniture burn.

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If you had two more legs, you still wouldn’t be smart enough to find work as a table.


Firehead257 — I kinda like the salad burn, too.

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I have red hair and got the “carrot top” insult a lot when I was a kid. When I was 8 a kid on the playground said, “At least I don’t belong in a salad!” And I immediately said, “At least I belong somewhere.”
I’ve had some pretty good comebacks in my life but I’m pretty sure I peaked early with that one.


mycatisabrat — Next time you hear of a train derailment, it may have been this uggos fault.

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My USMC drill instructor told me I was so ugly that I would make a train take a dirt road.


TheWolverine_ — Not a great situation, overall.

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Your grades say “Marry rich” but your looks say “Try harder”


fuzbuzz00 — One less would be perfect.

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The world has one too many of you.


ConneryFTW — Hey, leave my parent’s outta this.

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“You’re the reason your parents aren’t happy”
“I’d say you could learn from this, but then we’d both be wrong”


Skullyta — Damn, and that man could find the silver lining on just about anything.

Mr Rogers would be disappointed in who you grew up to be.


basicallynothin — A cruel mindf*ck.

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Not really an insult but when people are pissing me off I go with something like;
“Hey are you okay? A few people have mentioned you seem off recently. It’s driving people away.”
That shit really gets in their head.


JustNewStuff — Yeah, why’d you chose the worst possible thing?

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Your mom told you that you could become anything. Yet you still chose to become a disappointment.

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