12 Unconventional Things That Get A Woman Going

12 Unconventional Things That Get A Woman Going

A lot of men like to believe that women are this mystery that they just have to figure out; they think that a woman needs to be deciphered like they are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Because of this way of thinking, men often miss out on the simple things that women find to be some of their biggest turns-ons. Guys fail to realize that a lot of the small things that they do are sexy; it could be a genetic trait like having a deep voice, their height, or the curls in their hair. Or it can be a personality trait like being ambitious, clever or wearing a particular color of clothing. Women are really not that complicated, and the most that we want is someone who is caring, faithful and fun to be around, basically  someone we can feel comfortable with. However, every once in a while we like a little eye candy to help get us going and some of that eye candy can come off as being… well to be blunt, it can be weird. This is kind of awesome for men because hey, we are not hard to turn-on but on the other hand, we may be hanging off of you more than you would like. The way you flick your wrist, your favorite color, that pudge in your stomach; they can all be seen as a huge turn-on for some women. If you have something on this list than consider yourself lucky, you could be one of the guys who ends up with a girl with an unconventional turn on.

12. The Name Ryan


It really does matter what you name your child according to Richard Wiseman. The name Ryan, along with a few other basic names like James, and Jack, came up as names that turn women on during an experiment cleverly named “The Name Experiment”. The experiment was conducted in 2008, and surveyed more than 6,000 people to find out what names they associated with success, luck and attractiveness. Women found that Ryan was the most attractive name closely followed by James and Jack. The least attractive names were Peter, George and Thomas; good luck getting laid in the future, apparently with those names you will need it.

11. The Color Red


Peacocking is an actual thing with humans and it is associated with the color red. The University of Rochester conducted a series of seven experiments that associated sexual arousal with colors. They quickly realized that the color red hits a chord with most women. The study stated that most women were more sexually attracted to men who were either wearing red or pictured against a red background. The color red has always been an attention getter (you cannot help but look at someone who is sporting a bright red shirt), it is also the color most associated with love (think red roses and candy hearts). Today’s lesson guys; wear more red.

10. “Manly” Hands


No, this is not going in the direction that you think it is; we are not talking about the size of the hands, we are talking about the quality of the hands. Women find a strong, masculine looking hand is one to get excited about. It shows strength, and everyone knows a man that has big strong hands is a man that knows how to use those hands (okay, so maybe we went there a little bit). Really a man who takes care of his hands is a man who is willing and able to take care of himself, which translates to her being turned on by how well you put yourself together. If you take care of yourself, you will take care of her.

9. Dad Bod

The dad bod obsession is still very relevant; in case you have been living under a rock for the last year, the dad body is one that puts together a puffy stomach with an adorable face. Many celebrities have been associated with the dad bod but most noticeable is Leonardo DiCaprio. Why is the dad bod so attractive? Mostly because it takes a lot of pressure off of the female to have a stunning body, but women also find it very attractive that there is someone out there that is not so obsessed with hitting the gym and maintaining a super muscular body that does not necessarily look good on every guy. The dad bod is calming.

8. A Rolled Up Sleeve

The exposure of a male forearm is so attractive… to some. A rolled up sleeve is an indication of a hard working man; not only does it leave a vivid picture of someone who is hard working and strong, but it allows any woman’s imagination to go wild. When a man embodies the whole package; the dress shirt and dress pants, or an equally beat up pair of jeans and the sleeve of the shirt is rolled up ever so gently, there is no way you can go wrong. Can you blame a girl for getting slightly turned on by a guy who rolls up his sleeve in preparation for a hard day’s work?

7. Doing The Dishes


A man who will allow your nails to get a break from the hard dish water is always a keeper. Women are normally the ones who are associated with housework and due to traditions; women normally end up cleaning up not only after their children, but after their predictable husbands. However, it is 2016 and times have changed drastically and even though it is expected that both man and women share chores, we all know it does not end up that way most of the time. When he does start washing the dishes without your persistence, it makes you feel all warm and cuddly inside.

6. Admitting Fault


Most people have trouble admitting when they are wrong, especially within a relationship where both parties have become too comfortable and complacent. Saying “I’m sorry” for whatever reason you have to is a way of showing your significant other how mature you are and that you really did not mean to hurt their feelings. When a guy is man enough to admit his fault, it becomes a huge turn on; this show of maturity is what every girl desires in an adult man who knows right from wrong.

5. The Beard


As the rise of the hipsters continues to gain traction we are seeing more and more of those unkempt beards. This would normally be a bad thing but women seem to love everything about these scruffy food catchers. The lumberjack beard has become a feature that women have added to their must-have list, along with the plaid shirts and the tight pants. So what is so sexy about this beard? It has to be the fact that it adds a necessary roughness to even the fanciest of men and who could dare resist the beard ponytail that seems to be the style of choice for many of these bearded men.

4. Driving A Stick Shift



There is something about a guy who drives a stick shift car; it exudes control, reliability and sexiness. Not all men can drive stick and not all men can drive it gracefully, the control that he has over the car is (in a slight way) a metaphor for the control he could possibly have over you while making love. Some women thrive off of a man who knows how to put them in their place, so it is only natural that when they meet someone who shows signs of that (i.e driving a stick) they cannot help but to be turned on just a tad bit.

3. Freckles


Freckles, something that one would normally get teased for in elementary school, has now become the thing that makes women weak in their knees. Freckles remind people of innocence, goodness and rareness, it is as if you have found a jewel. Freckles come in all shapes, sizes and take up different amounts of space on your body; some women love the lone cluster of freckles, some love the ones that are dispersed throughout your whole body and others love the freckles that are not even on your face but strategically place at, say the nape of your back. Wherever they lay, she is interested.

2. Cocky Smile


No one likes to admit that they like an A hole, but let’s face it every girl has a thing at one point in her life for a guy who is a complete douchebag. One significant trait of this insufferable type of guy is a cocky, know-it-all smile; you know the one where his lip is turned up ever so slightly and he looks at you through the corner of his eye or looks you straight into your eyes, knowing that he is your type. Damn it, you are now officially hooked and completely turned on whether you want to admit it or not.

1. Glasses


So yes, a guy wearing glasses can be classified as a weird turn-on, but with the rising trend in glasses and the popularity of the plastic rims there are so many options that can make any man look like an intelligent being. We all know intelligence is a huge turn-on for many people, the glasses only kick it up a notch and make men more exciting to look at. What is that old saying? Knowledge is power; this could be the very reason why glasses on a chiseled face could be one of the best random turn-ons ever.


12 Unconventional Things That Get A Woman Going

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