12 Real Life On Set Scandals You Didn’t Know About
Movies cast a spell on their audiences and make them live lives that they would otherwise not have experienced. The catharsis of feelings evoked while watching a film on the silver screen, at home, your laptop or even on your handheld devices is the entire reason why we love to watch movies. We want to feel joy and happiness while we watch comedies. As masochistic as it may sound, we want to feel hurt and pain when we watch dramas. We want to be thrilled when we watch action and we want to be shocked when we watch horror.

The big responsibility of delivering this emotional fix falls on those who make the film – the director, the writer, the editor, the actor, the people in charge of sound, the extra and everyone in between. Aside from the people involved, there are so many aspects on the set of the movie that need to be just right for everything to fall into place. These include the weather conditions, the mood of those involved, the special effects, the budget or even the sobriety of the actors. When even one of these fall out of sync with the rest of the production, things could turn nasty, and fast.

12. Lindsay Lohan’s Sobriety – Georgia Rule


Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of rehab more than a few times these past few years. Life has been rocky for her lately and it’s because of her slipping sobriety. She hasn’t been able to control her urge to party for the longest time and it was evident on the set of Georgia Rule. While filming Georgia Rule, her conduct was less than professional. She was also briefly hospitalized after a night of heavy partying causing unwanted delay on the shoot. Because of how she behaved onset, a producer reprimanded her in a letter that has since been made public. In an interview, James Robinson, the CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, said that Lindsay Lohan’s entire attitude changed after the letter. She became punctual, knew her lines and was an overall fantastic actress.

11. Robert Abel – Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Robert Abel’s company, Robert Abel & Associates was commissioned by Paramount Pictures to create the visual effects for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. From the beginning, the project faced some problems with Robert Abel constantly asking for more money. His first bid of $1.6 million was soon increased to $4 million and in the course of the entire relationship had been increased to an out of this world amount of $16 million. That’s 10 times his original asking price. Talk about bait and switch. The desperate studio agreed to his terms because they really want to see this movie through, but when Robert Abel kept producing unsatisfactory sample footage, the studio decided to cut their losses at $6 million. It turned out that Robert Abel was using Paramount Pictures’ money to keep his failing business afloat.

10. David Russell vs George ClooneyThree Kings


In Hollywood circles, David Russell is known to be an intense director who has a short fuse. This temper causes him to engage in nasty confrontations with crew, actors and extras. On the set of Three Kings, a movie about American soldiers planning to steal Saddam Hussein’s gold, a legendary fight between actor and director broke out. The filming was done in the Arizona desert and the heat aggravated tempers. When David Russell was shoving a young military extra and berating him in front of everyone, it was George Clooney who stepped up to defend the guy. Russell proceeded to insult Clooney and headbutted him, it was when Russell hit Clooney in the neck that Clooney opened a can of whoop a** on the director. He had him by the throat and was enraged but thankfully, they were separated. When asked if he will ever direct another George Clooney movie, Russell remarked that he won’t do it even for $20 million.

9. The Hammer and Ear Biting Scene – Maidstone


Maidstone was an improvised movie where there were no real set scripts and actors had to make up most of their lines and scenes. In one scene, the most notable according to critics, Norman Mailer (the director of the film) was assaulted with a hammer by his onscreen brother, Rip Torn. The plot of the movie has Norman Mailer’s character running for president and Rip Torn’s character depending on him for financial support. The onscreen relationship was tense but it was only because the tension was real all throughout production. Everything came to a head when Rip Torn hit Mailer’s head with a hammer while the camera was rolling. In the flurry of the brawl, Mailer managed to bite off a piece of Rip Torn’s ear. The fight only ended when Mailer’s wife and the crew interfered.

8. Bill Murray vs Lucy LiuCharlie’s Angels


An onset squabble is reportedly the reason why Bill Murray was replaced by Bernie Mac in the Charlie’s Angels sequel. Bill Murray, the actor and comedian known specially for his deadpan humor has always been an onscreen genius and overall cool guy but one day on the set of Charlie’s Angels, he apparently lost his cool and spat venom Lucy Liu’s way. Bill Murray interrupted the shooting of a scene, then complimented Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz for being great but turned to Lucy Liu and told her that she couldn’t act. The Kill Bill star at that point must have wanted to kill the Bill in front of her because she launched a barrage of slaps and punches his way. They were separated by the crew but both continued to throw some verbal assaults at each other.

7. Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders – Snow White and the Huntsman


Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were so perfect together on screen, but it seemed like that wasn’t the case in real life when real life couple Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson broke up over Kristen’s infidelity. The young actress met Rupert Sanders (who was married at the time) on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman, and they hit it off in a frenzied romance. Pictures of them making out in a secluded area where they parked outraged the Kristen-Rob fans. Pattinson soon broke up with Kristen after the pictures became public. Rupert Sanders was also divorced by then wife Liberty Ross, who was awarded millions by the court.

6. John Belushi’s Drug Addiction – Blues Brothers


John Belushi was a comedic genius on the set of Saturday Night Live. His over the top and energy filled comedic style defined him as an actor on screen but behind the scenes, it was something else that defined him. John Belushi was known to be a very heavy drinker and a legendary cocaine addict. The Blues Brothers filming fell way behind schedule when Belushi sometimes could not be found. His addiction and dependence to cocaine was well known and even tolerated to a point. Aykroyd even said that he also did cocaine with Belushi but not at the same frequency and amount as him. John Landis, the director of the film, even found a mountain of cocaine on a table in Belushi’s trailer. When the director flushed it down the toilet, Belushi became enraged but then hugged the director and cried.

5. Native Indian Walkout – The Ridiculous Six


The Ridiculous Six is Adam Sandler‘s western comedy. As with most Westerns, the topic of American Indians never seems to be far – and controversy almost always comes running after. This is because of our current society’s fixation with political correctness. The set of The Ridiculous Six has seen the passive aggressive protests of the Native Americans when the actors and extras playing the onscreen Indians were offended. They cited that the way they were dressed by the costume designers did not match their specific tribe and that the comedy movie made fun of their names. When they were first approached by the filmmakers, the American Indian actors and extras were assured that there was a cultural expert adviser who would ensure that the movie will be sensitive to the representation of their culture.

4. Gene Hackman Being an @5$hole – The Royal Tenenbaums


The Royal Tenenbaums is a Wes Anderson masterpiece, but behind the scenes it was something of a hell for the artistic director and most of the actors. Gene Hackman, who is now retired, was once a very intimidating figure onset. This is made a thousand times worse when he doesn’t want to be in the movie in the first place. Wes Anderson wrote the character Royal Tenenbaum with Gene Hackman in mind. When Wes tried to get Hackman to come aboard, he was met with outright refusal. Wes however kept on asking Gene through his agent and Hackman finally relented. This however was not the victory that Wes expected because all throughout filming, Hackman berated him and other actors, shaming them. This resulted in the cast not wanting to be around the actor. It seemed that it was only Bill Murray who wasn’t afraid of him because he stayed on set to serve as sort of a protector for the derided director.

3. Blasphemy – Life of Brian


The Life of Brian was a British film made by the legendary comedy troop, Monty Python. Being a Monty Python sketch, nothing was held sacred in front of their genius spoofing talent. This hysterical film gives us Brian, a man who was born in a manger just beside the manger Christ was born at the same time Jesus was born and the centurion named Biggus Dickus who was said to have a wife named Intercontinental Buttocks. The satirical movie is set to play out alongside the events of Jesus Christ’s own life. Because of its subject, it was banned in Ireland, Norway and many towns in the UK. Protesters claim that the film is guilty of blasphemy because of how the movie treated the subject of Christ’s life. The Monty Python crew is adamant however that it was not blasphemous, it was heretical.

2. Naked 12 Year Old – Pretty Baby


In 1978, the world witnessed a movie that had many movie goers offended but had all the critics excited. The movie is entitled Pretty Baby and it was the debut movie of one Ms. Brooke Shields. In the movie, Shields plays the young daughter of a prostitute who develops strong feelings for a photographer taking pictures of her mom. As an actress, Shields is known for her spellbinding beauty and this allowed her to build a lucrative career both in movies and in modeling. An actress appearing naked on screen is no longer considered taboo but when that actress is only a mere 12 years of age, then that has got to rock some boats.

1. Carrie Fisher’s Cocaine Addiction – Empire Strikes Back


Carrie Fisher is best known for her role as Princess Leia. Her iconic look in the gold metal garb defines the character, especially during comic conventions. Off screen however, Princess Leia was less interested in gold than white – powder white that is. Carrie Fisher was a cocaine addict and during the set of The Empire Strikes Back, she was reportedly snorting coke lines in between takes. During those times, she was still the girlfriend of actor Dan Aykroyd, who is close friends with fellow Saturday Night Live comedian, John Belushi. When asked to comment about her past addiction, Carrie Fisher once said that if John Belushi tells you that you have a coke problem, then you have a coke problem.




12 Real Life On Set Scandals You Didn’t Know About

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