12 Weird Celeb Purchases That Will Make You Think, WTF!

12 Weird Celeb Purchases That Will Make You Think, WTF!

Contrary to what most people choose to believe, celebrities are human beings just like the average person. They impulse buy, have weird or outrageous wants, and they purchase outlandish things, sometimes just to make themselves happy. Some of our favorite celebrities even make crazy purchases in order to please their children. As we all have grown to see, one thing that the world will always eventually be exposed to in regards to celebrity lives (no matter how private they attempt to be), are their purchases. Also, the weird purchases seem to catch the eye of fans first. So many celebrities that grace our televisions and music apps often give off a professional persona that will never make you guess that they have a done some very weird shopping in their lives. Not to mention a lot of well known celebrities will spend a nice amount of money for their weird and outrageous wants as well. From wanting a wild animal as a pet, to purchasing animals that are no longer alive, some of your favorite celebrities will leave you with an eyebrow raised when you hear about the things that they choose to buy. So, we have composed a list of the 12 weirdest purchases made by celebrities that just make you say, huh?

12. Mike Tyson and His High Maintenance Pet

In 2003, the legendary boxer Mike Tyson went out on a whim and purchased a Bengali Tiger. Now, the tiger itself only cost the boxer $1,000 at the time, which is not bad considering dog lovers will purchase a pure breed pooch for that amount. However, the estimated maintenance cost of the Bengali Tiger is $4,000 monthly. The maintenance costs include the proper diet for the Bengali tiger, the proper veterinary checkups, and grounds maintenance for the tiger’s habitat. Talk about a high maintenance pet! The famous boxer saw nothing wrong with purchasing, caring for, and training the beautiful tiger.

11. Amanda Seyfried and the Dead Horse


Yes, you read that correctly. Amanda Seyfried undoubtedly has a soft spot for animals, large or small. However, there is a special type of love one must have when wanting animals that are no longer alive. Recently, while the beautiful actress was on a getaway to London, Amanda Seyfried literally became smitten for a dead horse. However, it is not as morbid as it sounds. Amanda actually was near a pond in a quaint London neighborhood and saw a three week old pony who had been taxidermied and decided that when she left London, she wanted the pony to come with her. Amanda and the seller of the taxidermied pony never released to the public how much the actress paid, however it had to be a pretty penny to encourage the owner to part with it, when it was never even considered for sale.

10. Suri Cruise and Gifts from Mommy

The average kid gets plastic toys, doll houses, and no name brand dress up clothes to play in. Well, Suri Cruise is definitely NOT the average kid, because she has extremely wealthy and famous parents who have spoiled their little princess rotten from birth. Her Christmases and birthdays have only gotten more lavish and expensive. However, the most memorable gift that the little angel has gotten for someone of such a young age was simply a purse. Yet, it was not simple by any means. At the age of three, Suri’s mommy spotted a Salvatore Ferragamo purse with a price tag of $850 that she felt that she just had to have! So, before Suri Cruise even reached driving age she owned an accessory worth more than the total sum of all the purses in the average woman’s closet. Wow!

9. Michael Vick and His Pond


Everyone knows the talented and handsome football star, Michael Vick for his great passes, fast feet, and well defined frame. However, the Virginia native also has a soft spot for fish. Michael Vick had an area on his property reconstructed to accommodate his love for his scaly friends. Michael Vick had a pond created that cost him approximately $85,000. That is an expensive “fish tank”! Michael Vick has been known to splurge and have no limit to the amount that he would spend to obtain the things that he adored or please the people around him that he loved. This however, definitely puts all the $50 fish tanks in the homes of the average homeowner to shame, but there are a lot of Mike Vick fans still looking at the cost of the pond and wondering, “huh”?

8. Steven Spielberg’s Sled


The very well known and well paid Steven Spielberg, definitely knows his way around a movie set and has a vast knowledge of cinema history to coincide with his experience and background. With that being said, he was infatuated with the Rosebud sled that was featured in the popular film, Citizen Kane. Not only was he infatuated with the sled, but he had to have it, and no price was too much when he made that decision. Steven Spielberg spent a whopping $60,000 for the sled. The irony in the entire situation from Steven Spielberg wanting the sled, to the story behind the sled, to his purchase, is the name “Rosebud”. Citizen Kane’s writer stated the name Rosebud was inspired by a cheap little sled from years prior. Definitely a “huh” moment to know a sled worth barely nothing inspired a healthy purchase like this one.

7. Rachel Hunter and the Dog House

We have a few animal lovers on our list of weirdest purchases by celebrities, however model and actress Rachel Hunter made an entire lane for herself in the dog lover category with this weird and crazy purchase. Rachel Hunter spent a grand total of $15,000 for her poochies’ palace. She has two dogs who share the dog house, however, one would never expect to see two dogs in a full-fledged Mediterranean-style mansion. The lavish dog house was custom built by a company called Puppy Mansion. Puppy Mansion has custom dog houses ranging for as much as $50,000 per house! The dog house has better amenities and features than some human homes, or some to definitely make eyebrows raise.

6. Lil Wayne’s Million Dollar Smile


Hit maker, articulate speaking, and talented rapper Lil Wayne, is no stranger to doing what he feels no matter the cost. Well, this definitely illustrates his ability to spend lavishly for his wants. In 2009 Lil Wayne fell in love with the “grill” trend. Which is having a mold of your teeth done to create generally, gold plated teeth to wear as tooth bling. Lil Wayne took the concept of tooth bling to an entirely different level when he decided to purchase a grill for all of his teeth that is covered in diamonds. Lil Wayne spent $150,000 to diamond encrust his own teeth. Talk about a million dollar smile that will make you say, “huh”? And maybe even, “why”?

5. Kim Basinger and the $20 Million Town


The intelligent and talented Kim Basinger, is quite the business woman and investor. She is such an investor that she made a move few do, and it was kind of weird. Kim Basinger purchased the entire city of Braselton, Georgia. The price tag for purchasing an entire city? $20 million. Her intent with purchasing the city of Braselton, GA was to make a movie studio town, literally. With all the movie studios and locations available to film with Hollywood status behind you, purchasing an entire town is weird, not to mention extreme. However, she definitely got the world’s attention with this purchase.

4. Bono and his First Class Hat


Most Americans boast about taking first class, or even flying on a private jet to travel. Rarely do celebrities fly their accessories separately though, and definitely not first class. But icon and singer, Bono, showed the world that he does not abide by the norm. In 2005, the singer was scheduled to make an appearance and requested a specific hat to wear. Well, one would assume he would send an assistant to buy a specific hat and everything would be fine. However, Bono chose a different approach. Bono spent $1,700 to fly the hat from London to Italy first class! Favorite hat, or weird?.

3. Lady Gaga is a Ghost Buster?


Pop singer Lady Gaga is definitely unique and comfortable in her skin and her style, and is popular for those things, in addition to her talent. Well, apparently Lady Gaga has an obsession with ghosts. She totally believes ghosts do exist and are intrigued by their presence and movement. Lady Gaga is so into ghosts that she actually purchased an electro-magnetic based machine generally used as field equipment (which is said to keep her safe from ghosts and the undead), in the amount of $50,000. Lady Gaga believes in the machine so much that she has carried it with her on several tours to give her peace of mind.

2. Miley Cyrus’ Lovely Locks


Daughter of the legendary Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus has always lived the life of a princess. However some of her urgent requests or needs have gotten slightly weird. The very animated and edgy singer has grown into her own style and developed a fondness for versatile looks, especially in regards to her hair. The young singer has spent $24,000 on her hair extensions on more than one occasion. The hair is always flown directly from Italy to Miley Cyrus’ stylist. Where as most people would pay overnight shipping from a regular hair boutique, Miley’s obsession with wanting a specific type and color hair forces her lavish spending on human hair.

1. Beyonce’s Obsession with Leggings

Number one on our list of the weirdest celebrity purchases is the queen of R&B and wife of multi-platinum rapper and businessman Jay-Z. Mrs. Carter is worth millions and is not afraid to use her monetary power to purchase whatever her heart desires, no matter how weird. We all know that Beyonce is also a fashion icon to fans and fashionistas. Well, Mrs. Carter spent $100,000 for a solitary pair of leggings. We have heard of a shoe fetish, or bag fetish, but leggings? Beyonce specifically wanted the leggings to be made by famous designer Balenciaga, and was adorned with gold. Beyonce only wore the leggings once and was on to her next $100,000 pair! Overall, what may seem weird to others is quite normal to the ones making the purchase, and the story behind ones that want to have something definitely ads to the intrigue of the news!

12 Weird Celeb Purchases That Will Make You Think, WTF!


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