13 Americans Visiting Europe Share Their Most WTF Moments


If you’ve never traveled to Europe before, be prepared for some kinks in your plans. Or at least be prepared to run into some shit that’ll take some getting used to.

1. LargePepperoniPizza — I want an airport bratwurst.

“This is the best bratwurst I’ve ever had.

And this is an airport!”

2. bick803 — I never thought I’d be thankful for school busses.

I lived in Germany for 8 years from 1992-2000 (Ages 4-12). I didn’t realize it until I moved back to the states but there were recycling bins on EVERY street corner. It wasn’t just a green bin then a trash can, it was a giant blue bin. One section for green glass, one for brown glass, one for clear glass, one for plastic, and one for paper.

Oh and going to a German school, students took public transit. There wasn’t such a thing as a school bus.

3. Fryes — Everything about Amsterdam is interesting.

The urinal type things in Amsterdam were interesting.

Also the way English people say urinal.

4. cptspoofy — But were they LOUD is the question?

Every night in Spain, around 3 a.m. this MASSIVE fleet of street scrubbers, vacuum-mobiles, and water hoses appeared and cleaned the entire city for about an hour. It was like ~100 people every night just cleaning the city. The following morning, all of Salamanca was spotless. That shit was magical.

5. Dmillz34 — No bugs? Sounds like heaven.

For me it was a lack of insects in England. Not that they don’t exist but I’m from Michigan with lots of swampy land around me. When I showed up at my dorm and saw there was no screen on my window I was just thinking about all of the bugs that are gonna get in my room. I got one fly the entire month stay there.

6. dihedral3 — Yeah, having places just shut down randomly would probably be annoying.

I was in italy and wanted to grab a bite and a beer for some lunch. I left the flat and I was flabbergasted to find the entire town was empty. Everything was closed, not even the neighborhood dogs were around!

7. drakeprimeone — Pay to poop.

Paying to use a public restroom. I get why though. Just a horrible feeling if you really had to go and you don’t have any change.


8. nealius — WHERE.

Beer tap in the uni cafeteria.

9. PullTheOtherOne — Wow, and I thought traffic was shitty here.

In Italy there is virtually no threshold for how much distance should be left between a speeding car and any obstacles (including pedestrians) it is zooming past.

A bus driver will rush down a narrow cobblestone street with about a centimeter to spare between the sides of the bus and any parked cars, walls, ancient monuments, or playing children.

10. OpinelNo8 — That’s definitely a WTF moment.

Seeing an elderly Chinese tourist pull down her grandkid’s pants so he can take a crap on the sidewalk. It was in the entrance of Disneyland in Paris.

11. RalphGuinn — Such a small difference, but does sound nice.

That the tax is already included in the price. It’s so much easier when the price you see is the price you pay.

No I know their taxes are way higher than American taxes but this idea is great.

12. seanmashitoshi — I’m learning other countries are possibly drunker than ours.

People walking around drunk and nobody doing anything. Like we’re just going to leave this person black out drunk on the side of the walkway?

13. NeetStreet_2 — Yep, this confirms it.

I was 15 years old, ordering a beer at McDonald’s.

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