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12 People Who Will Make You Scream “Why Are You Like This?!!”

12 People Who Will Make You Scream “Why Are You Like This?!!”

Part of the reason the world is so interesting is the vast diversity that can be found within humanity. As they say, variety is the spice of life and we’re all simmerin’ in the same broth.

But lord have mercy, some people are adding a way too much spice to the recipe and ruining the whole goddamn soup. Yes, being your own unique flavor is a good thing, but let’s simmer down now, yeah? Be yourself but like, less, maybe.

We’re starting to question whether some people mistake individuality for acting like a dingleberry.

1. Just a real man.

via cutemold

2. Sir, why do you think there’s glass between you and the food?

via HellsHamster

3. She’s beauty, she’s grace.

via JennaM740

4. We somehow doubt everything about this.

via daf435-con

5. Satan’s carpool.

via adeadart

6. This shirt is like an eye test for douchebags.

via comfycheesecake

7. Who hurt you?

via TheYoungMasterBates

8. I would like to flush your entire body down a toilet.

via thesun

9. *Flings poop at her*

via DaedricGod101

10. Were you raised by a fucking squirrel, Carol?

via bluecornersackofcrap

11. No license plate AND taking up two handicapped parking spaces.

via mywifeh8sme

12. How else is she supposed to pick up xanax from her boyfriend’s cousin?

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