12 Upsetting Facts That You Won’t Be Able To Unlearn

12 Upsetting Facts That You Won’t Be Able To Unlearn



adatewithluxinterior – Don’t care. Still Cute:

Those cute smiling Quokkas everyone loves? When pursued by a predator, they will eject their baby from their pouch, abandoning the flailing baby to attract the predator so the mom can get away. Stone cold baby killers.
Also if you eat a fig you’re also probably eating a metabolized wasp inside.


rex8499 – Well, that’s one way to encourage abstinence:

The birds and bees talk my mom gave me included her favorite positions, and why. Forever ruined.


PM_UR_NUDES_4_RATING – Reminde me to never watch bug porn:

Some female insects don’t have any openings intended for impregnating, so their mate will just stab through their exoskeleton to get in there.


velour_manure – So the show should be called “House Judgers”:

You already have to be closing on a house before you even apply to be on most HGTV shows.

It’s all fake.


timeglass – Think of that next time you’re eating mutton:

Of all vaginas, a sheep’s vagina has the closest resemblance to the human vagina.


-eDgAR- – NOPE:

I saw an episode of the show Monsters Inside Me and on it there was a guy that had a fly hit his eye while he was doing something outside. It was only a fraction pf a second, but it was enough time for the fly to lay eggs in his eye. He almost went blind because they were eating his eye from the inside. Now because of that I am super paranoid whenever a fly goes anywhere near my face.


Cassus_ – Does this mean that turtles can open doors:

That coughing noise the raptors make in Jurassic Park is the sound of turtles fucking. Steven Spielberg went to a zoo to get sounds for the roars and a zookeeper jokingly mentioned that it was mating season for the tortoises.


ChaneI – I’m suddenly aware that I have bones:

Your bones are currently wet.


Iamnotyourmate – I’m glad I don’t understand most of these words:

The universe could be in a false vacuum state. If this is so, the universe could quantum tunnel to a lower energy true vacuum state at any time.

I’m not sure what any of that means but if it did happen all life in the universe would be well and truly fucked.


mcshaggy – Excuse me while I go eat some lemons:

When you get scurvy, your scars start coming undone. Your body is constantly repairing old wounds, and without vitamin c, it can’t make collagen, so the seams start coming apart.


Hamletstwin – This is all the worst words combined into one single fact:

That “The Clap”, Gonorrhea, got its name from the treatment during medieval times known as “clapping” the penis or slamming the penis between both hands (or a hard surface) to get rid of the pus/discharge and thus the infection.


Fatalope – Honestly? Good for the grandma:

That my grandmother has a tattoo on her upper inner thigh that says “slippery when wet”

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