Video games are no longer just a side-scrolling, mindless button-mashing quest. The stories are rich and the characters are deeply developed, which makes for a perfect setting for a horror game. This is the place to get real scares because, unlike a movie, you’re the one in control and making the decisions. Here are 12 terrifying video games you need to play for Halloween.

Siren: Blood Curse

Siren is a terrifying Japanese horror game that gives players the unique opportunity to see through the eyes of your enemies so you know when trouble is coming and where you should hide. You quickly learn that the only way you’ll survive is to choose your battles wisely. It’s completely engulfing.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

As if it wasn’t scary enough that you’re wandering around a creepy castle by yourself just waiting for something to come out and kill you, there’s the added bonus that your character is going insane so you don’t know what to believe and what’s just in your mind.

Until Dawn

This is much more of an interactive horror movie than a traditional game, but that certainly doesn’t make it any less intense. You control a group of friends spending the night at a cabin in the middle of nowhere and every choice you make, no matter how big or small, drastically affects who lives and who dies. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever played.


The underwater facility exploration may see familiar, but Soma is, not only one of the best horror games you’ll ever play, it’s one of the best overall games in recent memory. The gameplay is solid, but the most important thing you can do is go into it with as little knowledge as possible so nothing is spoiled for you.

The Evil Within

If you’re into lots and lots of gore, then this is the game for you. There are similar feelings to Resident Evil as you work through the game, but imagine so much more blood and guts. The story isn’t anything that will blow you away, but if you want a load of jump scares and a tougher level of challenge than your average game, this is the one for you.

Fatal Frame 2

Fatal Frame is so scary that it still holds up despite being on a platform from two generations ago. What makes it so terrifying is that, the only way you can see ghosts coming to kill you, is by looking through your camera lens. That means that you can be walking around in a seemingly innocent room and then look through your camera and see the scariest thing imaginable inches from your face. Enjoy!

Five Nights at Freddy’s

What happens at those children’s restaurants when no one else is around at night? Sheer terror. Five Nights at Freddy’s is simple in gameplay, but there’s something about watching those animatronic animal band members come to life that will send shivers down your spine.

Dead Space

You’re stuck in space surrounded by horrible creatures at every turn and they’re all bigger and stronger than you. Not since Alien or Event Horizon has outer space been so horrific. You’re going to scream and you’re going to jump many, many times. Plus, if you enjoy this one the sequel is out and the third one is on its way.

Dying Light

The story isn’t going to blow you away, but trying to survive against a seemingly endless horde of zombies in an open world is intense and addictive. It’s probably not going to give you nightmares like most of the others, but if you’re not quite ready for sleepless nights, this is the one for


It’s incredible that P.T. is so scary considering it’s only a demo for Silent Hills. Sadly the game was scrapped and will probably never happen, which makes it that much more important that you play P.T. How can walking through virtually the same room over and over be so bone-chillingly scary? The demo is no longer available for download so if you don’t have it, find someone who does and get on that thing immediately.


Condemned was one of the first games released on the Xbox 360 and was definitely one of the most terrifying. It’s a first person shooter that puts you in the shoes of a detective chasing a serial killer while also being hunted by crazed maniacs lurking in every shadow. And they’re smart. These aren’t your mindless AI enemies just wandering back and forth. They’re downright hunting you.


Outlast is the scariest game I’ve ever played. Most of my friends had to quit because it was too scary to play alone and definitely too intense to attempt at night. You have no weapons and no way to fight back. You’re the weakest individual there and you have to try and survive. Good luck!



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