The shower’s primary purpose may be to clean yourself, but as we all know, we get up to a lot more in there. The reason for this is likely that showers are deceptively private, and as a result, we believe we can do whatever we want without judgment. But the truth is, a bathroom amplifies more than a concert hall, and if anybody else is home, there’s a good chance they’re going to know what we’re up to. So in the interest of getting it all out in the open for the greater good, here are the 12 things all of us do (or have done) in the shower.

1. Sing
things every man does in the shower, sing, shower soap half baked
While not exclusive to men, singing in the shower is about as standard as shampooing your hair. The only difference is, when men sing, it’s usually a song we would never sing in public — something catchy by Taylor Swift, perhaps.

2. Fart (Loudly)
things every man does in the shower, fart, fart in shower
Since most of us see the shower as a personal chamber where nobody else exists, guys tend to be more likely to let one of our more aggressive, cheek-clapping farts loose.

3. Dance
things every man does in the shower, dance, home alone shower dance cutout
Again, since we’re closed off from everybody else (and hopefully have some tunes going in the shower), it becomes a personal nightclub and we dance like no one’s watching. Because they aren’t.

4. Pee
things every man does in the shower, pee, louis ck pee shower liars
The convenience of taking a leak in the shower is tough to pass up. After all, you’re already in there cleaning your body. If the urge to pee creeps in, and it’s all going to the same place anyway, why not take a piss and watch as the yellow stream commingles with the hot shower water until it twirls down the drain? Who could blame you?

5. Shampoo Mohawks
things every man does in the shower, shampoo mohawks, ferris bueller sings in shower
While you probably did this more when you were a child, turning your hair into a mohawk with shampoo was pretty standard all the way through adolescence. If you still do it today, don’t worry; there’s still no shame in your game.

6. Masturbate
things every man does in the shower, masturbate, penguin bathtub gotham
With soap working as such an effective lubricant, of course a guy is going to masturbate. We’re men and that’s what men do. You got a problem with that?

7. Look At Our Bodies
things every man does in the shower, look at ourselves, homer in mirror
When a man steps out of the shower, he’s usually confronted by his body in the mirror’s unfair reflection. More often than not, we’re not pleased by this reflection; our physique isn’t looking its best. Was it because of the pizza we destroyed the evening prior after a ridiculous amount of beer at 3 a.m., followed by shots and that corner store shawarma? Nope. No way. It’s probably some other reason that’s not our fault whatsoever.

8. Fall
things every man does in the shower, fall, kramer shower fall
Ever fallen back into the bathtub completely hammered while taking a leak in the toilet? Of course you have. We all have. Some of us have even taken the shower curtain with us in a last-ditch effort to break our fall. But if you’re in the minority, a more likely way to fall is by merely slipping on the tub’s notoriously slick surface. Either way, you’re going down sooner or later.

9. Have Sex
things every man does in the shower, shower sex
If a man ever showers with his girlfriend, he’s going to see if it will result in sex. In doing so, he will realize that shower sex is much more difficult than the movies portray, and is actually a total pain in the ass — the opposite of sexy. Somehow, the inclusion of water makes penetration even harder to accomplish.

10. Try To Be Sexy
things every man does in the shower, try to be sexy, guy falls in shower
For some indiscernible reason, showers are sexy. You feel sexy in them. As such, we may seductively run the water over our heads or run our hands over our sudsy bodies as if we were cast as man candy in a chick flick. Sure, it’s embarrassing, but we’ve all totally done this.

11. Try To Cure A Hangover
things every man does in the shower, try to cure a hangover, dog under faucet
You’re having one of those brutal hangovers where you’ve vowed to never drink again. The room is spinning and the tiled bathroom floor isn’t doing the trick, so you crawl toward the shower to see if that can somehow help with this bitch of a headache. Alas, it doesn’t. But it was worth a shot.

12. Burn The Sh*t Out Of Ourselves
things every man does in the shower, burn ourselves, faucet temperatures
With the slightest turn of the knob, a shower can go from arctic cold to Satan’s piss trickling down your back. Men react differently to this shift in temperature than women do, and tend to curse out whatever party is responsible.






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