12 Surefire Ways To Tell If She’s Cheating

12 Surefire Ways To Tell If She’s Cheating

12 Surefire Ways To Tell If She’s Cheating

Love is a wonderful thing, that is, until it no longer isn’t. If your girl has been acting differently and you suspect some foul play, you’ll want to read the article below to figure out if she’s got someone else on the side. Women, like men, cheat for various reasons and they can be just as sneaky about as men are. But, there are some definite telltale signs that your significant other is shacking up outside of your bedroom. These include everything from wanting more lovin’ to no longer nagging you about your boy’s nights. While that all sounds good, it might mean it’s because she is actually cheating. By no means is this list exhaustive and even if she is show all 12 signs, she may still be faithful. Use this list to decide if her behaviour is sketchy and then investigate it.

12. She Develops New Grooming Habits


One of the first signs a woman has a new lover or is looking to entice one is that she has new grooming habits. These could include getting a new hairstyle, wearing more makeup than she typically does, wearing scented lotions, shaving her legs daily and taking better care to groom “down there”. If she’s moved from a “70s look” to a full-on Brazilian without your coaxing, you lady might just be with someone else on the side. If she was the type who didn’t mind being more natural or casual and is now a straight-up hottie, there is someone else she might be trying to impress.

11. She Gets Nicer Underwear


As with the grooming habits, her new and nicer underwear could be an indication that someone else is getting into your lady’s pants. If she was comfortable in granny panties and cotton briefs and now wears lace and silk thongs and doesn’t seem to be flaunting it for you, another man may be in the picture. If Victoria’s Secret shows up on her credit bill more than twice a month and she used to be happy just shopping at Sears, you’ve definitely got a problem. Similarly, if there are lingerie pieces in her drawers without the tags on and you haven’t seen her wear them, she is probably wearing them for someone else.

10. She Makes A New Friend


The best alibi for a cheating lady is a new friend. Maybe it is someone she met at work or at the gym, but her new interest in this friend seems to border on obsessive. She might not talk much about her, but she certainly seems to go out with her a lot. Alternatively, she could have a renewed interest in an old friend who she had originally ditched when you started dating. This person is back in the picture, but is there a reason why? Is the friend a cover-up to her seeing someone behind your back? Does the new friend have a connection to another man that your lady has set her cap on? Some women may also have male friends who they tout as being “just friends” but she might really be cheating with him behind your back thinking if she brings him around, you’ll never think they are lovers. Watch her body language with him and if she seems to laugh at all of his jokes, sit too close on the couch and bring his name up when she’s talking about how great he is, he might be taking over your spot.

9. She Doesn’t Tell You About Her Day


Women are notorious talkers and some men love it, some men hate it. But, if your lady no longer tells you about her day, this might be a sign she’s spending it with someone she doesn’t want  you to know about. If her answers about what she’s been doing are vague, don’t really give details or locations, try to dig deeper to find out where she’s really been spending her time. Remember the details she does give you and quiz her on them later to see if she can remember what she told you. If you catch her in a lie, this might be a sign she’s been up to no good.

8. She Sends Secretive Texts


While most women are pretty attached to their phones already, if she seems to text at times you deem inappropriate (like after you’ve fallen asleep at night), she might be texting someone on the side. If her phone lock code is now out of bounds and she doesn’t check her email while you are in view of her devices, she could be trying to hide something. If messages to friends seem to be deleted on a regular basis and it isn’t because of a lack of storage, she sounds like she has something to hide.

7. She’s Less Interested in Nookie


If she’s getting her needs met elsewhere, she might not have much interest in getting it on with you. Women sometimes do lose interest in making love in a relationship even without someone on the side, but if she has a sudden change of wanting to get in your saddle without any other significant life event that might have switched her mood (i.e., new baby, stress in her job, ailing family member), it might be because she’s getting her fill on someone else’s horse. Try all of your best moves with her after a romantic night out and see if she seems to reciprocate the love. If she shows no interest either something is bothering her (find out what!) or she’s got someone else.

6. She’s MORE Interested in Nookie


On the flip side, a newly-cheating woman might be more interested in fooling around with you. Like the old saying goes, the appetite arrives as you’re eating – the more you do it, the more you want to do it. If she’s now teaching you moves and you wonder where she’s learned them, there could be a problem. While fooling around more is a nice problem to have, you might want to consider the reason its happening (or maybe you don’t). Of course, getting intimate more often could also mean she’s just horny and maybe is coming into her sexual peak, which typically happens later in life for women than men. But, it is definitely something you might want to examine if there are other signs she could be cheating (like the rest of the ones on the list).

5. She Accuses YOU Of Cheating


Trying to divert the attention away from you, if your woman has started accusing you of cheating and there is no way you are, she might be doing it herself. Being a cheater can make you paranoid and with paranoia comes the thought that your partner might be doing to you what you are doing to them. That said, if you actually are cheating on her, you might want to examine if you are afraid she is cheating because you’re paranoid! If your lady seems way more jealous than she has been or is constantly patrolling your whereabouts, you might want to flip the switch and ask her what she’s been doing.

4. She No Longer Nags You


A month ago she told you that you weren’t romantic enough, but this month the flowers you gave her didn’t incite any reaction. She seems to have stopped complaining about the things that usually bother her (your underwear on the floor, that you work too much, etc.) and seems to be pretty lackadaisical when it comes to what you do. Maybe she is even encouraging you to have a night out with the boys or sounds enthusiastic when you say you’ve got to finish a report and won’t be home for dinner. She could just want to watch back to back episodes of Lost without you or she could be using that time to spend it with someone else.

3. She Tells You She’s Unhappy


Women are usually pretty straightforward, even if men do have trouble understanding them. She will often use passive-aggressive tactics to let you know she is unhappy, but if she straight out comes out and says it, you better listen. An unhappy woman is a resourceful woman and it won’t be long before she finds someone who actually does make her happy. She may already have found that person, but is giving you a chance to redeem yourself before making a move she might not want to make. Either way, if your partner says she is unhappy, examine every reason why and see what you need to do about it.

2. She Doesn’t Care If You Come Along


Separation from each other is natural in a relationship over time. In the beginning, many are attached at the hip and after a while most couples start wanting just a bit of space. But, if she’s asking for quite a bit more space than she wanted before, it could be because she doesn’t want to spend that time with you and is saving it for someone else. If she’s always loved Sunday dinner at your parents and is now balking or has always wanted you to come along to her Friday nights at the local bar with her friends and is now suggesting you stay home, there could definitely be a problem. If your normal Saturday night is spent getting piss-faced and passing out and she now doesn’t care if you pass out, it could be because she is happy to get you out of the way so she can pursue someone else.

1. Drinking More


If your lady was a strict one glass of wine a night type of woman and is now getting blitzed on a regular basis, she could be letting her guard down so she can do things she wouldn’t do sober. “I was drunk” is a classic excuse used by cheaters, while truly getting drunk is the precursor to allowing oneself to cheat. Most people know they are going to do stupid things if they drink 6 shots of tequila in a row, just how stupid is up for debate. But, someone who is on the lookout for a casual fling might use those shots to get up the courage to get busy behind your back.


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I don’t know about you guys with a young relationship.
When you’ve been with the same soul sucking little hate machine for long enough, there is only one sign to look for.

Ask yourself..”.has she been nice or happy even once lately?” Can you close your eyes and picture her face…with a smile?

Is she cheating? You have your answer.
Real question is, are you ready to give up half your shit forever?


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