AKA: Tips on how to get more ass on tinder….

Tinder: we hate to love it and we love to hate it. But if you’re single and not interested in a life of celibacy or self-love, the beckoning flame of Tinder isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There are steps you can take to swipe smarter and stop ending up with a feed full of unanswered messages. Happy hunting.

1. Concentrate on your first few swipes of every session

Though this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Tinder, anecdotal evidence suggests that the first few people in your pool are users who have already liked you. Give them closer consideration than you might otherwise, and you’ll likely increase your matches.

2. Give ‘em something to talk about

No matter how good-looking and fun-loving you appear in your photos, don’t leave your bio blank. It’s essentially an advertisement to the world that you don’t have a single original thought to share. People want to talk to you, but you’ve got to give them an in. “Hey how’s it going?” can only take you so far.

3. Adjust your distance discovery preferences when you travel

In New York City, you may have your default setting as just a mile or two, considering any more than that might put you in another borough, but different cities require different settings. You’ll have much better luck if you increase the distance in a place like Austin, for example, which has a population more spread out, since you’ll likely still be in driving vicinity.

4. Look like yourself

The bottom line of Tinder is to meet in real life. If your date can barely recognize you at the bar because they only saw the pictures where you somehow sort of in the right look like a young Charleton Heston, you’re setting the night up for disaster. Even if they aren’t your best pictures, have at least one close up shot of your face, and one full length pic of your bod so people know what they’re getting.

5. Keep the ladies out of your photos

Pictures where you’re flanked by your two hottest friends either make you look desperate or like a Dan Bilzerian wannabe. Both are swipe left-worthy offenses.

6. No one cares about your Instagram

Not even a little bit. When you’re making quick, gut instinct decisions, you’re not taking the time to plug someone’s handle into yet another app. It has no place in your bio. Save it for when you’ve already matched and you’re getting to know each other. Otherwise it looks like you care more about getting followers than dates.

7. “I’m willing to lie about how we met”

Great idea, open with your shame for this app that we’re both using! Any “clever” digs at Tinder just make you look insecure. Cut that weak sh*t out.

8. When you travel, get a head start swiping in new cities

If you know you’ll be on vacation, add a new location in advance of your departure to lock down some dates before you even land. In the main Tinder screen, click the blue map button and add your new destination to start seeing people from other cities.

9. Swipe with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi increases your location services accuracy, so you’ll get the most up-to-date matches if you turn it on. Plus you won’t run through all your data trying to get a date…uh. (Rule 9a, keep bad puns to a minimum).

10. The first rule of Tinder is don’t talk about Tinder

Telling someone you hate dating apps or complaining about the types of people you meet ultimately makes you look like you use Tinder a whole hell of a lot. Maybe be cool about it, huh? We all know we’re on here because we have no other choice, don’t rub it in.

11. Stop swiping right

Seriously. It may seem like that would decrease your odds, but if you swipe yes to everyone, you’ll wind up with a pool of matches you’re not actually interested in. Save yourself time and don’t “like” someone unless you think you might really “like like” them.

12. And finally, treat people like people and not pixels.

Don’t be a d*ck. It’s easy to forget there’s a person on the other end of the screen who maybe doesn’t want to be harassed, stood up, or ignored. The golden rule is golden for a reason, kiddos.

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