12 Totally-Crazy-Kind-Of-Raunchy Nipple Tattoos And Piercings

People have nothing better to do with their time I guess…a98161_nipple_1-clown[1] The clown isn’t the only one crying now.a98161_nipple_5-hat[1] He took a siesta and woke up with this.a98161_nipple_9-bull[1] Time to take the bull by the, uh, nipple? a98161_nipple_12[1]Sad, just sad. a98161_nipple_8-wald[1]

I wish I hadn’t found Waldo.

a98161_nipple_6-magician[1] You’re a wizard Harry! Correction: Hairy wizard.a98161_nipple_7-giraffe2[1] Titty twister? a98161_nipple_2-hats[1]

Hang onto your hats!

a98161_nipple_3-comments[1] No comment.a98161_nipple_10-good[1]

Pulling the pin will only end horribly.

a98161_nipple_11-riding[1] It can’t possibly get any worse… right? a98161_nipple_4-sm[1]

… I spoke too soon.


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