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UncleJay74 — Damn, this person won the jackpot.

I’ve never lost anything in a storage locker (keep our bill paid and most of the stuff in there isn’t worth much anyway)–but–my daughter works for a company that does estate sales, auctions, etc and her boss does go out and bid on storage lockers a few times a month as well.
At any rate, a few months ago, he won a locker and–while going through it–he found one of those small $30 fire safes like you buy at Walmart, brought it back to their office, broke it open and found $10,000 in cash, a Tiffany tennis bracelet (worth about $8,000), and 3 rings (all together worth about $700).
Like several other people here have mentioned…I’d kinda like to know the back story on the original owners because I don’t know WHY you would put something like in that storage.

MarGoLuv — …I’ll take it.

Not me but my uncle had a storage unit and nothing much of value, but he did tell me that when he was cleaning it out. He did find items that wasn’t his. Told the manager and claims to have no clue how that happened. One of the items was an antique silver set from the 1900’s that he found with his comic books.

nytram55 — Gonna need some shots after this.

2000+ shot glass collection and my entire roofing business. Shared a storage unit with my oldest daughter. Gave her my half of the rent every month and she kept the cash instead of paying.

AbsorbedBritches — The lesson here is pay for your own unit.

My dad had his brother stop paying for a storage unit without even mentioning it. The only thing my dad has ever mentioned wishing he still had is his comic book collection with hundreds of comic books.
They’re not on speaking terms.

sunny_thinks — Fuck that friend.

This happened to my parents. Because we were super poor growing up and living paycheck to paycheck, they had a lot of items they couldn’t fit or keep dragging around to the apartments we were in and out of at the time. They had a “family friend” who gave them some kind of insanely low discount on a storage container to hold their things. Of course mom and dad jumped at the thought of having a place to store their items of sentimental value.
Turns out the dude was just taking their money. This “friend” never paid the rent on the storage unit at all, it probably wasn’t even his unit in the first place. Mom and Dad never figured out who the actual owner of the unit was. And who’s going to pursue legal action when you’re trying to keep the lights on and food on the table for your kids. My parents lost my moms wedding dress, my dad’s tools, family photos, that sort of thing.
That was almost thirty years ago and my mom is still so sad about it. 🙁

haymitchs — Damn, what a crazy story.

Not exactly what the OP is asking for but my dad once BOUGHT a few of these stupid storage units. Inside one of them were dozens of filing cabinets and papers. The deal was, he had to clean it out no matter what was in it. He ended up bringing all those cabinets to out garage and started going through them. Inside were forged real estate documents, stacks of uncut counterfeited American bills of different denominations, and some legitimate business paper. He ended up turning it all over to the police. A few days later we found out it was somehow connected to our neighbor down the block. Last I remember hearing was he ended up fleeing the country leaving behind his wife and son.

AchocolateLog — Bummer.

My mom had a storage unit that contained every single item of mine from the time I was a baby, until I was about 14. All but about three pictures of me as a kid, all of my dad’s marine corps pictures, uniforms, etc. plenty of nice ass tools worth thousands, furniture, you name it. She just stopped paying it one month and never told me until a year later when I asked to borrow the key so I could go get my dad’s pictures and uniforms for him. (They’ve been divorced for years.)

TigLyon — I’d be shattered too, losing 20k.

My brother had sold his house and moved in to an apartment and was having financial difficulties. He put a lot of stuff into storage including some furniture and a whole lot of guitars, basses, audio and mixing equipment. After a long while, he comes to me to help out, he was falling behind. So I go over to help him move his stuff to my house. Turns out they had sold his unit about 10 days before. Probably close to $20k worth of equipment he had acquired over the years.
He just look shattered. I felt so bad for him.
Edit: Wow this got more attention than I had thought it would. To address a few things, yeah I am sure he had plenty of opportunity to fix the issue. They did not Ninja-evict him. But around here, it is all up to the contract of the storage place. Some let you go out for months and will work with partial payments, others have it written where at 60 days past due, they have full right to your stuff. He was definitely at fault, but pride and depression can do wonders for tearing down your ability to function effectively. The sad truth behind it all was it never had to have happened in the first place. I have a full basement where the furniture could have gone, and a spare bedroom where his equipment would have been. Never had to be stored in the first place, just had to ask for help.

zonules_of_zinn — Hopefully whoever bought the unit was familiar with Magic.

A couple black lotuses from unlimited. Just a piece of cardboard worth $8,000. (Image Source)

cyndasaurus_rex — They got trolled.

From the other side: I worked at Public Storage for a while. One of the best units we ever auctioned off had wall to wall neatly stacked boxes. We were only allowed to open the unit ahead of time and inventory what we could see, without touching anything. The unit sold for a couple grand, and I shit you not, every box was empty.
We also found a couple meth labs.

oncesometimestwice — Just how much space do Pokemon cards even take up? Smh.

About $2000 in modern day value original pokemon cards. Pages and pages and pages of holographic originals.

valgoosta — Well, shit. This person wins/loses.

My uncle was working in a high end storage facility in St. Louis when he was told by his manager the owners stopped paying and throw out the stuff…….it was 4.5million in art work…….Picasso’s and several high end pieces He’s on an episode of American Greed season one episode 3! Enjoy


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