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12 Ways The Internet Is Changing How We Think

12 Ways The Internet Is Changing How We Think

The Internet has fundamentally changed human life. It helps humans navigate. It connects them to other people across the world. And it’s having some unexpected effects on the human brain.

How does the Internet impact thinking? Some experts suggest that easy access to all the information stored on the World Wide Web is shortening people’s attention spans, and potentially making their memory worse. It might even be making people less empathetic, since they’re communicating more through screens. But while it’s tempting to write off all the ways the Internet changes how people think as negative, that’s just not the case. Surfing the web can possibly make users more intelligent, and it helps them become more aware of others’ viewpoints as well.

Researchers are still determining exactly how the Internet affects the human brain. Thanks to innovations like smartphones, tablets, and social media, that technology will likely continue to re-shape the way people communicate, feel, and think. Though society is (probably) still some ways off from plugging straight into the mainframe a la The Matrix, the Internet has most definitely impacted everyday life


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