12 Shitty Tattoos That Get Worse The Longer You Look At Them

12 Shitty Tattoos That Get Worse The Longer You Look At Them

Tattoos can be beautiful works of art displayed on the body, but you have to find the right artist and pay top dollar to get it done.

These people were kind of glossed over that part and just said “fuck it, I want a tattoo and I don’t care if a sewer rabbit gives it to me, just dig it into my skin please”.

We guess the lesson here is if you want quality, you gotta do your research first, but if you just want some scratchy ink and maybe a splash Hep C, then you’re options are wiiiiiide open.

1. It pains us to look at this tattoo.

via RMW91

2. You’re gonna hear me rawrgglglug.

via ProfessorOak93

3.  I leke cheese.

via oohnomadison

4. You did a bad thing.

via meghnzane

5. Tonkle Beel

via Drovos

6. This more of a Beast and the Beast scenario.

via Bleefs

7. Peek-a-boo!

via urkeau

8. “Junkies” sum this tattoo up pretty perfectly.

via snarkadia

9. $50 to anyone who can tell us what this is.

via FoxFreeze

10. This is what we like to call a “full body whoopsie”.

via readball


via throwmearainbow09

12. If that’s what it looks like fixed, we’d LOVE to see what it looked like before.

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