12 Women Reveal What The Perfect Penis Size Is For Them

12 Women Reveal What The Perfect Penis Size Is For Them

1. “I’ve had 26 sexual partners so far. College was a slutty time….A few of those partners were quite large (7-8 inches). Certain positions, like doggy and cowgirl, were too uncomfortable for me to enjoy. Sometimes there is a thing as too much dick. I’ve found that average erect length (5-6 inches) is the best experience if we’re talking about straight up, average intercourse. That being said, I did see a guy for quite a while that was maaaaybe 4 inches while erect and pretty much nonexistent while soft. I’m pretty sure he knew about his shortcoming (heh) because he frequently went for positions that put him in me as deeply as he could get, i.e. one of my legs thrown over his shoulder, or missionary with a pillow under my lower back, or me sitting on his lap. So though we could never quite get doggy (my favorite position) to work because he couldn’t get his penis past my butt, I was never really bothered. It honestly is more about what you do with it than what you have.”


2. “I’ve had about 50 partners. No, I’m not a prostitute. Just been slutting around, I guess. Some of my partners have had big penises (9.1 in), some small (3.9 in). Some thick, some thinner. Some getting smaller towards the tip (like a cone!) and some thicker towards the tip. Some bending towards one side and some bending downward. Almost all uncircumcised. I’d say bigger is better, to a limit. This is just me, other people might have a different opinion. It also matter what size your receiving end is. A tiny person might prefer smaller dicks. My first partner had a huge dick (easily over 9 in), so I guess that set up the standard for me. The penis thickness is as important as the length. The shape matters also—if it’s thick only at the bottom and thin towards the tip it doesn’t do much. Whether the penis is curved or not doesn’t matter. I’d say I haven’t got much out of penises shorter than 6.6 in. Penises shorter than 5 inches just don’t make me feel anything. Fingers are better at that point. Whether one has a lot of belly/fat going on around the stomach area affects how easy it is to use the full length of the penis. Also, it matters a lot how strong of an erection one gets. 6 in hard penis is better than a 9 in floppy one. But no matter what size of a penis, I enjoy sex based on how good it feels, and penetration with a penis is just a tiny part of it. I’m not even able to orgasm with just penetration! Fingers, toys, chemistry, words, emotions, talent… It’s not just about the penis. The penis isn’t a measure of one’s ability to have sex. Men, stop being so obsessed about your penises!”


3. “I’ve had three sexual partners, two were average and one had more penis than brains. Honestly, I would opt for an average penis over a big dick any day. Nothing kills the mood like having your cervix forcibly thrusted into.”


4. “I will take it any size. The thing I like most about a guy’s penis is how happy it is to see me naked. Just like guys can have fun with boobs of any size, I can have fun with any sized pork sword. I think dicks are awesome and I’ve had them cut/uncut, so small I could fit his cock and his balls entirely in my mouth, so big we actually couldn’t have sex so we kept doing other things instead, and everywhere in between. Size doesn’t matter except for what positions we can or can’t do. Longer ones are fun because I can he can fuck my tits and mouth at the same time. Shorter ones are fun when I’m reverse cowgirl because my pelvis is slightly tipped so I can go balls deep in that particular position whereas on a long one it isn’t possible. They all have their merit, but nothing compares to a guy that fucks you with his entire body and mind as opposed to just his womb raider. I don’t pick guys, even one night stands, based on dick size because I want to have sex with him not some detached penis (I have those in my drawer if that’s all I needed). Despite what pron tells you, you are more than just your penis. Even to promiscuous women like me. You are horribly misrepresented on screen, whereas I can find several female pron stars with bodies just like mine, including the stretch marks on the hips. I’ve only had 3 dicks that would pass as pron star material by today’s standards. It’s long past the time for those standards to change, I think.”


5. “First partner: Tiny pencil dick. He couldn’t have been more than 4 inches hardest. Absolutely no girth. It really was like a finger. It just felt wrong. Sex was awful. He kissed like a great white shark. There were no lips against mine ever, it was always around my mouth to the sides of my face. It was disgusting and made me hate any type of interaction.

Second Partner: An uncut 9.5 inches long….I wish I was joking. I’d never seen an uncircumcised penis, so that was new. He was very clean at least. Sex was extremely painful for a very long time. It took a few months of sex semi-regularly to even get him all the way inside. He was very patient with me, but he enjoyed rough pounding sex. Sometimes it was wonderful, other times it was just a huge ordeal to go through. Because of his girth which was also ridiculous, I ended up tearing a little every few sessions. Which meant UTIs and sometimes, very angry kidneys. I’d never had anything like it happen in my life, so I thought I was dying when it did happen. Emptying my bladder with the still constant feeling like I was about to piss myself was terrible. He was a good sexual partner in the end, but the amount of work that has to go into making it work was just…insane.

Current partner: Average Size. Not big, not small…but he doesn’t have very much stamina. Not sure what that has to do with size, but there’s many times when I’m in the mood for long sessions. He’s…not able to.

My opinion: Huge dicks are nice to look at, neat to fantasize about, but just…scary and painful. I’m quite fine with average, maybe even slightly above, but anything more is just unnecessary.”

6. “My ex had a really small dick, tiny hands and has issues with climaxing very quickly. But he was so sexy and used to be amazing at the chase, so by the time it came to sex I was so close anyway that he never failed to get me off. My current boyfriend has a massive dick, but he has no try. He thinks it’s enough to get it out and swing it around, then can’t understand why I’m not turned on.”

7. “I’ve had 13. Honestly I don’t care about size. I’ve had large men who couldn’t even get me off and small men who fucking blew me away. I never judge a penis by its size. If it’s long enough to actually go in and you can thrust without it falling out, then it’s fine.”

8. “I’ve had 4; 3 were probably about “average” and current one is enormous. I enjoy sex the most with the guy I’m currently with, and his penis is definitely the most attractive. That being said, sex is EASIER if the guy isn’t hung like a horse. We have to be careful that he’s not going too deep or too hard, because it hurts, and I’m not able to have super long sessions. I like going down on my guy a lot. With the bigger penis it’s hard to feel like I’m giving a good blowjob. With a smaller guy I knew what I was doing and was could tell I was doing well. With a bigger guy….It’s kinda impossible to have any “technique” at all. Just have to put it in your mouth and hope they enjoy it. Also, choking on dick isn’t as fun as it sounds.”

9. “Never had a penis I’d consider small, most partners I’d say were average. Had one ex with an above average penis both length and girth…I’d choose average over it any day. It was just painful regardless of how lubricated I was.”

10. “People think length is what matters but, honestly, I think girth is where it’s at. Long can be nice (you get a few more positions) but it’s work to make sure you’re ready to take a big ol’ monster cock. Stretching can be fun, tearing not so much. I’d rather have a nice fat, average length cock. Those things were made for riding. Small can be great fun, too. Best sex I ever had was with a guy who was on the smaller side of average. He used every inch like a dream. And, of course, having a responsive partner who knows that sex is more than just pounding away with his dick. I’m a big fan of P in V, but fingers and tongues are good, too.”

11. “I’ve had three well above average and one really far below.

It’s the experience/effort you put in, not necessarily the size.

First boyfriend was about 8 inches and about average girth. He was my very first so that size plus us being virgins was a bit of a learning curve. It hurt the first few times when he entered but that’s about all the pain. He put a lot of effort into learning and understanding my needs and vice versa.

Then came well below average guy. Not my boyfriend but a ‘nice guy’ who really took advantage of my low self-esteem to further his agenda. I caved. Probably the only lay I regret. He just didn’t put in any effort and was super quick. If that was his first time (which I swear it may have been) it was pretty miserable for both of us. 30 seconds of zero feeling for me. I swear if he’d had some sort of experience or tried something it may have been better. Hope the dude’s worked on his technique or something.

Then was a guy I dated for a few months. Ended up as fwb for a couple weeks too when it wasn’t working. By far the longest. 8.5-9? But still like…average girth for that length? Sort of proportional. He knew what he was doing. First circumcised one, too. I found I like the look and feel of that much better. He could have been way smaller and his technique would still have made it amazing.

Current partner. I feel weird talking about him in this context. He’s got girth and length. 8-8.5 inches. Above average girth I’d say for that length. He doesn’t really need technique to make it amazing for me. But add a higher knowledge of technique and I’m sure I’d finish from him alone. I haven’t ever done so (when not on top), so here’s to a potentially promising future first.

So really…girth matters more than length which doesn’t matter much if you have the skills to work with what you’ve got. I prefer my men big, but I’m not gonna bash those who aren’t—just work on your technique regardless. Having a big dick doesn’t mean you just jackhammer away and that’s fine cause you’re big.”

12. “I think most men should let go of this question/insecurity. It’s not about the size of the pencil, it’s how good your penmanship is.”


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Most women are better off with average size, but women I’ve spoken to preferred girth over extra length. Rigidity is key; how many soft and saggy dildos have you seen?

Full auto tactical grip extended mag dildos is something I need in my life. Acog scopes keep my accuracy up!

I dont know about you, but imma need an anti tank dildo .

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