13 Assholes Share Their Best Passive Aggressive Ways To F*ck With People

Some people are assholes in life; they bully people, they steal, they cheat. But these assholes…THESE assholes are a different breed. These ones play the *mental* game, mind fucking their victims for life. Whatever you do, do NOT get any ideas. 


1. prettydirtmurder with his evil long-con.

I give people who don’t like me good advice so they won’t take it.

2. OnMelancholyDare — Bagel experience ruiner.

I work at timmies and when people who get bagels are jerks I don’t cut their bagels all the way through. It’s not that big a thing but I know it’d ruin my whole bagel experience

3. MrKleft is ruining peoples self esteem, one seat at a time.

I offer my seat on public transport to middle aged people to make them feel old.

4. noodlesandbeef is that guy.

I hold the door open for people that are too far away.

5. Bojax22 is the reason you can never find your Apple TV remote.

At house parties I help clean up afterwards but secretly hide a TV remote in a very obscure place. Potted plants are my favorite.


6. inkseep1 really hates parents, for some reason.

I tell little kids that Santa is real and will bring them anything they want as long as they ask their parents for it enough times.

7. Krushka is the only one somewhat justified in their actions here.

My local traffic light is set to go red when it sees someone doing 60kmh or above. So when someone is tailgating me I make sure I keep at 58 and punch it a few meters before, so that the asshole has to stop at the red light.

8. Funk-sama is destroying his company from the inside.

I print all of my companies envelopes in Comic Sans


9. HodorHodorHodorHodr, why? Why do you do this?

Working in a 13 story building, I would often press every button on my way out on the ground floor. Only did this when alone, and no one was entering on the ground floor. So some poor guy would get on at floor 2 or 3 and have to stop at every floor on the way up.

Last time I did this, stepped out of the elevator and some guy rounded the corner in a hurry, saw the doors closing, and bolted to get into the elevator. All I heard from behind me was OH COME ON JESUS CHRIST. He knew.

10. Sh0tgunLlama — master of mindfuckerry.

When someone I don’t like is right I make sure to say, “Are you sure about that”. A good amount of the time they end up changing their statemnt and become incorrect.

11. marchofmines does not obey common sayings.

If I don’t have anything nice to say, I just say mean things.

12. TheStickleMonster with a very specific ‘fucking with people’ move.

I really enjoy when at amusement parks or crowded places making a disgusted face and looking off in a direction so people spend their time trying to figure out what I was seeing.

13. Matt7738 knows how to get inside someone’s head.

On Throwback Thursday, I like to comment, “Wow! You used to be so pretty!”

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