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12 Vintage Photos With An Interesting Story

12 Vintage Photos With An Interesting Story


1. Flamingos huddled together in the bathroom at Miami Zoo during Hurricane Andrew (August 24, 1992)



2. A police officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing a bikini on a beach at Rimini, Italy, in 1957.



3. Soviet soldiers try to engage a less than cooperative German toddler for a photograph in the ruins of Monbijoustraße in defeated and Soviet occupied Berlin as the child’s mother looks on in resignation. May 1945



4. Adolf Hitler on a walk with Helga Goebbels, 1936. Helga was later killed with cyanide by her parents with her siblings in Hitler’s bunker in 1945



5. Women boxing on a roof, 1938



6. Austrians cheer Adolf Hitler during his 1938 campaign (before the Anschluss) to unite Austria and Germany



7. The first ever underwater photograph, c. 1899



8. One of the first photos that was taken inside of Hitler’s bunker by Allied soldiers, 1945



9. Young Woman in Dress (c. 1845-1855 — location unknown)



10. A picture from the material deprivation experiments of Harry Harlow. This was called the “Pit of Despair” Baby monkeys were separated from their mothers at birth and left in a metal cone that did not allow them to stand or see out. They were left in this condition for up to one year. The goal was to create mental psychosis and depression. The experiment was 100% effective in achieving its goals.


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Ya, Harlow was a real sadist, in the opinion of many of my professors back in the day.

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