12 Pictures That Anyone Can Relate To


There’s some things in this world that are completely unique to each and every one of us. Then there are things that most people have in common. After all, we are human beings so we’re bound to have a great many similarities, right? Here are 12 hilarious things that most people can relate to.

1. Toilet Legs

Bless the toilet legs. I remember when I was growing up I had no idea what these marks were from, but now I see them as battle markings from reading while, you know, taking care of business.



2. One trip only

One trip or no trip, that’s my motto. I’m not about to make multiple trips to carry something in when I can just as easily do it in one while simultaneously destroying my body. Two bags, one finger (or is it two birds one stone?).


3. “I’m not done eating.”

The knife half-way over the sink is the international symbol for “I think I’ve got 15-16 more sandwiches left in me.” You just don’t want to walk out with all the sandwiches at once, so you keep going until you tap.


4. Opening the oven door

When you open the oven door expecting everything to be alright (even though you know it won’t be) and the ensuing heat explosion gets you in the face. Every. Damn. Time.


5. Organization Skills

Everyone has a super messy drawer in the house. I would say that’s a pretty tidy looking drawer since you can easily find the 50 rolls of tape, as well as the paper clips, so you’re good to go


6. The phone journey

If you often find yourself walking around, climbing things, and just journeying across the entire house during a phone call, then this one is for you.


7. The laundry chair

What other purpose does a chair in a bedroom serve? I mean, it’s definitely not used to sit on.


8. Judgemental Netflix

Netflix, is like my online mother… Constantly judging me and telling me I’m spending too much time watching TV. Who cares if I’ve been watching something for 10+ hours? It’s my time and I’ll do what I want! That’s why I moved out in the first place.


9. Two kinds of people

The first one (on the left) being the desecrators of toothpaste and the ones on the right being those who correct the issue. Top to bottom, my friends. You can’t just grab dead center and expect everything to be alright.


10. The Great Debate

I’m personally a B person and believe that anybody who puts it on BACKWARDS (looking at you, A) is destroying the sanctity of the bathroom. But, to each their own.


11. Microwave mastery

That oddly satisfying feeling when you open the microwave door right before it beeps. Where’s my medal?


12. The post-shower glory

When you wipe the mirror (incoming smudge marks) and see that beautiful human being in the reflection.




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