12 Reasons To Start Dating Older Women

12 Reasons To Start Dating Older Women

If you’re a guy, you’re probably aware of the ideal mate type that’s associated with women – gorgeous, trim and toned, maybe a little curvaceous and sultry. She’s got semi-long hair, maybe dirty blonde with blue eyes, a slight tan to her skin. She’s also in her early-to-mid 20s, no matter what age group you are. You’ve seen this kind of woman everywhere with slight variations. She’s supposed to be every man’s fantasy girl – the type of woman that they’d date, sleep with and marry all on the same day if they could.

But that’s fantasy, and fantasy isn’t always so perfect when you’re faced with the reality of the situation. The truth is, 20-something women (and even women in their early 30s) aren’t always the best dating material, no matter how hot they are. It takes more than just good legs and a double-letter cup size to actually make a relationship work. There needs to be an emotional connection, the ability to have conversations, shared interests. In short, a relationship needs to be substantial if you want it to go the distance, and a lot of younger women just can’t offer that.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? A woman who is gorgeous and sophisticated, but also knowledgeable and with experience? Being with an older woman is something of a fantasy too, a la The Graduate, but that’s an affair or a one night stand. Actually dating someone older than you are may be something you should try out if you want a different kind of relationship – one that might actually last for a long time.

12. You Can Talk to Her


You can chat with girls but you can really talk with a woman. You might find it cute and engaging to speak with a younger woman about your mutual interests and this and that, but older women are more likely to be true and intelligent conversationalists. She’s been through more, has had more time to learn various things and can match wits with you in almost any conversation.

Even if you don’t enter the relationship with the goal of having intelligent talks in mind, you’ll likely come for her hot body and stay for the late night talks about opinions and life. Relationships need to be based on more than good sex and a pretty face to work, and older women offer that possibly missing component of connection to you.

11. They Know How To Work With What They’ve Got


You see a beautiful girl and she has a beautiful dress on. The next day she’s wearing a gorgeous sundress that shows of her legs. The day after that, a body-hugging t-shirt and short shorts. Every day she looks stunning – but it’s not because of what she’s wearing. She’s naturally beautiful and she doesn’t have to put a lot of effort into it.

Older women have been slightly touched by age and they can’t naturally compete with the thin and sleek, effortless frame of a younger woman most of the time. This means they put more effort into their appearance and know what they need to do in order to look good. They’re also willing to put in that extra effort in order to please their younger men.

10. They’re Likely Career Oriented


Older women aren’t always career-focused, but many happen to be. Some older woman are more akin to a housewife, but many middle-aged females in this day and age are taking advantage of their power as women – power they likely fought for, perhaps in the 70’s and 80’s.

Dating an older woman typically means that she’s got herself figured out. Younger women may be distracted and puzzled by their true aspirations, and you can get lost while she tries to find herself – you may not be part of her life plan in the end. An older woman that already has her path laid out, however, knows exactly where you fit into her world.

9. It’s a Learning Experience

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Part of the excitement in relationships is learning how you work together, and that is definitely present in relationships with older women. If you’ve never been with an older woman before, figuring out your dynamic with each other is something that takes some time and practice.

This might seem like work, but the effort you put into the relationship dictates what you get in return. Exploring your boundaries and understanding the differences between the two of you, both probably in separate age brackets, is a learning experience that you can reflect on in future relationships – unless your new mate happens to be your one and only after all.

8. She’s Comfortable In Her Own Skin


Younger women are often insecure. You see this in their appearance, their attitudes – it practically wafts off of some of them like a scent. There are confident younger women, yes, but many are going through a sort of identity crisis. It’s not something to blame them for – did you have yourself all figured out at 23? If you’re currently in that age group, do you?

If you want to avoid the stress and strife, older woman are often more secure with themselves. They understand who they are, why their personalities are the way they are and where they’re going in life. Some older women are insecure about the aging process, but many have accepted that it’s going to happen, so why not embrace it?

7. They Want to Be a True Couple With You


Maybe it’s because of an enhanced familial instinct, but older women are more likely to put effort into making the two of you a team instead of something insignificant. When you become a couple, you really become a true duo together. This might not be what you’re looking for if you just want to have some fun with a cougar sometime, but having this kind of relationship experience is definitely worth it.

If you break up and go on to date younger women again, you now have an inside look at where her head will be at in ten or twenty years. To date an older woman is to truly understand what women are looking for as relationships progress; an experience you can use to your advantage down the road.

6. They Appreciate You


Many older women don’t actively try to date younger men. Why? Society has sort of trained them into thinking they can’t get a younger guy. Sure, you have the occasional Mrs. Robinson type, but most older women have been told that younger men aren’t into them – guys want someone with a young mind and body, and that simply isn’t them anymore.

This means that approaching an older woman will make her appreciate you more. Don’t take this to mean that they’ll fall all over themselves to keep you – older women aren’t stupid. They know when you’re trying to experiment and when you’re trying to actually be with them. They might enjoy both attempts, but they’ll definitely appreciate the latter more than thinking you see them as some sort of fetish.

5. They’re More Zen


Younger women are highly emotional creatures. They haven’t matured to a point where they have a very good handle on their emotions, so this can be really overwhelming to you who is more subdued. This emotional turmoil gets better with age, but why wait for a younger girlfriend to get more mature when you could simply date an older woman?

With age comes experience – a common theme in reasons to date an older woman. She’s more aware of her emotions and knows how to handle them. She’s also been in other relationships and has had fights before. With each one, she’s learned lessons that will only better her relationship with you, namely that throwing tantrums and screaming her lungs out is childish and doesn’t actually help a situation.

4. They Know What Passion Is


Older women have experienced life and they’re less likely to take anything for granted – you included. This makes them passionate and appreciative of life and the blessings that it gives them. When you date an older woman, she doesn’t see you as a blip on her radar. She sees you as a door to open and explore the possibilities within.

The passion in your relationships doesn’t just stop at emotions, either. Older women put this kind of feeling into all aspects of life because they’re happy to be living and enjoying it, especially with you. Look forward to very impassioned love making and after-sex sessions from your older mate because they enjoy the experience that much more.

3. They Have a Sense of Independence


Have you ever had a girlfriend that was clingy? She wanted to go everywhere with you, know what you were doing all the time and sent you texts and emails constantly in order to check on you? Some guys are into this kind of obsessive treatment, while others are likely to find it really smothering – perhaps it’s even a little creepy at times.

Because they’re surer of themselves, older women are okay if you aren’t around all the time. In fact, they’re more likely to appreciate their alone time, which is something you probably cherish as well. One reason women like to be clingy is they’re sure their men are off hanging out with other women. Older women aren’t as paranoid. They know if you’re with them, there’s a reason.

2. There’s No Guesswork


One of the best perks of dating an older woman is they’re done with those teenage and 20-something mind games. Younger women think men need to know everything they’re feeling and everything they want them to say just by being a mind-reader. They also expect perfection. Some women have to believe that men were given a script for perfect relationship moments at birth and it simply got lost in their messy room sometime before puberty – there’s no other explanation for this kind of misconception.

With older women, all of these shenanigans are gone. An older woman has grown and matured – she also is more aware and sure of herself and the things she wants. If she wants you to go out with her tonight, she’ll say so. There are no coy tricks or manipulation, only honesty and a straight-forward attitude.

1. Your Time In The Bedroom is Out of This World


Remember that statistic that floated around about men reaching their sexual peak at 18 and women reaching theirs at 40? It’s pretty much true. A lot of this can be attributed to experience as well, leaving biology out of it – women are a lot more sexually complex than men are. This means that women take more time getting used to their bodies, sex and their understanding of what makes them feel good.

An experienced older woman has this all figured out, and she also knows enough about what men want to be a master at making you both have a great time in bed. Middle aged women are also old enough to know what to do and how to do it, but also young enough to be physically fit and capable of having sex any way you’d like to. Take advantage of this – your mate is in her prime and you shouldn’t waste it.

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12 Reasons To Start Dating Older Women



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I agree with all except #1.

I dated younger women, married older women and play with younger women.

Got to agree with all. Rarely dated a younger woman. …um, how old are you again Cat?

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