13 Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Workers Share The Worst Things They’ve Seen

Most bachelor and bachelorette parties are fun get-togethers with friends or family. There’s usually some drinking, some debauchery, but nothing too life-altering or notable. Some others though, well…get seeeeeriously out of hand. These people were involved with some insane ones and share the crazy tales.

1. All the best parties involve piss & pizza.

Bride passing out at dinner face first in to a pizza with white sauce and mushrooms. Bridesmaid woke her up and she lifts her face half covered in cream sauce with a couple mushrooms. She’s cleaned up by her friends and I send a bus boy to the table because it looks like they spilt water and it’s on the floor. Seems the bride relieved herself in her chair but she finished the rest of her pizza.

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2. I’m sitting here in sheer terror just reading what happened.

Had a few strippers to the house for a buddies party in oceanside. We paid a hefty fare for special perks. They brought a variety of dildos/strapons/beads/etc. What turned out to be the most amusing prop they brought was the Drildo. Long story short, the bachelor was drildoing one of the strippers in the ass. He sat in a chair, she bent over in front of him. He made the mistake of ripping it out of her too fast. She shot a nice mixture of shit and lube all over his lap. He then proceeded to puke on himself. The rest of us about died laughing while my buddy sat in sheer terror at the thought and sight of what just happened.

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3. Goddamn.

Didn’t work at one but have a contribution. Went to Vegas for a bachelor party and his mother decided to tag along (she was financing it all anyways). She convinced the groom to sleep with a porn star we later found out she paid to exclusively come sleep with him so she could guilt him into telling the bride thus stopping the wedding. It worked.

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4. A strangely feel good story?

I was a stripper for about seven years. I’ve seen my fair share of bachelor parties, with quite a few that were absolute shitshows. But one sticks out for reasons that sort of differ from the others posts here.

Scene: Dive titty bar on a Wednesday night. It’s kind of early for us, around 10-ish. We have a decent number of customers, but it’s still pretty calm.

I am sitting at the bar with one of my regular customers, just doing the stripper thing. The door opens and this young guy walks in by himself. The door man gets his ID, takes his cover charge, and dude sits down at the bar not far from me. One of the dancers sits next to him to start her hustle, and the guy is not very talkative. He’s clearly bummed about something. The dancer tries to use it as an opening for her hustle, turns on her charm, and asks him what’s bothering him. He gestures to the empty space behind him. “This is my bachelor party.”

Long story short, his friends were traveling in on Friday as scheduled for his bachelor party. However, his fiancée informed him that he wasn’t having his bachelor party on Friday, and he could have it on Wednesday or not at all. (His fiancée sounded very much like a controlling, abusive shitbag, but that was not our business) His friends were not able to come in early at last minute, so he went on his own, just to have a beer and go home. But he was clearly hurt by being robbed of this one-time experience.

A customer who overheard ordered the kid a beer. The dancer who initially came to hustle him sat with him for a little while, not pushing for drinks or dances and generally just keeping him company. After the first beer was finished, another customer bought him one. Word of this poor guy’s plight has spread by the dancers, and as the night went on, customers and a few dancers bought him drinks, lap dances, and so on. The kid had an absolute blast with his makeshift bachelor party, getting good and sloshed with plenty of stripper tits in his face, courtesy of the kindness of strangers. After a good while, someone poured him in a cab and sent him home.

I hope he woke up the next day and sent his woman packing.

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5. Rumor has it he’s still wearing it to this day.

A guy I worked with…. decades ago…. made a legit ball and chain to lock onto the grooms ankle. This was back when the bachelor party was the right before the wedding. They all got blotto drunk and lost the key. The groom walked down the aisle with that ball and chain on his ankle because they couldn’t find a solution in time.

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6. The only way to stop him is with a silver bullet vibrator :p

At a bachelor party and the stripper, while giving a lap dance to the groom, leaned over and bit my friend, who wasn’t even paying attention.

Now we say he’s a ware-stripper, and every full moon he loses control and hits the red light district, looking for ones…

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7. Damn. So is the guy…alive?

Obligatory, don’t work at bachelor parties….. but. I’m an attorney in Detroit and split my office space with a couple of accountants. One of the accountants went on a weekend bachelor party to Put In Bay, Ohio an island in Lake Erie near Cedar Point. So on the Monday after the party he comes into my office and tells me the Bachelor is looking for an attorney. I initially thought it was for some kind of Drunk and Disorderly kind of charge. Oh no, it was so much more. Apparently their crew took a ferry over to the Island and had rented a group of cabins. They arrived early on Friday and spent the day drinking. Friday night they go to a restaurant for dinner and end up going on a bar crawl afterwards and everyone was extremely drunk. As sometimes happens the groom got separated from the rest of the group and ended up partying with some people he didn’t know. At closing time the group he was with couldn’t figure out where he was staying and while trying to get him back to the general area of his cabin, he took off and ran away from them. He apparently stumbled into another party and had even more to drink with this third group of people. He then staggered away from that party and got about half way to his cabin and passed out on a trail. Around dawn some people found him and thought he was dead and called the Island cops who went out and investigated. The cops found he had a pulse but was otherwise non responsive so they did what one would expect, they called for a Life Flight to the mainland. Apparently taking a life flight and spending about thirty six hours in the hospital including eight on a ventilator costs about Fifty K. And when you don’t have health insurance that’s a lot. The legal question was whether or not the medical bill would be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Edit: because so many people asked about whether the medical bills are dischargeable, I’m not a bankruptcy attorney, but I referred him to a bankruptcy attorney. According to that attorney the bills are in general dischargeable (or at least were dischargeable at that time).

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8. Some things should not be turned into flamethrowers.

I would say this had to have been someone’s bachelor party and I just happened to witness, but it very well may be normal occurrence with this girl when she’s working.

I have to preface this with the type of strip club this is, because it’s pretty unique as far as I know(at least in the States). It’s a full-nude, BYOB strip club where you’re encouraged to “fluff that ass” when you’re tipping a girl dancing. Things can get pretty weird before there’s a problem, but this night takes the cake.

I was there with a group of my friends celebrating a birthday. We’d been there a while, had had most of the girls come over to our table to chat and ask if we wanted dances, the usual, when a girl I hadn’t seen that night came out from the back room. We learned that nearly everything we can see on this girl is fake; tits, ass, hair, lips, probably some other stuff. She’s next up on stage and gets right into her routine and she’s gettin’ it on the pole. Whereas most girls got their top off sometime in the first song(two song sets) and their bottoms off sometime in the second song, this girl had everything off a quarter of the way into song 1. Song 1 ends and she’s already made good money, she walks to the back of the stage to put her clothes into a pile and gets back to work when the next song starts to play. She ends up at the front of the stage with this group of guys just throwing ones her way, when suddenly she’s got a candle in her hand and she’s teasing the people at the front of the stage. They start getting rowdy which catches more people’s attention and then she inserts the candle, now it’s getting wild as more and more people gather what’s just happened. In her opposite hand it turns out she had a lighter and she logically takes the next step to light the aforementioned candle; the whole place is now silent as we’re all in awe of the fact that this woman has a flame between her legs. Next thing she produces is a small aerosol can, from where I have no idea, and proceeds to turn her pussy into a goddamn flamethrower and furthermore causing an uproar from the crowd and a monsoon of dollar bills to rain down like I’ve never seen.

My friend who wanted to go for his birthday had taken his glasses off to get a lapdance and missed the entire thing.

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9. Probably not the best idea to drink and dance on tall objects.

Was a working as a bartender at a Bachelorette party. The bride and one of the bridemaids were dancing on top of the bar. Both slipped and i caught the bridemaid before hitting the ground but the bride hit her head and had a bad gash on her forehead and was bleeding pretty bad. Wrapped her head in a towel and rushed her to the hospital. The bride was fine however had a bad scar on her head before the wedding. Drunken bridemaid that i saved yelled at me that i should have saved her oddly enough (got a apology text a couple of days later though as i gave them my number if i need to be contacted for anything)

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10. Do not trust a friend that blindfolds you.

They tied the bachelor to a chair and had two girls start giving him a lap dance. After the girls tops were off they blindfolded him. The girls swapped out with two guys there and the guys kept dancing on him. After about a minute the girls pulled the blindfold.

The bachelor squeezed one of the guys nuts hard enough to drop him and shoulder threw the other guy. Mind you, he is still tied (biceps, forearms, calves, and waist) to the chair. The chair broke and part of the leg pierced the male dancer’s abdoman.

Party kept going while a couple people took him to the ER.

Edit: Damn this thread blew up.

The guys that swapped out with the girls were in pants, (khakis, slacks, or jeans, don’t remember it was 10+ years ago). They were grinding on the bachelor’s legs, arms, and ultimately his hands right before the mask was removed.

None of us took him as being overly aggressive. It was more of a “haha, you got pranked.” “Holy shit he just threw that guy.” “Haha you got thrown.” “Holy shit, you’re bleeding.”

The injured guy came back a few hours later and him and the bachelor seemed cool with each other.

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11. DAaaaAaaaAd

I organized the BP for my buddy, he is a cop so there were lots of cops that got invited. His dad and my dad came for the first half of the night which was a poker tournament in a large hotel suite.

The Dads leave when the poker is done and the girls arrive about an hour later.

They tell us that there were two really drunk guys getting arrested in the lobby and two women with them that looked to be in trouble.

Me (lawyer) and a few of the cops run down to see what is happening.

Yep – the Dads met some women in the elevator, picked them up, were trying to book another room and the manager wouldn’t rent to them because they were all loaded. They started causing a fuss and the manager called the police.

Nobody was arrested, Dads were loaded into a cab and sent home.

TLDR/ Father of the Groom and my dad tried to pick up randoms in the hotel lobby and got kicked out of the hotel.

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12. Sorry mam, my junk is now defunct.

A top client of mine got blasted and gave me a rundown of his bachelor party.

It started by drinking at a Vegas day club, where he met a few girls and hooked up with one of them. After that and dinner with more drinks, his friends and him went to a strip club where they in total spent over $10k. This allowed them access to money guns and bricks of fake money. Towards the end, they just started throwing bricks at girls, which alarmed security. Also, when he paid they forced him to sign the receipt the same was as his ID.

Shockingly, according to this guy, nothing happened at the stripclub but lap dances. Feeling let down, they drove to a brothel over an hour away and banged a few prostitutes there.

It’s now 3am so they drove back to Vegas, found a 24 hour “massage parlor” where he attempted to get a happy ending before thy kicked him out. Apparently by then his junk was defunct. A few hours later he was at his wedding.

They lasted a little over a year and split.

Edit: oh yeah… earlier in the day he got caught with molly in a club, but was able to convince the guard to let him go after showing his rewards card with the hotel.

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13. Imagine the horror of accidentally biting a nipple off.

In the long long ago I was a (male) stripper. The last gig I ever did was a bachelorette party where one of the girls bit my right nipple so hard she did some kind of nerve damage to it, I have almost no sensation in it to this day. Honestly I’m lucky she didn’t bite it off.

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