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13 Animals That Are Cute and Ugly At The Same Time

Kittens — cute. That creepy sea worm that lays on the bottom of the sea bed and attacks fish — ugly. But how do we process it when an animal’s features manage to be weird and off-putting yet adorable at the same time? What’s up with this phenomenon? I’ve traveled around the world for 18 months looking for some of the world’s most disconcerting and heart-melting animals, and here are 13 of the cutest/ugliest.

1) Slow loris

slow loris jpg

Slow lorises are 1) slow, 2) loris, and 3) VENOMOUS! It’s very rare for mammals to have a venomous bite, which makes this guy a special deadly little dude. A traditional Malay belief says that slow lorises frequently cover their face with their hands because they are always seeing ghosts. They’re also popular in the illegal pet trade, where evil humans cut their teeth out, with a fatality rate of 30-90%, all because they’re cute. Maybe what we’re learning here is that slow lorises are cute, and humans are ugly.

2) Wombat

cute wombat jpg

ugly wombat jpg

Wombats are marsupials (they got pouches, yo) that are native to Australia, and I think these two pictures accurately demonstrate how they are both incredibly cute and super ugly. They also poop square poop. For real.

3) Armadillo

armadillo bucket jpg

Armadillos are shelled creatures that can sometimes roll into a perfect ball. If you like long noses and lots of armor, armadillos are right up your alley! Here’s an armadillo in a bucket. I don’t know why he’s in a bucket.

4) Caterpillar

green caterpillar jpg

There are a million types of caterpillars — honestly, I could do a whole article just on cute/ugly caterpillars. You know what? If this article is a hit, I’ll do one all about caterpillars. Sound good? Lots of these lil’ crawlies are strangely cute, but imagine if they were ten times bigger. You’d freak the f*ck out, wouldn’t you?

5) Hippos

two hippos jpg

I loooove hippos and I do think they’re super cute but I’m not so unreasonable that I can’t admit that they’re kinda weird-looking, what with those strange noses, superfat bodies, and jaws that can tear a grown man in half. Adorable!


6) Axolotl

white axolotl jpg

black axolotl jpg

The Axolotl, also known as the Mexican Salamander, is probably cute because it kind of looks like a smiling baby. But there’s also an uglier kind, and that poor guy probably feels like sh*t about himself.

7) Bats

fruit bat jpg

Bats are like mice with wings. That terrifies some people, but to me it just takes a cute little critter and lets him fly all over the sky and hang upside down in caves! Don’t be scared of bats. Bats are ugly cute and that just means they need more love. Never be afraid to love.

8) Tarsier

tarsier tree jpg

Each of its eyeballs is the size of its entire brain. lolwut


9) Aardvark

aardvark grass jpg

The aardvark isn’t just the animal closest to the beginning of the dictionary, it’s also a burrowing nocturnal mammal native to Subsaharan Africa! They’re kind of like giant mouse/pigs, and and while that doesn’t sound adorable, they kind of are.


10) Emu

emu face jpg

The second largest bird in the world, emu are some of our best evidence that birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. Don’t they look like they wish they had velociraptor claws? Emus also always look like they’re having a bad hair day, and are puzzled by something you just said. And yet, they’re kinda cute, too.


11) Sloths

sloth tree jpg

Sloths are so weird, let’s not even try to play around.


12) Komondor dog

komondor dog jpg

Have you ever looked at a mop and thought, “aww, how cute”? Probably not. And if you saw one of these dudes sleeping, you might think it was a mop. But man, this is the cutest mop of all time.


13) Pigs

two pigs jpg

They have weird noses, squiggly tails, and are more skin than fur. Humans tend to see them as food instead of what they really are — lil’ cuties who are smarter than dogs (and 3-year-old children). And I have a 3-year-old sister who knows how to use a godd*mn iPad.


13 Animals That Are Cute and Ugly At The Same Time

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