12 Seemingly Normal Images With Really Creepy Backstories

This is just a bunch of astronauts hanging out at the pool and generally being awesome, right? Nope. That’s the crew of Apollo 1. See the hatch on the capsule that opens inward? They died in that capsule, unable to escape the fire. — M1ghtyPen


In this photo a man took of his wife diving, you can probably see another diver on the sea floor. That’s Tina Watson. A few minutes before this photo, her husband took off her respirator and held her underwater until she drowned. He then went up to the surface and told the other divers she was “in trouble”, and you can see someone else swimming to try and save her. — crowwreak


Here’s a shadow permanently cast of someone caused by the nuclear blast at Hiroshima — MyPopSecrets


John and Jackie Knill were killed in the 2004 Tsunami. Their bodies were never found but their passports and camera were discovered and returned to their children. There are more pictures that show that something terrible is about to occur. But this one is nearly tranquil. — CamaroNurse


This picture. Looks like an ordinary school photo. Top left are the kids who shot up the Columbine school (yes they’re pretending to “shoot” at the camera). — Coltraine89


It was taken in 1939 by Hugo Jaeger, who was a photographer for the Nazis. More specifically, it was taken after they’d just invaded Poland. — SmellsLikeBread


This photo of Joseph Goebbels was taken right after he discovers that the photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt, is a Jew.

It makes me chill everytime I look into his eyes. — Enoma-27


Musician Jeff Buckley (right), hours before he died from accidental drowning at the age of 30 in 1997. — Spineofgod6661


The car in that picture contained a bomb that blew up just moments after this picture was taken. The people in the picture survived, but they guy who took it did not. — Guiness2702


Tyler Hadley. He killed his parents before he threw this party at his house. They were dead in their bedroom when this picture was taken. — MrsOmarLittle


Josef Fritzl enjoying himself on holiday while his daughter was still trapped in his cellar at home. — laurenjane_20


This photo was taken just after LBJ was sworn in on Air Force One, immediately following the murder of JFK. In the foreground you’ll notice Jackie Kennedy visibly grieving the loss of her husband. LBJ turned towards his longtime friend, Texas congressman Albert Thomas, who gave him a surreptitious wink and a smile. White House photographer Cecil Stoughton, who took the photo, said it could have been “innocent or sinister, and I would have leaned towards the latter.” The man in charge of Air Force One at the time, General Godfrew McHugh later said LBJ’s behavior on the plane was “obscene.” — Deerhoof_Fan

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