12 Tinder Profiles That Are Lessons In What Not To Do

We’re all for honest at this website but these Tinder profiles might be a bit much. Take a look at these ten profiles found on Tinder. Based on what you see, would you swipe right?

1.Tinder Profile #1: A Concealed Weapon

Whatever gets the “point” across.

2.Tinder Profile #2: A Friendly Warning

Warning: Objects on Tinder are more unattractive than they appear.

3.Tinder Profile #3: The Critics Agree

The reviews are in and critics agree…that Faraz is trying too hard.

4.Tinder Profile #4: WTF?

The look of a “cereal” killer.

5.Tinder Profile #5: How The Date Will End

Annabelle will steal your heart.

6.Tinder Profile #6: Someone Punch This Dude

No thanks, we’ll stay in the Matrix.

7.Tinder Profile #7: Imagine His Worst Photo

Even matchmakers need love.

8.Tinder Profile #8: Attention Ugly Women

Truth in advertising from Ricky who’s not—picky.

9.Tinder Profile #9: A Total Babe

A photobomb that might make you proceed with caution.

10.Tinder Profile #10: Parents Can Be So Cruel

Meet Brandon. She’s a woman. She hates her name. Her nickname might be worse.

11.Tinder Profile #11: Always Password Protect

Well if we’re looking on the bright side of things, Mike is certainly free to check out Tinder now.

12.Tinder Profile #12: She’s A Keeper

Melissa was possessed with a desire to hook up on Tinder

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